Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 869 - Meeting Nie Xiaoqian Again on a Blind Date

Chapter 869: Meeting Nie Xiaoqian Again on a Blind Date

Hearing Mu Feng’s voice, Old Master Mu subconsciously glanced at Old Madam Wei. Seeing that Old Madam Wei, who had been chatting for so long, actually frowned, Old Master Mu’s heart sank.

He looked at the door with an old heart.

With a thud, Old Master Mu’s heart fell from the abyss. If not for the fact that there were others present, Old Master Mu really wanted to take off his shoe and slap Mu Feng’s devilish face.

There was also the golden bean shoes that emitted thousands of dazzling lights under the crystal. It simply blinded everyone present. Old Master Mu was so angry that his beard curled up.

“Hello, Matriarch Wei. My name is Mu Feng.” Mu Feng walked forward and greeted Matriarch Wei very politely.

Matriarch Wei sized up Mu Feng’s enchanting little steps and his unconsciously raised eyebrows as he spoke. She was very dissatisfied.

Even if they wanted a political marriage, her Wei family would not have found such a person.

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However, the other party was from the Mu family after all. The Old Madam nodded at him calmly.

Mu Feng smiled at Old Madam Wei and sat beside Old Master Mu. Ignoring Old Master Mu’s murderous gaze, he calmly raised an orchid finger and poured tea for Old Master Mu.

How could Old Master Mu still drink tea? Now, he wished he could draw Mu Feng’s blood and drink it. Mu Feng leisurely picked up the teacup and took a sip before instantly spitting the tea on the ground.

“Why is the tea so bad? Are you trying to fool us with such lousy tea?”

“Young Master Mu, this is the best Longjing tea before the rain.” The waiter hurriedly walked over and explained.

“You call Longjing tea tea?” Mu Feng frowned, his eyes filled with arrogance. He was like a rich second-generation heir who did not belong to the mortal world. “Let your manager buy the most expensive Da Hong Pao. Do we look like people who lack money?”

“Nonsense!” Old Master Mu finally could not take it anymore and scolded Mu Feng sternly. He looked at Old Madam Wei with a flushed face. “Old Madam Wei, I’m sorry. My grandson is naughty.”

“Elder Mu, you’re too polite. It’s normal for children to be arrogant at such a young age.” There was no strange expression on Matriarch Wei’s face, but she no longer had any hope for this marriage.

“Grandpa, I just want to treat Old Madam Wei better.” Mu Feng pointed at the orchid and poured a cup of tea for Old Madam Wei. He twisted his waist and stood up. “Old Madam Wei, let me give you a toast.”

At that moment, the door behind Mu Feng was opened. A gentle and clear voice came from behind. “Grandma.”

Mu Feng was subconsciously stunned. A faint orchid fragrance floated over. His mind went blank and he turned around stiffly to look at the person behind him.

Wei Jin had always been sensible. She knew that she could not embarrass the Wei family today, so she specially dressed up.

The light makeup made her facial features even more moving. She was wearing a light pink cheongsam with golden peonies, gentle and dignified.

There was a faint smile on her lips. When she walked to Old Madam Wei from the door, she inexplicably reminded them of the words “Lotus Step”.

Mu Feng watched in a daze. His heart was in turmoil. My blind date partner was this Nie Xiaoqian?!

“Hey, you’re here.” Matriarch Wei pulled Wei Jin’s hand and introduced her. “This is Old Mr. Mu.”

Wei Jin bowed slightly to Old Master Mu. “Hello, Grandpa Mu.”

Old Master Mu looked at the dignified and scholarly Wei Jin with admiration in his eyes. “Hello, hello, Old Madam Wei, your Wei family really knows how to raise people.”

Their Mu family had been in the military for generations, and they lacked a cultured granddaughter-in-law.

Old Master Mu was extremely satisfied with Wei Jin. However, when he thought of his prodigal grandson, Mu Feng’s performance, Old Master Mu suddenly had the urge to stuff Mu Feng back into his mother’s womb.

Although Matriarch Wei did not show it on her face, he could tell that Matriarch Wei had already given up on this marriage.

“This is Mu Feng.” For Old Master Mu’s sake, Matriarch Wei introduced Mu Feng to Wei Jin.

“Hello, Mr. Mu.” Only then did Wei Jin notice Mu Feng, who was wearing a flowery shirt with his orchid fingers raised. She was stunned for a moment, then recovered her expression and greeted Mu Feng politely.

“Hello, my name is Mu Feng.” Mu Feng stared at Wei Jin until he did not even blink. Wei Jin had already sat down, but Mu Feng was still staring at her in a daze.

“Sit down, you’re embarrassing yourself!” Old Master Mu was furious when he saw Mu Feng like this.

What were you doing earlier?!

Now, you’re staring at her non-stop.

Seeing him like this, Old Madam Wei became even more unhappy. “I’m sorry, Old Master Mu. There’s a problem with the company. I have to go back early. Let’s contact each other another day.”

“Okay, okay.” Old Master Mu knew that contacting him another day was just an excuse.

However, it was his grandson who was rude first, so he was too embarrassed to ask him to stay.

“Let’s go.” Matriarch Wei stood up. Wei Jin also stood up and supported Matriarch Wei.

When she passed by Mu Feng, she sensed that Mu Feng was staring at her. Wei Jin subconsciously glanced at him, then her gaze landed on Mu Feng’s golden bean shoes.

The next second, Wei Jin followed Matriarch Wei out the door without looking back.

After Matriarch Wei left, Old Master Mu got someone to close the door and hit Mu Feng with his walking stick. “What have you done!”

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