Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 871 - Be a Jerk Treat Me to a Meal

Chapter 871: Be a Jerk Treat Me to a Meal

“Shut up.” Mu Feng looked at Fatty Liu in disdain. “You’re uncultured.”

What kind of description was that? It was not as reliable as my Nie Xiaoqian.

“…” Fatty Liu shut his mouth.

On the podium, Wei Jin looked around the classroom. She clearly saw Mu Feng in the back row. A hint of disgust flashed across Wei Jin’s eyes, but she quickly hid it.

“Good morning, everyone. Today’s lesson is to explore the meaning of the poem.” Wei Jin’s voice was like a clear spring in the mountains, quietly flowing in the classroom.

“The light green scene warms my heart.” Wei Jin stood in front of an ancient painting and brought the people in the classroom into that romantic Pre-Qin world.

Looking at Wei Jin, who was dressed in a cheongsam and spoke softly. Her every move made people feel the fragrance of books. This was the first time Fatty Liu felt that he could enjoy class so much.

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“Brother Mu, no wonder you don’t like the many beauties I introduced to you. This Teacher Wei is too amazing, really.” Fatty Liu sighed softly. In the end, he could not find any adjectives after searching for a long time. “She looks so awesome, and her temperament is also very awesome.”

After not hearing Mu Feng’s response for a long time, Fat Liu turned around. Mu Feng’s eyes were glued to Wei Jin.

Fine, Brother Mu was truly moved.

This was the first time for Fatty Liu, who had never scored more than 20 points in a test, to listen to a lesson so seriously in his life.

When the bell rang, Fatty Liu took a deep breath with a look of rebirth. “Brother Mu, I feel that I’ve been reborn. I feel that even my breathing has words. Brother Mu, Brother Mu?”

Mu Feng, who had listened to the entire lesson seriously, looked at Wei Jin, who was packing her books. After two hours, he finally said, “I want to marry her.”

“?” Fatty Liu was stunned. “Brother Mu, didn’t you just go on a blind date yesterday? Would your old master agree to you changing people?”

“She’s that blind date.”

“?” Fatty Liu was even more stunned. Thinking of Mu Feng’s outfit yesterday, he could only think of one sentence. “What a sin.”

Seeing that Wei Jin had already walked out of the classroom, Mu Feng stood up and chased after her.

“Miss Wei.” Mu Feng chased out of the classroom and stopped Wei Jin.

“Mr. Mu.” Wei Jin turned around and nodded politely at Mu Feng.

“You can call me Mu Feng.” Mu Feng smiled charmingly. “In exchange, I can call you Wei Jin.”

“I don’t dare.” Wei Jin frowned slightly. It was obviously overboard for Mu Feng to call her by her name, but her good upbringing still made her restrain her thoughts.

“I dare.” Mu Feng tilted his head and smiled at Wei Jin. “Last time in the alley, it was all thanks to your help. Last time, you left in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to thank you. Let me treat you to dinner tonight.”

“No need. It was nothing.” Wei Jin did not like Mu Feng’s style and did not want to have anything to do with his car.

“You helped me, so I just want to treat you to a meal.” Mu Feng sensed Wei Jin’s resistance and the corners of his lips curled up slightly. “Or I can prepare some gifts to thank you in person at the Wei family.”

“…” Wei Jin felt that this man with a naughty smile was a little annoying. Matriarch Wei did not like this Mu Feng. She did not want Mu Feng to appear in the Wei family. “Alright, where are we going to eat?”

Mu Feng smiled smugly. “What time is your last class? I’ll pick you up.”

“Six o’clock.”

“Okay.” Mu Feng was satisfied with the answer he wanted. “Then I’ll pick you up tonight.”

Wei Jin reluctantly agreed.

Mu Feng turned to leave. After taking a few steps, he turned around. Under the sunlight, his silver hair shone brightly, and there was an unruly smile on his face. “Bye.”


After Mu Feng left, Wei Jin thought for a while and was a little worried that it was not safe, so she called Xia Wanyuan.

After hearing Wei Jin’s explanation, Xia Wanyuan was silent for a moment before saying, “It’s fine. Go ahead. The Mu family won’t put you in an unsafe situation.”

“Okay, thank you, Cousin.” Since Xia Wanyuan had said so, Wei Jin was slightly relieved.

After hanging up, Xia Wanyuan poked Jun Shiling’s arm.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jun Shiling was changing the plan when Xia Wanyuan poked him and he slowed down his typing.

“I think I have the potential to be a matchmaker.” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling thoughtfully and told him about Mu Feng and Wei Jin.

“If the two of them succeed, it will be a good thing for you.” Jun Shiling was not interested in other people’s relationships. He was only thinking from Xia Wanyuan’s perspective. If this marriage succeeded, if Xia Wanyuan wanted to control the Wei family in the future, Wei Jin and the Mu family would be a good help.

Jun Shiling spoke for a long time but did not hear Xia Wanyuan’s response. He put down his work and turned to look at Xia Wanyuan, only to see her looking at him with a pair of sparkling eyes.

Jun Shiling laughed. “What’s wrong?”

“You said you would make something delicious for me yesterday. Have you forgotten?”

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