Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 19: Belief and no need to stay alive

Chapter 19: Belief and no need to stay alive

When Lin Chujiu became the eldest daughter of Lin Family, she didn’t have to face a torture. But, she found out that her life is always in danger. So, she thought it would be safer if she will leave, but what was the result?

Prince Xiao’s Mansion is even more dangerous than the Lin Family’s Mansion!

Before, she thought that because Prince Xiao is crippled and paralyzed, her medical skills will be useful. But, what was the reality?

Unexpectedly, she found out Xiao Tianyao’s secret. So, isn’t she simply looking for her own death!?

Lin Chujiu almost wanted to cry, she hasn’t heard Xiao Tianyao’s reply. Lin Chujiu tighten her heart and reminded him: “Wangye (Prince), can you give me your definite answer?”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to give up and never like to suffer. It’s better for a fish to be caught and put in a pond than to be cut off.

“Give you a definite answer? What do you want benwang (this prince) to give you?” This is the first time Xiao Tianyao stay close to a woman for a long time. He found out that Lin Chujiu doesn’t seem like other women that he hate. And it seems he doesn’t mind Lin Chujiu’s closeness to him.

Moreover, he can look at her more closer. Xiao Tianyao thinks that this woman looks rather good. Especially those eyes of her that sometimes look bright, clear and sad while talking.

Lin Chujiu looks good?

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what Xiao Tianyao is currently thinking about her. And just swear: “Wangye (Prince), can you give me a chance to live? I swear to heaven that I will never betray you.”

“Do you think if you made an oath benwang (this prince) will believe you?” Xiao Tianyao relaxes his body. He just lies in bed and it seems not in a hurry.

“I am telling you the truth, I won’t dare to betray you. You know what kind of person my father is, he is absolutely unreliable. And I offended Lin furen (Madam). My half sister will be the future crown princess too, so she won’t let me go that easily. I can only rely on you and I hope for you to get better than anyone else.” Lin Chujiu said those words in half truth and half lies. Although she needs Xiao Tianyao’s help, she will never completely rely on him.

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao eyebrow move up, in the beginning of the forest that Xiao Tianyao will let go, Xiao Tianyao was not shocking said:”If you will not betray benwang (this prince), benwang (this prince) cannot kill you?”

Do he even need to ask!?

“That is not the case … …” Lin Chujiu said, but she haven’t finished to explain when Xiao Tianyao interrupted her: “If that is not the case, why should benwang (this prince) let you live? Today, there is a big chaos, benwang (this prince) can take advantage of this situation and say that you die in the assassin’s hand, right?”

His last few words sound very light and very soft, but when Lin Chujiu heard his cold voice, it feels like a strong wind blows in her.

“Wangye (Prince), this is really not funny.” Lin Chujiu cried. After all, this man already rubs enough salt on her.

“Benwang (this prince) never jokes, benwang (this prince) can’t think of a reason to keep you alive. So, there is no need for you to stay alive, right?” Xiao Tianyao slowly said, while his face looks so serious. Which can make a person wouldn’t be able to stop himself to pay attention to him.

Lin Chujiu was still lying on top of his body but didn’t notice that Xiao Tianyao’s hands was now moving. At this moment, Lin Chujiu’s mind was only occupied with thoughts on how she will convince Xiao Tianyao to let her live.

Lin Chujiu anxiously said: “Wangye (Prince), I am not a useless person. I have medical skills. One of your guard’s stomach was cut open and his intestines are exposed, but I can save him. If you will let me live, I can be your mansion’s physician. I will not eat and drink for free.”

She will really not, she has two hundred and fifty million worth of silver! It’s not a small amount of money ah!

“Wangye (Prince) you also need a wife, right? If I die, who knows if the emperor will give you another woman. Would you rather live with a strange woman than I who will be useful?” Lin Chujiu’s reasoning made herself feel dumb.

It’s true, people who are in a desperate situation will say anything.

“Wangye (Prince), can you consider and give me a chance to live?” Lin Chujiu’s mouth continuously said pitiful words. And didn’t avert her eyes to Xiao Tianyao’s black cold eyes.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed a touch of appreciation. There was even a moment, he felt to give her a chance.

Inside the palace, his contact with women is too little. In short, he really didn’t expect Lin Chujiu to be such a woman who have a soft appearance but have a strong personality, medical skills and can see her situation clearly.

If the person in front of him is not a woman, he is willing to accept him as his subordinate. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu is not only a woman but also his wife in name.


Xiao Tianyao’s eyes blink and slowly said: “Lin Chujiu, say if benwang (this prince) keep his dead wife for filial piety in three years, wouldn’t the outsiders praise Wangye (Prince) for his seriousness?”

“Wangye (Prince), discussing such things behind my face would be much better, right?” Lin Chujiu’s eyes got wide and almost want to burst into tears. But, didn’t dare to look away from the bed.

She really wants to kneel down in front of Xiao Tianyao. After all, her life and death are in his hands!

Although she didn’t dare to kill him, but … … can he stop acting so arrogant. If she got really angry, regardless of the consequences. She will make Xiao Tianyao meet the king of hell.

Lin Chujiu heavy sigh, “Wangye (Prince), are you sure if you keep refusing to let me live I wouldn’t kill you?”

Lin Chujiu wants to know where Xiao Tianyao’s confidence came from?

Handsome face? High status in life?

The more she thinks on what basis Xiao Tianyao gets his confidence the more she felt her life in danger. Shouldn’t she let him go instead?

“No, benwang (this prince) believe you must be thinking that you have won. But… …” Xiao Tianyao said but suddenly stop. Lin Chujiu look at him and ask: “But, what?”

“But … …” Xiao Tianyao’s lips curved in a cold smile: “You won’t get an opportunity!”

Xiao Tianyao turned his body and once again pressed Lin Chujiu under his body. With his speed, Lin Chujiu didn’t have time to react.

When Lin Chujiu opens her eyes, she saw Xiao Tianyao in front of her. Lin Chujiu got dumbfounded: “I couldn’t believe it. How can you be okay?”

Her trick before is very useful. In a critical moment, she can absolutely save herself. But, why did she missed the chance?

“Why would benwang (this prince) let you do something?” Xiao Tianyao straights legs pressed above Lin Chujiu’s legs. His left-hand holds Lin Chujiu’s hands, while his right hand was caressing Lin Chu’s cheek back and forth, but without any trace of warmth.

Although Xiao Tianyao was born noble, but he didn’t grow up in a pampered life. His palm and fingers have thick calluses. His rough and big hand that was caressing Lin Chujiu’s cheek made her feel a bit pain. He slowly and gently touch her cheek… … but Lin Chujiu had a goosebumps: Why does she feels like this psycho has a killer touch!

“Wangye (Prince), there is something I want to say. If you kill me, you will only dirty your hands.” If Lin Chujiu’s hand is not suppressed, she had a chance to get something out.

She admitted that she feels a little regretful, she should have just killed him all the way!

“A villain should be flexible and take advantage of the situation!” Xiao Tianyao said in contempt.

Lin Chujiu wants to cry …

She doesn’t want to be a villain, but she doesn’t want to die either.

“Am I really going to die?” Lin Chujiu asked helplessly and drooping down her eyelids. She acts pitifully, but in fact, she is looking for another chance to get away.

She is Lin Chujiu, she never admits defeat and will never give up, unless she is no longer breathing.

“Well … …” Xiao Tianyao’s right hand gently moved to Lin Chujiu’s neck, but haven’t started. It seems like he is a different person… …

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