Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 24: Catching a cold and death would be unknown

Chapter 24: Catching a cold and death would be unknown

March 10, 2017Ai Hrist

Lin Chujiu woke up and found herself lying on the bed. She was still wearing her blood-stained clothes and she doesn’t even have a quilt on top of her body. Lin Chujiu felt very cold, so she sat up. But soon she felt her snot flow down quickly on her nose and she couldn’t control it.

Lin Chujiu wants to complain. However, it’s already good enough that Xiao Tianyao didn’t kill her, so what else should she expect ah?

In life, Lin Chujiu is not too greedy. So, right now she’s very satisfied. And as to her current second life, she’s not much worried.

As days passed by, she will try to slowly figure things out. So, she believes that things will be more and more beautiful.

Lin Chujiu rubbed her sore arm and shook her head with her current situation. But soon, she change her facial expression. She then tried to get up to ask someone what’s the current time. However, she heard the medical system’s alarm… …


Lin Chujiu is very familiar with this sound. This sound will remind her that she have a patient to treat and save. But this time, she doesn’t need to treat someone else. She need to treat her own cold.

Lin Chujiu really want to roll her eyes. The symptoms are very obvious for her. Does the medical system still need to remind her?

Doesn’t the medical system simply look down on her?

Lin Chujiu’s head feels heavy, she doesn’t want to move too much. But still, she gave herself a shot and take two tablets of medicine.

She sits for a long while and when she recover some strength. She changes the dressing of her injury. Her injury to her left shoulder is not that serious, but still, she shouldn’t force herself too much and tried to be more careful.

After cleaning her injury, Lin Chujiu would like to find someone and ask them how she will get foods. She doesn’t know how long she had slept, but when she woke up she feels so hungry.

And her room is still messy. All her luggage box was overturned and all her dress are still scattered on the floor just like before. But… …

Lin Chujiu’s medicine boxes are gone and those assassins’ bodies are also gone.

But for those medicine boxes, Lin Chujiu doesn’t mind them much. After all, she only took out hemostatic medicines, bandages, sutures and etc. Which are not that valuable. And also she could use this era’s medical supplies as long as she knows how to use them.

When Lin Chujiu opens the door, she saw the outside of her courtyard is very clean. As if nothing really happened. She took a deep breath and smell only the fragrance of the concrete walls.

Lin Chujiu glances a bit more to her surroundings. She found out that the courtyard is not actually big. It only looks big because it is empty. Aside from the lawn, there was nothing else. But, it looks more comfortable and soothing for her.

To tell the truth, Lin Chujiu doesn’t like trees, flowers or any kind of rock designs. Those things would not only block her line of sight and also would help the thief to hide.

She preferred this open area, which she will be able to see the walls from the courtyard.

Lin Chujiu walks down and followed the stone steps. She went outside her courtyard and found another big yard. The big yard also looks so comfortable. After a while, she found a door and walk inside. Before, Lin Chujiu really enjoys walking. But now, her new body couldn’t stand to walk for a long time. She only walks for a short while but she already feel tired and even experience shortness of breath. Lin Chujiu wanted to rest but she’s still halfway inside and couldn’t find a thing to sit.


Lin Chujiu sneeze, her snot falls once again. She wanted to look for a handkerchief but when she look at herself. She found out that she’s still wearing her bloody clothes.

“Do you want to go back and change your clothes?” Lin Chujiu look up and turned her head. But, she only saw the road ahead. Lin Chujiu gritted her teeth and move forward.

Go back? If she does, she doesn’t have any more strength to go out again.

From the distance, Lin Chujiu made a defensive position. She thinks that it’s silly just to stay in this place. She doesn’t know what she exactly wanted to do, but when she saw someone from afar she felt relieved.

Lin Chujiu continue to walk, seeing that she’s only a few more steps away from another courtyard. She didn’t hesitate to open the door. Lin Chujiu quickly stopped her action when she saw a serious-looking old man with four young maidservants came in.

When the old man saw Lin Chujiu, his face didn’t show a surprised look and just calmly said: “Slave Cao Shi, Prince Xiao mansion’s housekeeper greets wangfei (princess).”

Wangfei (princess)?

When Lin Chujiu heard him, her face showed a shallow smile. It looks like her existence has been recognized.

The emperor bestowed her to Prince Xiao. So, as long as she’s still alive she will be called ‘Princess Xiao’.

Lin Chujiu didn’t act timid and slowly raise her hand and said: “You may rise.”

Although the memory of the original owner of the body is not very reliable, but her knowledge in etiquette is good. Of course, this is not because of herself but because of the owner’s grandmother.

The original owner of the body’s grandmother specially invited several old mama to strictly train her with the palace etiquette. Unfortunately, the original owner of the body didn’t learn anything useful than etiquette.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t hesitate and immediately stand straight, then pointed out the four maidservants behind him:”Wangfei (princess), these are the maidservant that Wangye (Prince) had sent to serve and help with your daily needs.”

Serving and monitoring at the same time ah.

Lin Chujiu understands, so she’s willing to accept: “Thank you. Wangye (Prince) is so considerate.”

Lin Chujiu is not afraid of someone to monitor her, she’s more afraid to serve herself alone.

It’s not because she doesn’t want to help herself. But, in this ancient time, things are not that convenient. Like bathing, no one will help her to get a water and boil them. She estimated that she will spend a day to do those things, so she better not takes a bath.

Another thing is washing the clothes, Lin Chujiu got more headache.

In this ancient time, there is no washing machine and liquid detergent. She really can’t wash her clothes alone everyday. Not to mention, she’s wearing a lot of layer of silk clothes. These things are really hard to wash and heavy. So, if no one will really help her she will really cry.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t expect Lin Chujiu would be so accommodating. She gave him a surprised. But, suddenly Lin Chujiu’s eyes turn cold. Housekeeper Cao immediately bows his head and got afraid to look at her.

“Wangfei (princess), Wangye (Prince) ask this slave to ask you how do you want to deal with your dowry maidservants?” Housekeeper Cao thinks Prince Xiao will definite ask him about this. Especially, those people who refer those maidservants are not simple.

“Send them all back together. Tell them Prince Xiao Mansion is not lacking with maidservants. And Prince Xiao has no problem to deal with them.” Lin Chujiu said bluntly, she wanted to send away all those people that Lin Furen (Madam) had sent her.

Lin Furen (Madam) arranged a lot of people to Lin Chujiu. Aside from those four enchanting maidservants, there were still several more to accompany her inside her room. But, those several more are people from the palace. But still… …

Those people are under Lin Furen’s (Madam) contract in hand. Even if those people doesn’t mind, Lin Chujiu doesn’t have the right to sold them. So, instead of surviving in this mansion with them, she would rather not.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t expect that after Lin Chujiu got married, the next day she will cut off her ties with her family. So, he kindly suggested: “Wangfei (princess), do you want to meet those people first?”

If a weak woman like Lin Chujiu indeed stays alone, surrounded with Prince Xiao’s people. Even if she died in her own courtyard for years, the outsiders wouldn’t know… …

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