Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 470 part1

Su Cha’s uneasy heart calmed down immediately right after hearing Lin Chujiu’s explanation.

Lin Chujiu was right. What should they be afraid of? The Zhang family can show off their power in the East Country, but they were nothing in the Central Empire. Even if they were very arrogant, they don’t need to be afraid of them. They don’t necessarily need to roll up their sleeves and face the Zhang Family. They can use their strengths.

Can the Zhang Family send the Central Empire troops to fight them?

If that happened, the Central Empire will be condemned by many. The Central Empire’s emperor will be blamed. So they will likely not agree with the Zhang Family.


When they arrived in Xiao Wangfu, Su Cha didn’t enter. He simply said to Lin Chujiu: “Wangfei, I’ll leave everything to you. I didn’t sleep last night. I’ll make up for it a bit.”

Without waiting for Lin Chujiu’s answer, Su Cha turned around and get inside the carriage.

Lin Chujiu was also sleepy and wanted to go back to the front yard to sleep, but as soon as she took a step inside the gate, Housekeeper Cao greeted her anxiously: “Wangfei, someone in the palace came and said that you should enter the palace.”

“Right now?” When Lin Chujiu heard those words, she was stunned.

It’s almost noon. How could the emperor declare her to enter the palace?

“The people in the palace came here a quarter of an hour ago.” When Housekeeper Cao saw the attitude of the eunuch earlier, he was also shocked and couldn’t help but scratched his head.

The people in the palace seemed in a good mood. The emperor didn’t get angry with them?

Lin Chuji nodded her head, indicating that she understood. Then said: “Let them wait, I’ll take a bath and change clothes first.” She had to make a copy of what Meng Xiuyuan wrote, and also the data that Su Cha had collected one by one.

“This old slave will go back first.” Housekeeper Cao didn’t dare to ask more and just retreated quickly.

Lin Chujiu didn’t care about the palace people. She went to the study room, grinned an ink, and started making a copy. She wanted to attach a copy of Su Cha’s data for the emperor to see.

Since the emperor wanted to use her as a gun, she would make a good gun and make things beautiful.

Lin Chujiu was afraid to make an error, so she wrote slowly. It took her half an hour to write a copy of the needed information. While waiting for it to dry, Lin Chujiu went to her room to change clothes. After that, Lin Chujiu asked folded the letters and asked Housekeeper Cao to stamp them with the seal of Xiao Wangfu.

The official seal of Xiao Wangfu that was as big as a fist, was locked in the iron box in the study room. This iron box can only be opened after Lin Chujiu and Housekeeper Cao use the keys at the same time.

After putting a seal, when the stamp dried up, Lin Chujiu went out of the study room. However, before leaving, she said to Housekeeper Cao: “If I don’t leave the palace today, go to Lin Furen and tell her to find me in the palace, if she wants her daughter to marry the crown prince.”

She and Su Cha could only make a guess. After all, no one knows what the emperor was thinking. Lin Chujiu could only prepare herself.

“This old slave understands.” Housekeeper Cao looked worried, but he didn’t say much. He doesn’t want to make Lin Chujiu feel uneasy, so he only endured it.

The people in the palace had been waiting for a long time, so their face was getting more and more looked ugly. However, when Lin Chujiu came out, the eunuch showed a smile on his face: “This slave greets Xiao Wangfei, Xiao Wangfei… …”

“No need, Gong Gong has been waiting for a long time. Let’s go.” Lin Chujiu was more straightforward than the eunuch thought. She even took the initiative to go out.

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