Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 5: Acting and to marry the man who is paralyzed in bed

Chapter 5: Acting and to marry the man who is paralyzed in bed

January 25, 2017Ai Hrist

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Lin Wanting was not willing to leave this place so easily. She didn’t drag the Crown Prince here to simply look at Lin Chujiu, but to make him realize that she is more worthy of him than Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu isn’t planning to marry to the Fourth Prince to climb up the branch of the Royal Family, right?


Lin Chujiu didn’t even bother to take a mirror and look at her ghost-like appearance before she got up to see them off.

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui felt reluctant to look at her pig face one more time, so he immediately took Lin Wanting’s hand to go and leave. But, Lin Wanting brushed off the Crown Prince’s hand and kneeled down in front of Lin Chujiu… …

“Wanting?” The Crown Prince was shocked. He wanted to help Lin Wanting, but she kept refusing: “Your Royal Crown Prince, please don’t worry about me. I owe it to my sister.”

Lin Wanting made the Crown Prince feel distressed. He tried to persuade her for a long time but Lin Wanting didn’t move an inch so he fiercely stared at Lin Chujiu, but he… …

Doesn’t know when exactly Lin Chujiu retreated far from them. She was currently leaning on her chin while watching Lin Wanting’s acting show. Although her left cheek was still red and swelling, it couldn’t hide the joyful mood she felt.

Lin Chujiu ignored the Crown Prince’s stare and just playfully encircled her finger on the table while looking down at Lin Wanting. Seriously, does she really think she can play with her the same way she played with the original owner?

You want to kneel? Then kneel as much as you want, she wouldn’t stop her. Well, maybe in her dreams.

The Crown Prince wanted to blame Lin Chujiu but no words came out. And, Lin Wanting? She was still kneeling in front of Lin Chujiu.

Lin Wanting was stunned, but she quickly changed her reaction and immediately stood up. She moved closer to Lin Chujiu and kneeled in front of her again.

“Elder Sister, I know that you don’t feel happy. And, I know that inside your heart, you are blaming me. If you want to scold me, you can scold me, and if you want to hit me, you can hit me. But, I really can’t give up Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui for you. His Royal Crown Prince is the man I truly love, I cannot live without him.” While saying these words, Lin Wanting didn’t forget to look at the Crown Prince to see if his heart was in pain.

“Wanting … … ”

“Your Royal Crown Prince” Lin Wanting softly called him. The two of them affectionately stared at each other. Their hot eyes seemed to be melting.

Lin Chujiu almost vomited, she really wanted to sneer three times. If only her cheeks weren’t in severe pain.

Love your sister!

You mother and daughter pair felt true love? Then how about the original owner and her biological mother? What did they feel?

Your true love doesn’t have any morality? Do you feel any sense of responsibility?

Robbing someone else’s husband and fiancee is called true love?

Is defamation also true love? I’m sure ‘true love’ would cry!

Lin Chujiu rolled her eyes, she really wanted to grab a broom and chase these people away. Who do you think will want to keep looking at you two? Can you get out of here now?

She felt really impatient with this hopeless and stupid Crown Prince. She wanted to analyze and understand the memories of the original owner so she could learn about the person who she was going to marry after three days. She was too busy to continue watching this man and woman’s acting … …

Unfortunately, Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui and Lin Wanting hadn’t heard her inner voice. Lin Wanting once again refused the Crown Prince’s help to hold her up and wanted to continue her good intentions to Lin Chujiu:

“Elder Sister, I know you don’t want to marry the paralyzed and crippled Fourth Prince, but this is a royal marriage. The royal decree can’t be violated. Elder Sister I beg you … … don’t treat your life as a joke. When father and mother heard that you committed suicide they were scared. Father may have slapped you in the face, but it’s because of his deep concern and love for you.”

“Elder Sister, I know you felt wronged, you felt sad … …”

Lin Wanting was still kneeling as she was talking, but … …

Lin Chujiu didn’t hear her words anymore, her mind was only thinking about one thing: She will marry a paralyzed and crippled man?

Is God playing with her?

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