Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 521.1 - I’m sorry, no need to please (Part 1)

Chapter 521: I’m sorry, no need to please (Part 1)

But… …

Now someone told the emperor that the youngest master of the Hua family was in the eastern country. Right under his nose!

He had a chance to find the youngest master of the Hua family and let the Hua Family owe him a favor, but he missed this opportunity. Not only he missed it, but he also let Xiao Tianyao take this opportunity.

He felt like someone scratching his heart in regret!

*Poof* The emperor felt something coming out from his throat, then his blood surged out. he vomited a mouthful of blood. His surroundings turned dark and he fell on the floor.

“I… …”

“Your majesty, your majesty…. …” Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You were frightened. After recovering their senses, they immediately stepped forward. It’s just the personal eunuch close to the emperor, was one step faster than them. He blocked Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You’s way.

“Several ministers, hurry up and call the doctor.” The personal eunuch supported the emperor with a worried face as if something happened to his own father.

“Imperial doctor, imperial doctor, hurry up and summon the imperial doctor.” Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You were both annoyed, but they didn’t show it. Only a trace of panic could be seen on their face.

What a great opportunity to show loyalty, but was robbed by a eunuch!

“Imperial Doctor Qin, Imperial Doctor Qin, find him.” The emperor’s eyes were tightly closed. His consciousness was barely there, but because he was afraid to be treated by a random doctor, he forced himself to speak, but… …

Imperial Doctor Qin was injured and staying at home. Once he entered the palace, the tea must have already been cold.

However, Prime Minister Lin didn’t care about this. Hearing the emperor’s request, he turned and ran out: “Hurry up, go and bring Imperial Doctor Qin here quickly.”

Prime Minister You was a step slower once again. He could only watch Prime Minister Lin run outside. While he, he could only stand by the side.

Prime Minister You hated that his legs could no longer work just fine due to old age. Because of this, Prime Minister Lin always took advantage of him.

After sending someone to look for Imperial Doctor Qin, a group of people hurriedly carried the emperor to his palace.

Now that something like this happened, Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You didn’t dare to leave. They stood outside the room and waited for the emperor to wake up.

Because of this, no one bothers to monitor Xiao Wangfu or inquire about Hua Jinrong. Lin Chujiu and Hua Jinrong had enough time to talk.

Although Lin Chujiu knew that the Hua Family of Central Empire would come, she didn’t know which day they would visit. So Lin Chujiu was shocked just like the emperor when he heard Housekeeper Cao report.

Although Hua Jinrong’s arrival didn’t give Lin Chujiu an instant kill in surprise, Lin Chujiu was indeed taken aback.

Fortunately, she was not someone from this world. So although she knew that the Central Empire was very powerful, she was not like Prime Minister Lin that treat the people of the Central Empire like gods.

Lin Chujiu gave Hua Jinrong enough face and came out personally to meet people… …

Hua Jinrong was wearing a royal blue robe. The robe and cuffs were embroidered with gold. His belt around the waist was also blue, but slightly lighter in color. It looks very simple. It was only inlaid with a few gems, but it can be seen that it was pretty expensive.

His long black hair was tied with a black jade hair crown. It doesn’t look so obvious, but people with discerning eyes knew that this jade crown cannot be seen in any market.

There was no extra decoration on Hua Jinrong’s body, only the jade ornament hung around his waist. The color looked simple and generous. At first glance, it looks like an old jade from many years back. Lin Chujiu doesn’t understand jade, but she could tell that it was not something simple.

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to look at Hua Jinrong more. After taking a glance and got a general impression in her heart, she decisively withdrew her gaze, stepped forward generously, and greet Hua Jinrong.

Even in the face of the eldest young master of the Hua Family, Lin Chujiu was still neither humble nor overbearing. She didn’t put the airs of what a princess should have. She didn’t show a trace of flattering gestures, nor a trace of tension and anxiety.

When Lin Chujiu looked at Hua Jinrong, Hua Jinrong was also looking at her.

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