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Chapter 522.1 - Naive, do you think I can take care of the child better? (Part 1)

Chapter 522: Naive, do you think I can take care of the child better? (Part 1)

Xiao Wangfu was very large, but the courtyard where the youngest master of the Hua Family was very close to the main courtyard. The two walked about a quarter of an hour before they arrived.

Lin Chujiu pointed to the courtyard gate: “Hua Gongzi, the young master lives here.”

Located in the southeast, people can tell that this was not the main courtyard. Hua Jinrong stopped walking for a while and turned to look at Lin Chujiu: “I thought you take good care of my brother yourself.”

This, he was not asking but blaming.

In Hua Jinrong’s point of view, his youngest brother was an honorable person. How could she let someone else take care of him? How could Xiao Wangfei not take good care of his youngest brother personally?

This Xiao Wangfei knew his brother’s identity, but she threw his youngest brother to a maidservant? This was absolutely contemptuous to their Hua Family.

Hua Jinrong was very upset!

“Huh…” Lin Chujiu looked at Hua Jinrong with astonishment: “Hua Gongzi, do you think I can take care of your brother better than the maidservant?”

It’s not that Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe in herself, but that she knows how to weigh things. She was not a nursery nurse. She has never given birth to children in her previous life, nor take good care of children. She doesn’t know how to take care of children, okay?

Hua Jinrong knows what Lin Chujiu said makes sense, but he was still dissatisfied, “Even if you can’t take care of my brother yourself, you should have put my brother in the main courtyard. In case something happens to my brother, can you afford it? ”


Hearing Hua Jinrong’s accusation, Lin Chujiu was speechless.

Does this Young Master Hua make a mistake?

She seems to have saved his brother, right? But not only he doesn’t thank her, but blaming her? Is this supposed to be the attitude toward a lifesaver?

Lin Chujiu wanted to point to her finger to the door and say to Hua Jinrong: If you dislike it, then get out!

However, thinking of the identity of the other party, Lin Chujiu could only endure.

Lin Chujiu pulled out a stiff smile and said: “Hua Gongzi, although the main courtyard is good, it is not suitable for children to live in. This place, however, is not only close to the main courtyard, but also has no rockeries or pond in the yard. There is grassland specially prepared for children inside. There is also a bathroom specially used for children. The things inside the yard are the best, all the decorations and furniture are rounded. This yard was originally prepared for the future young master of our family. I let someone clean it up, for the young master of Hua Family to be used.”

“Really?” Hua Jinrong’s anger ease a little bit, Lin Chujiu nodded vigorously: “If Hua Gongzi doesn’t believe it, you can go in and have a look. I didn’t lie to you.”

Hua Jinrong was not a stingy person. Hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, he immediately understood that he was wrong to blame the other party, and immediately apologized: “I misunderstood you so much. Please forgive me, Xiao Wangfei.”

“Er… the person who doesn’t know is not guilty.” Lin Chujiu didn’t expect Hua Jinrong to apologize. Although this person looked elegant, calm, and approachable, Lin Chujiu could feel the establishment and cold arrogance that Hua Jinrong showed inadvertently.

It wasn’t intentional but carved into his bones. Lin Chujiu could understand it, and so she didn’t think that he was humiliating her. After all, Hua Jinrong’s origin was there.

Lin Chujiu walked one step behind and let Hua Jinrong go first. After walking into the small courtyard, Lin Chujiu briefly introduced the layout of the yard, letting Hua Jinrong understand that she didn’t put the youngest master of the Hua Family here because she didn’t care, but because she valued him.

Regardless of whether Hua Jinrong wanted to listen or not, Lin Chujiu talked about the plants and trees in the courtyard to Hua Jinrong.

These words were originally told by Housekeeper Cao to Lin Chujiu. Housekeeper Cao naturally wouldn’t say it for no reason. He was suggesting that Lin Chujiu should give birth to their young master soon!

Didn’t their wangfei see that their wangye had already prepared a yard for their young master to live in? So what is their wangfei still waiting for?

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