Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 7: I dare you to fight back

Chapter 7: I dare you to fight back

January 28, 2017Ai Hrist

Translated by: Ai Hrist

Edited by: WonderWoman

I’m only letting you know what bullying is. His Royal Crown Prince is slandering me.

Hearing this, Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui’s body started trembling in anger. It was unacceptable.

“Lin Chujiu, you, you, how dare you!” Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui raised his hand to slap her, but… …

Contrary to expectation, Lin Chujiu fearlessly exposed her swollen left cheek even more: “Go on, hit me. After three days, it will be my wedding with the Fourth Prince. And if my face is exposed to everyone, it will only become proof of your looking down on your crippled Uncle. It will serve as evidence that you hit my face with intentions to match up an ugly woman with him. By then, what do you think the people will say about his Royal Crown Prince?

“You, you dare to threaten this Crown Prince?”

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui is the eldest son of the Emperor. His position has been solid since birth and no one would have been able shake it. Everyone around him had always flattered him and even the emperor rarely scolded him. But surprisingly, this unruly woman dared to threaten him?

In this moment, the Crown Prince’s anger increased more and more. He felt that what Lin Chujiu has done is simply unforgivable, but he really couldn’t slap her!

It turns out that Lin Chujiu really is a crazy woman. If he really did do it, then he… …

“Your Royal Crown Prince, you may slander me again because I am not threatening you. I am merely telling you in advance, so don’t be mistaken. Of course, his Royal Crown Prince can still try it if you want. Come on, try it. Here’s my face! I won’t step back, if I step back I wouldn’t be called Lin Chujiu.” Lin Chujiu pointed at her left cheek, her eyes full of impatience.

The Crown Prince’s hand stopped mid-air. He didn’t fight back but his face turned red in anger… …

After Lin Wanting’s face was beaten, she clutched her left cheek and had been staring at the Crown Prince’s golden sleeve. Of course, she wanted the Crown Prince to slap Lin Chujiu but she understood the situation. They could only endure this bad end.

“Crown, His Royal Crown Prince … …” Lin Wanting said a few words with difficulty. Although Lin Chujiu was lacking in strength, Lin Wanting’s face still became swollen and she felt severe pain when talking.

“Wanting, what’s the matter?” Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui immediately retracted his hand and turned to take care Lin Wanting. He didn’t want to bother with Lin Chujiu any longer.

Lin Wanting shook her head in tears and tried to fight back the pain as she said, “Your Royal Crown Prince, sister is just in a bad mood, don’t … … Don’t mind it.” She hated the taste of blood, but fortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t give the Crown Prince face. She believed that the Crown Prince would become tired of Lin Chujiu. This could also be considered a small reward.

“You … … really are kind. Unfortunately, some people don’t appreciate you. If only Lin Chujiu didn’t have to be married soon. This prince would have fought back for you.” Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui stared in Lin Chujiu’s eyes once again.

Lin Chujiu squinted and stared back at Lin Wanting… …

Good! Very good! The original owner will be married to the crippled Fourth Prince because of you and you will get your due credit… …

Lin Chujiu bit her lip to mark down this event on account of her.

When Lin Wanting saw Lin Chujiu’s eyes, she was startled. She quickly bowed down and didn’t dare to look directly at her. She slightly pulled at the Crown Prince’s clothes, and said: “Your Royal Crown Prince, my face hurts. Can we go now and see a doctor first?”

“Ok, ok … … This Crown Prince will immediately call the Imperial Physician.”

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui promptly stood up and had Lin Wanting lean on his body to help her to leave… …

Of course, before going, he didn’t forget to glare at Lin Chujiu with murderous eyes!

Lin Chujiu didn’t care. Before the Crown Prince and Lin Wanting had complete walked away, she arrogantly said: “Don’t forget to send me ice and medicine for my swelling face or else on my wedding after three days… …”

This was a threat.

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui’s footsteps halted, he almost wanted to go back and give Lin Chujiu a good lesson. Lin Wanting pulled on his clothes: “Your Royal Crown Prince, it’s painful… …”

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui immediately left Lin Chujiu’s quarter and shouted at a servant: “Come, didn’t you see that the Second Miss is injured? Go and get some medicine!”

“Yes, yes, yes … …” The servant quickly ran out. He feared that the injury on the Second Miss’s face would destroy her beauty. As for Lin Chujiu’s injury, who would have remembered about it?

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