Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 715: Farewell, being chased away (1)

Chapter 715: Farewell, being chased away (1)

Not long after Lin Chujiu left, a bowl of thick medicinal juice was brought to Xuanyuan Zhi: "Eldest Prince, please."

Xuanyuan Zhi's face twisted for a while, but he didn't move.

The Jinwuwei Soldier, who was holding the medicine bowl, had a calm expression on his face and stood there like a wooden stake. If Xuanyuan Zhi didn't drink it, he will keep standing in an old-fashioned manner.

One was lying on the bed, while the other was standing on the side. The two keep facing each other for a long time. Xuanyuan Zhi finally couldn't help it, and shouted: "Go away!" Lin Chujiu deceived people too much, of course, Xiao Tianyao was also the same. He will definitely settle this account with Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao.

"Wangfei said that stretching your head will pull the wound, and retracting your head will also pull the wound. Eldest prince, you can't hide." People under the eaves, still posing so arrogantly. Indeed, the eldest prince of the central empire has never endured hardship.

"Do you know who I am?" A soldier even dared to threaten him, they really take his identity as a decoration. He couldn't beat Xiao Tianyao, he couldn't handle Lin Chujiu, but he could clean up a single soldier.

"You are the eldest prince of the central empire, but this subordinate's master is wangfei." The Jinwuwei soldier held the bowl and said earnestly.

Xuanyuan Zhi was extremely angry: "Your princess has to be polite when she sees me. You are not afraid that I will order your princess to kill you?"

"If wangfei wants this subordinate to die, this subordinate will accept it." In other words, it was not the eldest prince's turn to ask for his life, so he will not care about it.

This matter was called hitting people without punching them in the face. This sentence definitely means hitting Xuanyuan Zhi in the face. Xuanyuan Zhi was gasping for breath. The Jinwuwei soldier noticed that the bowl of medicine was slightly cold, so he said sympathetically: "Eldest Prince, the medicine will be more bitter when it is cold." However, he also heard with his own ears that their princess asked someone to add a handful of yellow lotus in, and said it was to reduce the potency.

"Humph…" Xuanyuan Zhi snorted coldly and suddenly waved his right hand, hitting the medicine bowl.

If Xuanyuan Zhi was in his prime, with the power of Martial God, let alone a single soldier, even a hundred soldiers combined would not be able to escape him, but… …

Xuanyuan Zhi's current condition was like a tiger who had his teeth pulled out. His hand was weak and slow. The Jinwuwei soldier retreated gently and avoided it, not even a single spill on the concoction.

"Eldest prince, wangfei said that she lacks everything, but she has no shortage of this medicine. Hit 1 bowl drink 2 bowls, hit 2 bowls drink 4 bowls, hit 4 bowls drink 8 bowls. A bowl of medicine is effective for a year. Wangfei said you can play as much as you want if you are willing to drink many." Obviously, Lin Chujiu explained this in advance, and Lin Chujiu had guessed Xuanyuan Zhi's reaction before.

"Your princess is very good." He actually threatened him again, not by himself, but by sending a soldier to humiliate him: "Where is your princess? Let her come to see me." That dead woman, the lesson he gave last time wasn't enough, wasn't it? He didn't kill her, he was being kind but he was bullied.

"Our wangfei is going to return to the capital this afternoon, and she is packing up her belongings at this time." The Jinwuwei soldier's worlds were all said by Lin Chujiu in advance, which shows how much Lin Chujiu knows about Xuanyuan Zhi.

"Isn't she going to leave in 3 days? Why will she leave in the afternoon?" Well, Xuanyuan Zhi was a little uncomfortable when he suddenly heard that Lin Chujiu was leaving.

In this huge military camp, Lin Chujiu was a little more reliable. Everyone here treated him like a prisoner. He has no way to continue living like this.

Of course, the premise was not to mention this bowl of medicine.

"Wangfei said that she has been away from home for a few months, and many things in the palace have been left unattended. She has to go back in advance to take care of the palace for the wangye so that wangye can rest when he returns." Naturally, Lin Chujiu asked the Jinwuwei soldier to say this to Xuanyuan Zhi. As for the truth?

Lin Chujiu was so angry that she almost vomited blood!

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