Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 721: Betraying, too proud (1)

Chapter 721: Betraying, too proud (1)

Although Xiao Tianyao was in a fit of rage, he ordered Lin Chujiu to return to the capital ahead of time, and his preparations were not sufficient, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about Lin Chujiu and let her survive on her own.

On the contrary, he was very concerned about her safety. The bodyguards who personally protected Lin Chujiu along the way were all carefully selected by Xiao Tianyao. If these people were placed in Jinwuwei Army, they will be placed among the best soldiers.

Moreover, these people were not only good in martial arts but also has good brains. In the event of danger, they will not be the kind of people who will only use the brute force of a warrior.

In other words, these people were a group of people with brains and force in the army. Such a person will not fail to understand Lin Chujiu's words and understand Lin Chujiu's dissatisfaction, but… …

How do they answer this?

Several guards were about to cry.

Can they tell their princess that she was tricked by their prince?

Can tell their princess that their prince climbed her bed last night? And when he came in the morning, he scolded them with a black face, saying that she was seriously ill, but they didn't find out.

If it was just scolding, they'll admit it. It's normal to be scolded for doing something wrong. But before their prince left, he still ordered them to persuade their princess to recuperate in the town and wait for the army to arrive, then return to the capital with the army.

Originally, they thought that this task would be guaranteed without difficulty. After all, their princess was ill, and it was normal to rest in the town. They discussed their speeches early in the morning. If plan A didn't succeed, they will use another plan. No matter what, they must make sure their princess stays in the town.

However, seeing their princess in high spirits, are the remarks they prepared useful?

If it doesn’t work, then just forget it. The most important thing was that now their princess recovered. After all, they will have a long journey. But how can they go say against their prince's will: “Wangfei, you have worked hard all the way, why don’t we rest in the town for 2 days before leaving?”

If they failed to let their princess stay, how will they explain to their prince?

So, they can't be blamed for reacting. They grew up this big but they don't know what to do.

Several guards look at each other. No one was willing to explain first, they all expect the other to speak.

Lin Chujiu stood on the spot with a good temper, clasped her hands, and looked at the guards with a half-smile. After they stopped looking at each other, Lin Chujiu said, "Have you discussed it? Who will come out to explain? Or, you don't plan to explain?" If they don't plan to explain, these people have only one end, that is, to go as far as they can, and don't appear to her side.

"Wangfei…" The guard, who was ruthlessly pushed out by his companions, took a step forward and spoke with tingling hair on his scalp.

"Come on, I'll wait. You can lie if you want to, but make up a reliable lie, don't let me see through it at a glance." Lin Chujiu said straightforwardly and proudly.

She doesn't mind these guards deceiving her, as long as they can deceive her and make her believe it.

"Wangfei, this…" The guard who wanted to make a drunkard lies, like their carriage was broken was paralyzed. Then said honestly: "Wangfei, wangye came last night, and explained to this lowly one to persuade wangfei to stay in the town for 2 days. Wangye has ordered the army to return to the capital ahead of time. Wangye will meet you in town 2 days later."

Naturally, his words were beautified, how dare the guards tell the truth? Moreover, if they tell the truth, their princess may not necessarily believe it. Which side does their princess look sick?

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