Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 722: Prince Xiao, too shameless! (1)

Chapter 722: Prince Xiao, too shameless! (1)

Xiao Tianyao, who rushed back to the barracks, was completely unaware that he had been sold by his subordinate. Last night, he slept with Lin Chujiu in the middle of the night. When he left in the morning, he saw that Lin Chujiu had recovered from the fever. Xiao Tianyao was not only in good spirits but also in a good mood.

When he thought that in two days, he and Lin Chujiu would meet in town, and they will return to the capital together, he was in a better mood. So even if Mo Qingfeng came to ask him what to do with Xuanyuan Zhi as soon as he returned to the barracks, Xiao Tianyao didn't show a trace of impatience: "Bring people to see benwang."

"Yes, wangye." Mo Qingfeng turned around neatly. He didn't mention the fact that Xuanyuan Zhi was seriously injured that he couldn't come.

Xuanyuan Zhi was the eldest prince of the central empire, but he was now a prisoner. Their prince wants to see the prisoner, does he have to go in person?

Xuanyuan Zhi thinks too highly of himself!

Xuanyuan Zhi's injury was not a fake. Even if he undergoes Lin Chujiu's divine treatment, he was still weak like a paper man. He was unable to walk alone. Mo Qingfeng could only ask the little guard to carry him to Xiao Tianyao.

Xuanyuan Zhi grew up this old, but he had never sat in a sedan chair or been carried around. It was his first time lying on a stretcher and then being carried around.

Seeing the scrutiny glances from the passing soldiers, Xuanyuan Zhi was ashamed and angry.

He was the eldest prince of the central empire, not a monster. What were these people looking at?

Also, seeing each of them look at him, have they never seen the eldest prince of the central empire? Or have they never seen an injured imperial prince?

Except for his bare head, there was nothing abnormal about him. Why do these people look at him as if seeing a monster?

Well, he admits that there was something unusual about him, but……

Only Lin Chujiu and he knew about that matter, and no one else knew about it. Why were these people staring at him?

"That's the eldest prince of the central empire? It doesn't look that good."

"Before on the battlefield, I glanced at him from a distance. He was very imposing. I didn't expect that the eldest prince of the empire would have today."

"How arrogant he was when he brought troops to attack us before. I don't know if he thought that he would fall into the hands of our wangye."

"I heard that he is a Martial God, but it turned out to be so useless? Our wangye is not a Martial God, but he beat him to the ground. Martial Gods are just showy."

"What about it? So what if our wangye is not a god of war? Our prince is not a martial god but we can defeat them. He dares to insult our wangfei, we should let him know how weak he is."

"I heard that he almost died before, but wangfei saved him. Wangfei is truly kind. If it were me, I would not save him. Not only will I not save him, but I will kill him."

Xuanyuan Zhi only felt humiliated, but when he heard the comments of the soldiers, he became angry.

That pervert Xiao Tianyao, is his martial arts ability can be measured by a martial god?

That pervert man was not afraid to face the combined attack of three martial arts, and he killed three martial arts at the same time.

How could he be Xiao Tianyao's opponent because he was a little martial god?

And what? Lin Chujiu was a kind person?

If she was kind, she wouldn't give him that kind of medicine after taking a lot of benefits from him.

If Lin Chujiu was a good person, there would be no bad people in the world.

Also, these soldiers under Xiao Tianyao were simply abominable!

Just looking at it, these people simply like to whisper to each other's ears!

Forget about whispering, why they were talking so loudly in front of the involved party? Are they afraid that he won't hear it?

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