Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 485: Dong Xiaoye's Past

Chapter 485: Dong Xiaoye's Past

I didn't tell Brother Wei and Qin Lan the truth. I only said that I didn't see my friend, but I had a quarrel with a few drunk foreigners. Of course, Brother Wei didn't believe it. But seeing that all three of us were saying the same thing, he didn't continue to ask me more questions. After telling us to take a rest, he took Qin Lan back.

Dongfang was probably afraid that I would scold her for buying pornography once I returned, so she went to sleep early. Chu Yuan didn't say a word and went back to my room directly after we came back. This was the first time she had a fight with someone other than me, so she was a little scared. I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't find the chance.

Dong Xiaoye was also very quiet, I had a feeling that she had something to say to me, but she chose to stay silent and lay on the sofa without changing her clothes as soon as she entered the door.

Now that I think about it, it was very fortunate that Liusu was drunk today, and my first date with her ended at the most perfect stage. If she had been involved, I definitely would've felt very guilty...

My living room was not too spacious. In order to make enough space on the floor, I moved the tea table aside. But even so, the distance between me and Dong Xiaoye was still very close. I could even hear her breathing clearly. I didn't feel anything at first, but as time went by, I gradually became a little nervous. Apart from Liusu and Ziyuan, I have never slept so close to other girls.

Maybe the sofa was narrow and was not as comfortable as a bed; Dong Xiaoye tossed and turned, getting more and more restless. Then all of sudden, she asked me in a low voice, "Little Chu, are you asleep?" Her voice was languid and weak, and it made people feel like she was half-asleep.

I said bitterly, "No..."

"Your arm hurts?"

My arm indeed hurt, but it hadn't reached a point where I was unable to fall asleep because of that. The real reason was that I had slept too much during the day so I wasn't sleepy, but I felt embarrassed to say that to Dong Xiaoye. "No..."

"Eyes hurt? Or your mouth hurts?"


"Then... that place hurts?"

"Where?" I was a little confused. Why did Dong Xiaoye suddenly care about where I was hurting?

However, Dong Xiaoye didn't answer me. After a moment of silence, she said, "I feel a little bit dizzy, and it's too hot, I'll go take a shower first." After saying that, she got up from the sofa and walked into the bathroom in the dark.

Hot? I felt so cold that I was curling up my body under the sheet, but she was still feeling hot?

The pattering sound of water made me even less sleepy. I had to admit that I was a lustful person. When I heard the sound of water, I remembered the last time I went to the bathroom by mistake. Thinking of Dong Xiaoye's naked curvy body, my little brother couldn't help but stand up.

Dong Xiaoye finished her shower very quickly. Soon, she came out of the bathroom. Her right foot was hurt, so she hobbled back with her left foot. The breeze with the faint jasmine-scented smell she caused when she moved past me made me fall into a daze. Although it was dim and I couldn't see everything clearly, I was sure that she had changed her outfit and put on a close-fitting vest and shorts.

"Little Chu, are you asleep?" She climbed onto the sofa and asked again.


"You… It really hurts there, right?"

"Where?" I chuckled helplessly. "My dear Sister Xiaoye, I can see that you have been acting strange, very strange, since noon today. Sometimes, you deliberately create trouble for me, but other times, you were very considerate. What's wrong with you today?"

"You were the one acting strange today! I..." Dong Xiaoye sat up with the quilt after she just lay down. I couldn't see her expression in the dark, I only knew that her anger appeared and disappeared quickly. In a voice that was as tiny as if it was made by mosquitoes, she continued, "I know it must hurt a lot. Even my toes become swollen, so there's no way you would be fine. You don't need to lie to me..."

"Huh?" I was dazed for a moment and then suddenly realized what she was talking about, "Hold on a second?! Your toes are swollen because… of kicking my little brother?!"

"Don't say it that loud! Ah~!" Dong Xiaoye panicked. She stretched her arms out, trying to cover my mouth. But what she didn't expect was that her action would cause her to fall off the sofa, and to land directly on top of me.

Feeling the temperature of each other's body, both of us were stunned. She hurriedly sat up and said with embarrassment, "It's very embarrassing, alright. So don't say that out loud."

I couldn't help but chuckle, "It turns out this is how you hurt your toes… I-"

Dong Xiaoye immediately covered my mouth again and said anxiously, "Is it that funny?!"

I pushed her hand away, lowered my voice, and smiled. "Did I say it was funny?..."

"Then why are you laughing?" Just when I wanted to explain, she continued, "Anyway, I know that you men want face, but don't endure it if it really hurts. If it doesn't get better, you should go to the hospital tomorrow to check if everything is okay. I wanted to tell you to see a doctor when we were in the hospital earlier, but Yuan Yuan was by your side at that time, so I didn't say it..."

I wanted to sit up, but this woman was sitting next to me, pressing the quilt. I couldn't move, so I had to lie down and curiously said, "Why are you so sure I am still in pain? Just because I couldn't sleep?"

Dong Xiaoye hesitated for a long time before she said, "Your walking posture had been very strange since the afternoon, and you always rubbed it secretly from time to time. I saw it..."

"Ahem..." Fortunately, the room was dark, and it completely covered my red face. "I mean... Pain was just momentary… After that, it was mainly just discomfort. That kind of feeling is very difficult to describe. You women won't understand. Anyway, I'm really fine..."

"You are lying," Dong Xiaoye said, "If it's no longer that painful, then why do you sleep with your legs closed and your body curled up?"

"Huh?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "My dear sister Xiaoye, can't you feel how thin my bed sheet is? And you even set the temperature of the air conditioner so low. What else do you expect I would do when it's so cold? If I don't curl up my body, I will freeze to death."

"Huh? Why don't I feel cold?" Dong Xiaoye didn't seem to feel the temperature difference, and still didn't believe it. "Are you really okay?"

"Yes!" I really didn't understand. With Dong Xiaoye's character, it was not normal for her to dwell on such a private matter. "Don't you think that you are worrying a bit too much? Even if there's a problem I don't think it will affect you in any way, right? Unless, you…"

Originally I wanted to tease Dong Xiaoye by asking her if she was interested in me, and if she was worried that my injury would affect her "happiness" in the future. But I didn't expect her to suddenly breathe a sigh of relief. Her body was like a deflated balloon, and she fell softly on top of me again, "Great, I thought I made trouble again..."

I noticed that Dong Xiaoye's words and behavior were getting stranger and stranger, but I paid more attention to her words. "What trouble?"

After Dong Xiaoye was relaxed, her speech became slurred and she even began to smile foolishly. "Before I was transferred to Bei Tian City, I was once sued by a bastard. At that time I was just assigned to the criminal police team, and my first mission was to crack down prostitution. During the mission, we were blocked by that bastard's subordinates, so it took us a long time to get to the scene. When we finally rushed to the scene, my undercover senior was already drugged by him, and her clothes were stripped off. I was so angry at that time and kicked his crotch with all my strength without thinking much. Then later, when the doctor in the hospital examined his injury, he said that I've severely damaged one of his testicles. Although it would not affect his fertility, he was traumatized by my kick and could no longer..."

I couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat. Just how hard had she kicked that it would even break that guy's testicle. I smiled bitterly. From Dong Xiaoye's words, she was obviously worried if my balls were broken by her kick...

"That kind of scum deserved to be kicked to death," I said, trying to comfort Dong Xiaoye. However, this was not what I thought in my mind. Although the man was despicable, injuring a suspect during an arrest was indeed a problem.

"I wish I could," Dong Xiaoye used my chest as her pillow, changed to an even more comfortable posture, and said, "But that guy has money and power. We all knew he was the guy who forced women to engage in prostitution, but he said that he was just a customer who paid women to have sex with him. In the end, because we didn't have enough evidence, we could only fine him for engaging in illegal sexual activity, and then release him.

"The first thing he did after he was released was to sue me, but thanks to him, I was able to come to Bei Tian City. At that time, everyone in the bureau wanted to protect me. They helped me to put pressure on our leader. Because of that incident, that bastard's family had to use a lot of dirty methods to get him out of trouble. Fearing the impact, they withdrew the lawsuit and negotiated with the bureau instead. They said that he was scared of me and didn't want to see me in the same city as him, so his family went through a lot of contacts to transfer me away. It just happened that I wanted to come to Bei Tian City to find my elder sister, so I told my leader to transfer me to Bei Tian City. Otherwise, I would not go anywhere, hehe, hehehehe."

It turned out that Dong Xiaoye was transferred to Bei Tian city because of this… However, why did she tell me all this? 

I took out my phone next to my pillow and shone the screen light on Dong Xiaoye's face. As expected, Dong Xiaoye didn't open her eyes, her face was flushed, and she was constantly mumbling. Clearly, the alcohol finally went into her head, and she was completely drunk now.

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