Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1438 - Celestial Light Sect’s traitor (5)

Chapter 1438: Celestial Light Sect’s traitor (5)

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“If you’re not willing to cooperate with us, then you won’t be able to get those treasures in the cave dwelling as well then we’d all have wasted our time today! This cave dwelling obviously has some heavyweight rare treasure and if we just miss it like that, perhaps we might regret it for life! The correct choice would be for both our Sects to cooperate together.”

Leng Yi Feng gave Fang Shaoning a thumbs up glance as he spoke up for him as well, “That’s right, this is originally a reciprocity and mutual benefit matter so why does Young Sect Master need to hesitate? Of course, your abilities are much stronger so we don’t mind getting lesser. How about we split sixty-forty, how about that? We’re showing enough sincerity right?”

Li Moying looked at their delighted looks as he almost burst out laughing.

Who or what gave these two fellows that kind of self-confidence! They actually felt that they could threaten him!

How could his Li’er not match up to Murong Ni?

He had such an intelligent young fiancée, so he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone’s threat at all!

However, when Li Moying was about to open his mouth, he suddenly saw Huang Yueli casting a signal to him with her eyes.

He was stunned for a moment, not knowing what his fiancée had in mind but he still obediently shut his mouth.

Huang Yueli looked at Murong Ni, “Murong Ni, you’re Celestial Light Sect’s disciple and Sect Master Murong’s beloved daughter! You really want to stand on Green Cloud Sect’s and betray your own Sect? You have to think through this clearly!”

As expected, Murong Ni started to reveal a hesitant and struggling look as she frowned, “I…”

Fang Shaoning saw that and immediately spoke out loudly, “Murong Ni, have you forgotten what you told me earlier? You said no one in Celestial Light Sect cares about you and as long as I am willing to help you, you can help me in anything! Furthermore you promised that you will follow me back to Green Cloud Sect, are you regretting it now?”

Murong Ni hesitated and didn’t say a single word.

Fang Shaoning spoke out again, “You think that it’s a good thing if you return to Celestial Light Sect now? Originally Li Moying and Murong Fei didn’t want to bring you along for experience learning and now that the others have ascertained that you’re Celestial Light Sect’s traitor, even if you return, no one will treat you nicely! Perhaps you might not even survive to leave the mystic region alive!”

“But it’s different if you follow me. So don’t do anything which you will regret!”

Murong Ni clenched her teeth as she said, “I…. of course I will stand by Master Fang’s side! Bai Ruoli, stop trying to play the part of a good person! If it wasn’t for you who dominated Eldest Senior Brother, not allowing him to take care of me, how would I possibly have come to such a state? For me to act in this way is all because of you!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but jeered, “Murong Ni, you’re really funny! Practitioners who come out on experience learning all relied on their own selves! You don’t even have the courage to go on experience learning alone, you still have the cheek to claim that you’re a practitioner?”

Murong Ni gritted her teeth, “Stop talking about those useless major principles, Eldest Senior Brother is deceived by you! Today is Celestial Light Sect suffers any losses, it’s all your fault!”

Huang Yueli’s expression turned colder by the minute, “I’ve seen shameless people but I’ve never seen anyone who is as shameless as you! Turning black into white, don’t you feel guilty at all? Moreover, did you think that… you can threaten me? A third rate array master who can’t even set up a third tier array even though looking at the array formation drawing, what gives you the self-confidence to say that?”

Murong Ni’s expression changed immediately upon hearing that!

Right now, she suddenly recalled that this young lady in front of her also knew array skills and further…. Her level of mastery in array skills seemed to be third rank and above!

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