Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1562 - Unacceptable ending (2)

Chapter 1562: Unacceptable ending (2)

Huang Yueli immediately pounced over, wanting to lift it up.

But before she had even touched Little Qilin’s body, this little thing’s head twisted to one side as it landed onto the ground.

Huang Yueli’s heart fell into the depths of the abyss as a bad premonition surfaced in her heart.

A contracted magical beast like Little Qilin not only were linked in their minds and thoughts with its Master, but were also connected in life and death.

Now Little Qilin turned out into such an abnormal state for no rhyme or reason and later on just fainted. This meant that Li Moying had met with an extremely grave crisis in the stone tablet! Furthermore….. there was a possibility that something had happened to him!

But this was merely a refinement. Li Moying’s innate talent was so high and his battle experience was so rich so what was it that he couldn’t possibly deal with?

Huang Yueli didn’t want to believe that something had happened to him but the truth was placed right in front of her eyes.

Even Little Qilin had fallen so Li Moying’s situation shouldn’t be any better.

Huang Yueli’s feelings were heavy as she slowly squatted down, placing Little Qilin onto her knee and touching its chest.

Luckily…. It was still breathing….

This little thing had merely fainted and not died on the spot.

Huang Yueli rested her heart slightly because this at least meant that Li Moying was still alive? But Little Qilin was struggling on whilst at death’s door and this again represented that he was just one step away from death…..

How could this be possible?

Huang Yueli hugged Little Qilin tightly as she bit her lips, praying repeatedly.

“Li Moying, nothing can happen to you! No matter how big the waves are in the past, you’ve braved it all so how could you possibly die in the middle of a refinement? Moreover speaking, you said you’d marry me…. are you thinking of abandoning me when we just got started? Stop dreaming…..”

God Realm.

“Heaven… Heavens… how could such a thing happen! That lower realm genius…. He seems…” Sage Wu Ding’s eyes widened.

Sage Dong inquired hastily, “Seems like that? What on earth happened!”

Sage Wu Ding frowned, “I’m not entirely clear on what happened but for an instance, I seem to have felt a huge amount of energy gathering in the Qilin tablet and I wonder if it was my misperception… If not, wouldn’t it be a little too strange?”

“What’s strange?”

“This kind of Profound Energy fluctuation, if it was real…. Then wouldn’t it represent that the lower realm genius… had advanced in the Qilin tablet?”

Sage Dong replied disapprovingly, “I thought what was the matter! Just this…. is it worth it for you to make a fuss out of it? Practitioners with outstanding innate talents suddenly breaking through the bottlenecks and advance while in the middle of a battle is originally a very common matter isn’t it?”

“Sigh, you know nothing!” Sage Wu Ding explained, “The huge amount of energy in the Qilin tablet is completely controlled by the sealed Qilin’s spiritual body. Logically, whether refinement practitioners would not be able absorb that much energy, to the point of advancing! To have such a matter happening only meant that the lower realm genius had heavily injured the spiritual beast and Qilin is unable to control the Profound Qi in the tablet hence he got the chance to advance!”

“What? In this case…..” Sage Dong’s eyes lit up, “Could it be that the lower realm genius really could kill the Qilin, to become the first person to pass the Qilin tablet’s refinement?”

“That’s hard to say…..” Sage Qu Ding muttered, “But no matter what, his innate talent is much stronger than what I had imagined at the beginning!”

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