Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1646 - The fight for the peerless genius (3)

Chapter 1646: The fight for the peerless genius (3)

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“But based on your innate talent, you’re worthy to be that haughty! In Sky Emperor City, youngsters with innate talent have the right to be haughty!”

The elderly man fiddled with his beard as he smiled and said, “Master Li, I truly have something important to discuss with you. How about this, not too far in front is Sky Emperor City’s famous teahouse Heavenly Aromatic House. Let me be the host and treat you all to some tea while we slowly discuss this matter, how about that?”

Li Moying’s expression remained indifferent as he said, “Apologies, I have something urgent on and have no time to have tea or whatever. If you have something really urgent, please do say it out directly now!”

The elderly man was slightly surprised as he had not expected that after he had shown 100% sincerity, he was still rejected by the other party…..

Honestly speaking, very few people would not dare to not give him face like that, not to mention that the person in front of him was a junior!

The elderly man’s heart started to feel discontented but thinking that he had unintentionally received this piece of news…. The young man in front of him had such outstanding talent that even Mu Chengying was left in this genius’s dust!

The elderly man’s anger suddenly disappeared totally.

He hurriedly said, “I’ve forgotten to introduce myself earlier. I am Feng Bozhong and I’m from the Feng family, one of the top ten clans in Sky Emperor City. This time round…. I’m here to represent my clan! Hoping to recruit Master Li. As long as Master Li is willing to join my Feng family forces, you will be able to enjoy the clan’s top rated genius’s treatment, with all the cultivation methods or resources at your disposition!”

After the elderly man self-announced his clan, his words immediately caused bursts of exclamations.

Sky Emperor City’s surroundings were filled with people and had always been crowded by a huge amount of practitioners gathering around.

Earlier when the team leader suddenly took out the portraits and stopped the entire group, that scene had already attracted quite a number of people to gather around.

Especially when Feng Bozhong appeared, it attracted all the bystanders to stay put and crowd around.

Hearing him say those words, some of them couldn’t help but start to comment.

“This elderly man is actually part of the Feng family! Feng family is the leader of the Top Ten clans and is an influential and famous powerhouse in Sky Emperor City!”

“Feng Bozhong…. Why does this name sound so familiar? Ah, I remember now! Isn’t he the clan leader for Feng family? He…. he, he… why would he be here personally?”

“This… just what situation is this? Feng family’s clan leader personally came over to the city gate to stop them, just to recruit this young man into their clan? Just what backing does this person have?”

“Heavens, it’s just too fascinating! Top ten clans are not only powerful, they also have plenty of inheritances and usually seldom recruit members outside their bloodlines. This time round their clan leader actually personally came. Could this handsome man in front of us really be some peerless genius?”

“But…. what kind of genius is worth making Clan Leader Feng come out personally? There is a younger generation in the Feng family, who is a ninth grade mid level genius!”

The crowd were whispering and commenting as they casted envious and jealous gazes onto Li Moying, all trying to guess his identity.

To be recruited by Sky Emperor City’s powerhouse to become the party whom the clan used ways and means to nurture them was the opportunity which every single young practitioner was searching for, even in their dreams.

But most of them buzzed around for many years and were still unable to attain their dreams, to join a genuine strong powerhouse to obtain the inheritance.

But now, someone had just entered the city gates and was recruited personally by the clan leader from one of the Top Ten Clans, so how could they not feel envious over this?

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