Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Meeting Again

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After looking at the carriage for a short while, Huang Yue Li silently moved out of sight.

She did not care who the owner of the horse carriage was, after all it had nothing to do with her. She never cared much for rumors and gossip in the first place.

Refining, earning money and cultivating were the things she actually cared about.

With quick steps, she left the area.

What she didn’t notice was that the window of the carriage behind her was open. With the open window, it revealed the perfect shape of a male’s face.

Thin but distinct lips and skin like jade. On his face he wore a silver mask that was almost like a second layer of skin on his face.

This clearly was the male who had a brief exchange with Huang Yue Li in the back courtyard yesterday!

As he watched the thin and quickly receding back view of Huang Yue Li’s, the male’s line of sight seemed to be glued to her. So matter what, he could not take his eyes off her.

This Third Young Miss of the Bai Family, yesterday should have been the first time they meet. But for some unknown reason, she gave him a very unusual but familiar feeling. Like every single motion of hers, her frowns, her smiles, her steps were already carved years ago into the depths of his heart.

Today, he had arrived very early. Early enough to see the weak appearance of Huang Yue Li, her pitiful act and her trick playing around Bai Ruo Yan. The entire process of her swindling Bai Ruo Yan to pay her that large sum of money were seen by him.

Everybody present thought Huang Yue Li to be a pitiful and innocent, good-for-nothing girl. Only he see differently, the girl was clearly disguised as a pig in order to eat the tiger. Playing everyone!

Speaking of which, this was really strange!

This girl clearly wasn’t a beauty. If you were to talk about body, she had no body shape, and the face, there was nothing either.

But what stunned people was her crafty smile. Once she obtained the money, she couldn’t help but reveal how proud she was of herself. For no rhyme or reason, she attracted the entirety of his attention.

This type of feeling….he had never felt before.

The two personal guards beside the male both exchanged a glance. They could both see the shock displayed within each other’s eyes!

God, this was the first time that they saw their strong and resolute Highness reveal such a warm gaze. Furthermore, it was towards a young girl who clearly hadn’t developed well!

The curve of those lips were much too clear. Could it be that their Highness did not realize?

Is it possible that His Highness was moved by her?

As soon as they thought how icy cold their Highness was to females, the fact that he could find a girl that he liked was a good thing.

But, His Highness’ standards were a bit…..isn’t that a bit too unreliable?

The Third Young Miss Bai was the infamously known good-for-nothing. While His Highness possessed heavenly talent, they were worlds apart. This girl is wholly unable to match him!

Only when the Huang Yue Li’s figure disappeared around the corner did the male regain conscious again.

He then beckoned to one of his guards, instructing him: “Go investigate for me the purpose of Third Young Miss Bai’s visit to Thousand Treasure Pavilion today. What did she purchase and for what reason?”

Accepting the order the imperial guard went to complete it.

Shortly after, Shopkeeper Sun was escorted out. Standing infront of the horse carriage and shaking like a leaf in fear he gave his respects to the male.

“Lo…..Lord, what you have asked is kept confidential for the customer. According to rules we are unable to reveal anything…”

Frostily, the male swept his gaze down. With just a single gaze, he had caused Shopkeeper Sun legs to crumple, making him kneel on the ground.

Head beaded with sweat, he didn’t dare to hesitate any longer and hastily revealed everything: “Lord, please calm down. It’s not like I cannot say it. What Third Miss Bai bought were all related to armament refining…..”

When the male heard him listing all kinds of materials, he couldn’t help but become stunned. But shortly afterwards, the corners of his mouth rose.

“Looks like…that little girl is preparing to begin refining. It’s just unknown, what type of armament will she make?”

Stroking his jaw, he leisurely said: “This shop, this Lord will buy it.”

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