Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Throwing oneself out to prove

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That was the reason why she specifically ordered Cai Wei to slap Bai Ruo Qi.

This action hid several layers of planning and purposes for future use.

First of all, it would be able to humiliate Bai Ruo Qi. Secondly, it would give Cai Wei a chance to toughen up and become more daring.

And finally, this was the most important point. Cai Wei would have thoroughly offended Bai Ruo Qi. So if she were to ever leave Huang Yue Li’s protection, she would quickly receive Bai Ruo Qi’s insane retaliation.

If she were to spread affairs outside and betray Huang Yue Li, what awaited her to was a grim future.

This was called ‘Throwing Oneself Out to Prove’.

Originally, she knew quite a few heaven level cultivation techniques. If she were to take them out now, they would be too shocking. Additionally, there was a limit to Cai Wei’s talents, so a black level technique was the most suitable for her to use.

Even so, Cai Wei was moved to tears and immediately knelt down infront of Huang Yue Li.

“Third Young Miss, you treat this servant so well. This one never would have thought she would be able to cultivate, truly a thing I wouldn’t dare to dream about. In the future, this servant will definitely serve on you with all my heart. Climbing a mountain of knives, through a sea of fire, I will not hesitate to do them!”

Huang Yue Li smiled: “Remember your words. That’s right, I have a task for you to complete right now.”

“Third Young Miss please command.”

Compared to her usual attitude, Cai Wei’s reverence and respect was increased by several folds.

Huang Yue Li said: “This courtyard only has one maid and two old sweeping ladies. This is a bit too appalling. Later go to the slave dealer and choose a couple of reliable girls and some guards to properly tidy up this area. In the future, you will be the head maid of this back courtyard.”

If there were some guards standing at the entrance, then at least, Bai Ruo Qi would not have escaped that quickly.

With great difficulty she had taught her a lesson. It was time to raise the prices!

What a shame, what a shame! It ached too much!

“Ah? In order to buy some good maids nowadays, you need quite a bit of money…..”

Before she could even finish her words, Huang Yue Li took out a large bag of silvers.

Stunned, Cai Wei stuttered: “These silvers…”

By a rough estimate, there was about fifty silvers, but this household was on the brink of bankruptcy. Soon, they would not be able to afford food, yet Third Young Miss had just revealed a bag of silvers.

Chuckling, Huang Yue Li answered: “Hurry and go.”

She wouldn’t tell Cai Wei this bag of silvers was taken off Bai Ruo Qi’s body a moment ago.

She had coming knocking in her territory, how would Huang Yue Li allow her to leave without relinquishing some items behind?

Because of Bai Ruo Qi, wasting the entire evening, it wasn’t until the next day that Huang Yue Li left her home.

At the entrance of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, an endless stream of carriages and pedestrians flowed.

Head raised, Huang Yue Li walked towards the entrance sign.

She was fully aware that what she was doing would be similar to treasuring a jade ring that turns into a crime. So she darkened her entire face and wore a dark grey cloak as she proceeded to sell her armaments.

A fist-sized golden-red ball appeared from within her cloak. Tilting its head, the fluffball observed its surroundings before burrowing out of the cloak. Flapping its tiny wings, he landed on Huang Yue Li’s shoulder.

“Cheep cheep——!”

In a hushed voiced, the little phoenix called out.

As the master of the Sky Phoenix Ring, Huang Yue Li and the phoenix had been spiritually connected. Through their telepathic connection, she swiftly understood the little phoenix’s words.

This little brat was complaining that its stomach was hungry. It wanted to eat breakfast!

Her eyes popping out slightly, Huang Yue Li glared at him: “Didn’t I just feed you a meat bun? It was you who refused to eat it, and now you’re complaining that you are hungry? Aren’t you playing with me?”

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