Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3763 - 3763 One Month (6)

Chapter 3763 - 3763 One Month (6)

3763 One Month (6)

It’s a deal? ?

What was a deal? !

Huang Yueli was confused, and in Li Moying’s eyes that seemed to be smiling, she recalled the scene just now, only to realize that she had been mesmerised by her husband, and agreed to a series of conditions about dual cultivation in a daze!

Beauty trap!


She… She actually fell into the beauty trap again!

Huang Yueli couldn’t help covering her face and mourned for her weak willpower…

Liu Buyan, who was standing on the side watching silently, was even more speechless at this moment.

These two were showing off their affection yet again…was it over yet? Huh, was it over?

Didn’t you see that there’s a bachelor beside him? He’s simply immoral!

Seeing the two people looking at each other affectionately, as if they had completely forgotten about his existence, Liu Buyan coughed heavily.


Huang Yueli froze, and then remembered that Liu Buyan was still in the room.

Li Moying has never forgotten Liu Buyan, but he was very, very upset when he was suddenly interrupted in the process of seducing his wife.

He glanced at Liu Buyan, “Why are you still here?”

Liu Buyan said: “I have one more thing to say, I’ll leave after I finish.”

“Spit it out quickly then!”

These words made Liu Buyan almost choke to death.

Spit it out quickly?

Huang Yueli was speechless, raised her hand to pinch Li Moying, and then said: “Senior Brother, if you have any other orders, please tell us! Don’t worry, Moying will obediently follow your orders.”

Hearing this, Li Moying frowned slightly, as if he wanted to say something.

But then, he took a deep breath! Huang Yueli pinched his arm again!

In desperation, he could only choose to keep his mouth shut.

The person he couldn’t offend most in the world was his little fox…

Liu Buyan looked at her, feeling very moved. Pampering this Junior Sister of his was still not in vain! Although her heart was towards her husband after marriage, she can still think of him as a Senior Brother occasionally. Well.. it’s still sad but…

He felt sad in his heart, coughed, and returned to the topic.

“The two of you will definitely not be able to dual cultivate within a month. You must control yourself no matter what! Because not only does Li Moying’s physical condition not allow it, but also his physical condition will also affect you through dual cultivation, Junior Sister!”

Hearing this, Li Moying suddenly became serious.

Just like what Huang Yueli cared about most was his body, what he cared most about was also his Little Li’er.

Originally, he still had a fluke mentality, and planned to pester his little fox and engage in some dual cultivation after he could move one day. Presumably, Huang Yueli would find it difficult to control herself under his beauty trap.

But now, Liu Buyan issued such a serious warning, and even said that it would affect Huang Yueli…

Then he won’t go overboard no matter what!

Seeing the expression on Li Moying’s face, Liu Buyan finally felt satisfied.

After a few more words of advice, he exited the room, leaving space for the young couple who had never met in such a long while.

Huang Yueli raised her head and looked at Li Moying’s tense face, where the words “I’m not happy” were clearly written.

She sat on the edge of the bed amused, raised her hand and pinched his perfect face.

“Dear husband, don’t be angry!”

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