Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3781 - 3781 Life Saving Grace (1)

Chapter 3781 - 3781 Life Saving Grace (1)

3781 Life Saving Grace (1)

Hearing this, everyone present frowned.

Originally, everyone thought that it was only natural for Huang Yueli to treat Li Moying’s illness, and no one’s thoughts ran askew.

But why does Li Leyun’s words sound wrong?

Li Shihong immediately said in a displeased tone: “Li Leyun, what are you talking about? Haven’t you learned the lesson from last time? Divine Doctor Li worked hard every day to heal Moying, so that today’s results can be achieved. She is the benefactor of the entire Cloudy Qilin Clan, how can make such malicious allegations?”


The elders also subconsciously felt disgusted and began to criticize Li Leyun.

“That’s right, Young Miss Leyun, you… You’re going too far!”

“Hurry up and go back to your own yard. What if Divine Doctor Li hears this?”

Li Leyun felt terribly wronged when she was repeatedly criticized.

Her intuition told her that there must be something wrong with that so-called Young Miss Li. There is something wrong with the way she looks at Brother Moying!

The Elders were all men, and they are all old, so they can’t tell at all. Although that damned girl has covered it up very well, that kind of lingering eyes can only be seen when a young girl looks at her beloved man!

Li Shihong was very dissatisfied with Li Leyun’s words, and couldn’t help but snorted coldly, “Listen to what you said, what does it look like? Come on, send Young Miss Leyun back immediately!”

When Li Leyun heard this, she became anxious, “Second Uncle, you…you can’t drive me away! You just promised me to let me stay and have a look at Brother Moying!”

“That was just now, and now is now!” The gaze at which Li Shihong looked at her revealed great disappointment as he continued on, “I thought you had learned to be good, so I agreed. But now it seems that your head is still not clear! If I let you stay, it will only offend Divine Doctor Li!”

Offend… Divine Doctor Li!

Hearing this, Li Leyun was so angry that she almost fainted!

What kind of thing was that damned girl, she was a mere doctor of the human race, and she was clearly plotting against the Young Master of their Cloudy Qilin Clan! She was clearly a vixen who has ulterior motives and wants to climb high!

What about offending her? What’s the big deal?

But Li Shihong, as the Patriarch of the Ancient God Clan, would actually drive her away, his own niece, because he was afraid of offending that damned girl?

Now that Brother Moying has already woken up, that bitch has no use value! It’s time to deal with her!

The hatred in Li Leyun’s heart gradually rose, eroding her sanity that she had been trying to hold on to.

A murderous intent flashed across her eyes, and she wished she could stab that so-called Divine Doctor to death on the spot!

However, in order to be able to stay here, she could only hold back her breath, lowered her head, and begged: “Second Uncle, I said the wrong thing, please let me take a look at Brother Moying! I’ll wait here, I promise not to talk nonsense…”

Li Leyun was still very beautiful. After being injured this time and being under house arrest for such a long time, her face was pale, and her begging look seemed rather pitiful.

After all, Li Shihong watched his niece grow up. For a while, he felt soft-hearted and hesitated.

The moment he was dazed, Li Leyun suddenly put her hand on the wheel of the wheelchair, turned herself, and rushed behind the screen.

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