Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3910 - 3910 Their Relationship (2)

Chapter 3910 - 3910 Their Relationship (2)

3910 Their Relationship (2)

At this moment, the guards’ hearts were raised in their throats, and they were all extremely nervous.

Although they had absolutely no idea why Li Zijun insisted on going to the place of experience, but she still had a special identity. She was one of the top geniuses in the clan, which was very important to the clan.

She was falling and if she was seriously injured and her performance in the God Realm’s Grand Meet was affected, then these guards would also be blamed.

However, under the current situation, it was out of their own abilities to save her…

Just at this critical moment, a loud shout suddenly came from not far away.


“What’s going on? Who trespassed on the training ground??”

Immediately afterwards, two figures suddenly jumped up from the bottom of the mountain, and a powerful force burst out, just in time to catch up with the rebounding force of the defensive array.

Under the collision of the two forces, there was a deafening crackling sound.

However, the profound strength itself also cancelled out a lot.

The speed at which Li Zijun fell out became significantly slower.

One of the figures jumped up immediately and caught Li Zijun, which saved her from being seriously injured.

This change happened so fast that the guards didn’t even react.

When they came back to their senses, they saw two familiar figures appear in front of them, and they were so frightened that they quickly knelt down on the ground.

“Pa… Patriarch! Elder Qingsong! Subordinate… Subordinate…”

The Captain of the guards stuttered and couldn’t finish his sentence.

Li Shihong’s face was very ugly, “What’s going on? What happened just now? Why was the defensive array in the training place touched?”

The Captain of the guards froze, and quickly calmed himself down, explaining: “Patriarch… the Patriarch, subordinates… don’t know what’s going on. Young Miss Zijun was teleported from the place of experience not too long ago and before I had time to say a word to her, she turned around and rushed towards the place of experience! This subordinate…the subordinate couldn’t react in time, and couldn’t catch up with Young Miss Zijun. Later, Young Miss Zijun triggered the defensive array…”

He spoke intermittently, but the meaning was still very clear.

Li Shihong frowned, and turned his gaze to Li Zijun.

Due to the timely rescue, Li Zijun was not seriously injured, but at that moment just now, she was shocked by the defensive array, which still hurt her meridians.

However, she also realized that something was wrong, so she quickly supported a big tree beside her to stand firm, lowered her head, and looked at the ground.


“What the hell is going on? Zijun, did you really do this? How is it possible? You have always been the most brilliant genius among our clan. You are usually calm and composed, and even Leyun was not as good as you. How could you do such a thing?” Li Shihong couldn’t believe such a thing would happen.

After Li Leyun was sent away, Li Shihong was most optimistic about Li Zijun.

Although he felt that her strength was a little weaker than his niece, her stability beyond her age was the most reassuring.

Even if Li Moying can’t be tempted, at least it won’t cause trouble!

But who knows, it didn’t take long before Li Zijun caused such trouble!

Although the consequences of touching the defensive array of the training place was not too serious, this kind of mistake would not be made by the most ordinary clansmen of the Cloudy Qilin Clan!

Li Leyun lowered her head, gritted her teeth, and didn’t know how to answer for a moment.

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