Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4342  A Cute And Lovely Little Lady (3)

Chapter 4342  A Cute And Lovely Little Lady (3)

"Really?" The little girl still looked worried, "But you have turned into a spirit body now! Although we, the Phoenix Clan, have the opportunity to be reborn from nirvana, if we don't encounter a situation of near death, we may not be able to survive and become a spirit body..."

Little Wang Cai hurriedly explained: "That's another matter. It has nothing to do with my female devil! Speaking of which, she saved me! In short, they are not bad people!"

Hearing what he said, the little girl felt relieved.

Huang Yueli took advantage of the situation and walked over, squatted down in front of her, and tried her best to show an amiable smile.

"Well, little girl, you really don't have to worry. I already have a small fortune, and I can't force a contract with you anymore."

She just stood aside and thought for a while, and finally realized that something was wrong.

She considers herself not too mean-looking, and her attitude towards little girls was pretty good.

I never bullied her from beginning to end.

However, the little girl's first reaction was that she was a bad person and wanted to harm people...

There was only one explanation. The little girl must have met someone who forcibly established a contract with her before, so she was very repulsive to all humans or devils.

The little girl still looked nervous, but with Little Wang Cai by her side, she gradually relaxed.

Little Wang Cai was even more excited.

Since he woke up in the Sky Phoenix Ring, this was the first time he has met the same race!

Moreover, they are little girls of the same race who are similar in age, and they look so cute and well-behaved.

On weekdays, he only has one playmate: Little Qilin, and Li Moying's Little Qilin was a scheming lolita. Little Wang Cai can't beat her most of the time, and the two are simply not at odds with each other.

Well now, he finally met the little girl of his dreams!

Suddenly, he kept circling around the house in a very dog-like manner.

Huang Yueli was secretly amused, but she did not bother the two little ones.

She and Li Moying wandered around the area. Then, seeing the sky getting dark, they returned to the original place and lit a fire.

Huang Yueli took out the reserved chicken, beef and vegetables from the space, brushed the sauce on them, and grilled them on the fire.

Her ability to control flames was one of the best in the entire God Realm, so she was naturally very good at making barbecues.

Soon, the aroma of barbecue began to waft out and fill the air.

In order to prevent the surrounding beasts from approaching, Huang Yueli arranged a formation in advance to prevent the scent from spreading too far, but to control it within the formation.

In this way, the fragrance was more concentrated and the smell was even more exciting.

The little girl had never tasted such delicious barbecue, and she was immediately attracted. She kept turning her head to look at Huang Yueli, and even secretly swallowed her saliva.

Huang Yueli smiled but did not expose her.

After the barbecue was all cooked, she invited the two little ones to come over and eat.

Little Wang Cai couldn't wait any longer, so he rushed over and picked out the best chicken legs and wings.

However, he didn't eat it himself, but handed it to the little girl, "Miss, you eat this roasted chicken leg! My Female Devil's craftsmanship was pretty good, and the roast was delicious. This was my favorite!!"

Huang Yueli pulled Li Moying's sleeve next to her, "Wow, husband, it's so strange! Wang Cai actually gave his beloved chicken legs to someone else! Has the sun come out from the west?"

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