Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4809 No Reason To Nitpick

Chapter 4809 No Reason To Nitpick


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“Is that so? There’s such a thing?”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow frowned, feeling even more displeased.

Did this kid have the respect that he should have when he saw a senior expert? Why was he so arrogant?

He actually said something, and this kid immediately retorted. He didn’t even put him, his master, in his eyes!

No, who was his master?

Saint Iniquitous Shadow was racking his brains, thinking of how to continue making things difficult for Li Moying.

Unexpectedly, this time around, Huang Yueli couldn’t sit still anymore. She walked to Li Moying’s side and spoke first,” Master, don’t you remember? I clearly told you last time that my husband and I not only met and got married in the Lower Realm, but we also have a relationship of two lifetimes! When we were in the Lower Realm, we obtained the remnant scroll of the Soul Splitting Technique that you left behind. My husband used this remnant scroll to save me. Otherwise, my soul would have long dissipated…”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow was still pulling a long face because his little disciple was unhappy that a brat was talking back to him.

Suddenly, when he heard the words “Soul Splitting Technique”, a crack appeared on his tense face.

Because the array formation had collapsed and he had been swept into the Devil Territory, his spirit body had been severely damaged and his memory had also deviated.

It was only at this moment that he suddenly remembered.

Initially Huang Yueli and Li Moying had the Ancient God Clan bloodline and had been cultivating cultivation methods but they were able to absorb the Evil Qi that he released outside the cave dwelling’s transmission array and thus fell into this cave dwelling. That was because the two of them had already cultivated the Soul Splitting Technique twenty years ago!

Moreover, these two people in front of him were the only peerless geniuses who had successfully used the Soul Splitting Technique other than him in so many years.

Saint Iniquitous Shadow fell silent.

He gave a cold snort as he swept a glance at Li Moying. Although he still couldn’t stand him, but he couldn’t find any reason to nitpick anymore.

To be able to execute the Soul Splitting Technique for Huang Yueli and endure the pain of his soul being torn apart, it meant that his feelings for Huang Yueli were so deep that no one could compare to it.

To be able to bet his life and soul for such an almost impossible glimmer of hope, it showed that this kid had amazing courage.

And in the end, he was able to successfully execute the Soul Splitting Technique and save his beloved woman. This could only mean that Li Moying’s innate talent in deviant cultivation was outstanding, a peerless genius that might not even be seen once in a hundred thousand years, not inferior to his innate talent in cultivation.

Facing such a young junior, even if Saint Iniquitous Shadow wanted to be thick-skinned and take advantage of his seniority, he would be too embarrassed to say that he was not worthy of his disciple.

Huang Yueli had been secretly observing Saint Iniquitous Shadow and when she saw that his expression had softened, she hurriedly gave Li Moying a look.

Li Moying understood and immediately took a step forward as he bowed,” Master, this disciple was rude earlier.”

“Don’t call me…”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow was still a little unwilling and felt disgruntled.

However, before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a sweet female voice.

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