Profane Prince of Domination

Chapter c-3 Ranks Potential Spoilers

System Host Ranks:

Harem Seeker

Harem Builder

Harem Expert

Harem Master

Harem Grandmaster

Harem Lord

Harem King

Harem Emperor

Harem Sovereign

Harem God


Initiate Knight: 100 years

Adept Knight: 150 years

True Knight: 300 years

Grand Knight: 500 years

Arch-Knight: 1000 years

Transcendent Knight: 3000 years

Semi-Holy Knight: 5000 years

Holy Knight: 10000 years

Divine Knight: 100000 years


Priests (same lifespans, weaker than knights in the early stages, stronger in the later stages)

Initiate Priest

Adept Priest

True Priest

Grand Priest


Transcendent Priest

Semi-Holy Priest

Holy Priest

Divine Priest


Holy Rank Subdivision:


Purity Stage:

Rising Saint

Profound Saint

True Origin Saint


Tribulation Stage:

Fate Wrestling Saint

Fate Destroying Saint

Crossed Tribulation Saint


Star Taming Stage:

Star Connecting Saint

Star Manifesting Saint

Star Fusing Saint


Divine Rank Subdivision:

Divine Seed

Divine Blood (becomes Divine Spirit in the spiritual path)

Divine Transformation

Divine Ascension


Demonic Beasts:

Lesser Beast

Intermediate Beast

Voracious Beast

Superior Beast

Monstrous Beast

Accursed Beast

Decadent Beast

Restoration Beast

Infernal Knight


Spells (Usable starting with the True Priest Rank)

First to Seventh Circle

Mid-grade Third Circle Spell, Inverted Light Mirror: Swallows offensive spells, transforms them into spells of an opposed attribute and return them back to the caster.


Transcendent Rank knowledge:

Nine Fleshly Transformations for the martial path.

Nine Soul Transformations for the spiritual path.


Meridian Types (from lowest to highest):

Natal Meridians - Lesser Transcendence

Concealed Meridians - True Transcendence

Ethereal Meridians - Greater Transcendence

Supreme Meridians - Absolute Transcendence

God Meridians - Miraculous Transcendence


Avatar Types:

Innate Avatar

Greater Avatar

Royal Avatar

Imperial Avatar


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