Profane Prince of Domination

Chapter c-5 Ranks Potential Spoilers

System Host Ranks:

Harem Seeker

Harem Builder

Harem Expert

Harem Master

Harem Grandmaster

Harem Lord

Harem King

Harem Emperor

Harem Sovereign

Harem God


Initiate Knight: 100 years

Adept Knight: 150 years

True Knight: 300 years

Grand Knight: 500 years

Arch-Knight: 1000 years

Transcendent Knight: 3000 years

Semi-Holy Knight: 5000 years

Holy Knight: 10000 years

Divine Knight: 100000 years


Priests (same lifespans, weaker than knights in the early stages, stronger in the later stages)

Initiate Priest

Adept Priest

True Priest

Grand Priest


Transcendent Priest

Semi-Holy Priest

Holy Priest

Divine Priest


Holy Rank Subdivision:


Purity Stage:

Rising Saint

Profound Saint

True Origin Saint


Tribulation Stage:

Fate Wrestling Saint

Fate Destroying Saint

Crossed Tribulation Saint


Star Taming Stage:

Star Connecting Saint

Star Manifesting Saint

Star Fusing Saint


Divine Rank Subdivision:

Divine Seed

Divine Blood (becomes Divine Spirit in the spiritual path)

Divine Transformation

Divine Ascension


Demonic Beasts:

Lesser Beast

Intermediate Beast

Voracious Beast

Superior Beast

Monstrous Beast

Accursed Beast

Decadent Beast

Restoration Beast

Infernal Knight:

(Knight Guard

Knight Commander

Knight General

Paramount Knight)


Spells (Usable starting with the True Priest Rank)

First to Seventh Circle

Mid-grade Third Circle Spell, Inverted Light Mirror: Swallows offensive spells, transforms them into spells of an opposed attribute and return them back to the caster.


Transcendent Rank knowledge:

Nine Fleshly Transformations for the martial path.

Nine Soul Transformations for the spiritual path.


Meridian Types (from lowest to highest):

Natal Meridians - Lesser Transcendence

Concealed Meridians - True Transcendence

Ethereal Meridians - Greater Transcendence

Supreme Meridians - Absolute Transcendence

God Meridians - Miraculous Transcendence


Avatar Types:

Innate Avatar

Greater Avatar

Royal Avatar

Imperial Avatar


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