Profane Prince of Domination

Chapter 579: Side Chapter IV: Spatio-Temporal Netori

Chapter 579: Side Chapter IV: Spatio-Temporal Netori

Celestial Slaughter's scream of indignation thundered throughout the Empyrean, startling trillions of souls. Delighted by his good father's performance, Konrad nodded in approval.

"My man. I knew I kept your head for a reason," Konrad gleefully replied, and again snapped his fingers. This time, all unnecessary immortals and deities vanished, leaving behind Yvonne, Peerless, Konrad, Asmodeus, Celestial Slaughter, and Regretless.

Regretless' eyes darted between his brother and father, wondering why the situation took such an absurd turn. Since when could Celestial Slaughter scream? And what the hell was "netorare?"

But as the empyrean ruler grieved, Asmodeus walked the stairs to stop beside Konrad. Full of stupor and too startled to speak, Peerless pinched her cheek, wondering if this all was a strange dream.

"It isn't," Konrad replied to her unspoken words, and snapped his fingers, making his appearance change, reverting to his original, Chthonian Jade Emperor's looks. However, as the snow-white hair, the new face, and cold blue eyes appeared, something broke in Regretless, and he obtained the memories of everything until his death.

They hacked at his heart, making his heartbeat skyrocket, and his breath grew ragged. At the same time, Peerless saw all the past events leading to the Empyrean's fall and her death, and as if smacked by formless forces, she stood there dazed, trembling from the sudden surge of emotions. Konrad waved his hand, and all the negativity left Peerless' mind. Well, almost.

For a moment, Regretless' heart darted between Peerless and Konrad, and he crawled the stairs to land at the latter's feet.

"Dragon Warden, you won, the Omniverse is yours! You can do anything, control everything, and can even alter a past Supremes don't have access to. That being the case, please save them, I can be your broom or bench! Peerless aside, I will give you anything you want!" Regretless pleaded in endless kowtows. In the final moments of his life, thanks to Celestial Slaughter, his mind, willpower, and soul were crushed beyond repair.

Now awoken to the true reality, he could only beg the new Omniarch. But hearing this, Peerless sneered.

"Yo, Regretless, you really are a bitch. What did I ever find in you, and since when am I yours to give or not? Hum?" She sneered, slapping Regretless' face with her words alone. Ashamed, he lowered his trembling eyes, not daring to face her any longer. Back then, to soothe his hatred, he had Peerless' brother stab her in the back in exchange for sparing the rest of the Phoenix clan. Of course, he exterminated them still.

And though he wished to bury her in an ironic play, looking back, there wasn't really much comparison. She stabbed him the front; he just didn't want to see it. He had her stabbed in the back and made sure she couldn't see it.

Peerless never blamed her brother, for powerless individuals only had helplessness to choose from. But for Regretless, who so desperately wanted to prove himself correct, and now begged at another's feet to have his relatives saved, she only had contempt.

Where was the past conceit?

"What did you use to say? I am the universe; throughout all realms, my will stands supreme. Why can't you sing that anymore? You even need to kowtow?! What a majestic sovereign!!!" Peerless chided, stabbing Regretless with ruthless words.

Seeing this, Konrad, Yvonne, and Asmodeus were forced to admit that the woman packed quite a punch, and clapped in approval. But though the words seared his heart, Regretless remained on his knees, beseeching Konrad's help.

"Denied," Konrad replied, and with another finger snap, bound Regretless in chains. His orchid scent flared, subduing Peerless' indignation with a surge of lust. Without her original cultivation base, Yvonne too couldn't resist the scent, and in tandem, the three ladies dropped on the ground, wrapping their arms around their large, heaving breasts as their cheeks flushed red.

"Oops, correction." Again, the scene changed, with the six reappearing in Celestial Slaughter's chambers. Yvonne now stood at Konrad's back, arms wrapped around his neck while Peerless sat on his right thigh and Asmodeus on the left. Baffled by the scene, and now bound in chains, the stupefied Regretless and Celestial Slaughter couldn't utter a word, not knowing how to react.

"After this freebie, I will gender-bend you and offer you to Krann as a concubine, if he accepts you, and that's a big if, he will probably pound a third hole into you, but I make no promises. Then, and only then, will I bring your relatives back so that they can watch you in your full glory. So, for your sake, I hope you please Krann.

By the way, I will probably screw your mom too, but who cares?" Konrad added, then returned his attention to the ladies whose ragged breaths surrounded him from all sides.

"DRAGON WAR-mhmpf!" Regretless' screams butted against his sealed lips, and Celestial Slaughter's eyes sank in helplessness.

Ignoring them, Konrad lowered his back, dropping on the bed alongside Yvonne, Peerless, and Asmodeus. His head now rested between Yvonne's cushy breasts while his arms snaked around the slender waists of Asmodeus and Peerless.

The three were startled to see their clothes and underwear vanish. But as Yvonne's reappeared on the ground, Peerless' landed on Regretless' head and Asmodeus' on Celestial Slaughter's.

Enraged, Regretless shook off the clothes. Seeing this, Celestial Slaughter sneered.

"Idiot, are you really so eager to see your woman plowed?" He silently cursed. But as if hearing his thoughts, the clothes clouding his vision dropped on the ground, an invisible force lifted Celestial Slaughter's chin, keeping his eyes stretched, and forcing him to watch it all.

Ensnared by Konrad's irresistible scent, Peerless and Asmodeus openly rubbed their thighs against his, while running their hands across his shaft. Rising to full mast, Konrad's cock towered like a mighty rod eager to pound the delightful flowers surrounding it.

Unwilling to fall behind, Yvonne snuck her nimble feet toward Konrad's shaft, stroking it left and right. With the rod's massive girth, all three had more than enough room to play with, so wantonly they played.

In Regretless' incomparably long life, there were not more than four events that caused him more grief than what played before him. Alas, when the Profane Prince is the enemy, men must shut down all sorrow and bow in thanks! And since Regretless had to learn it the hard way, Konrad summoned a recording mirror where the scene of him pounding Blood Nether, replayed in its full glory.

"As promised, here's your long-awaited porn. Don't wank too hard," Konrad jested, making thick veins burst from Regretless' temple.

"Mhmpfff, Mhmpfff, Mhmpfff!" Regretless cried in indignation while warm tears trickled down his face!

Ignoring him, Konrad sank his large hands into Peerless and Asmodeus' ass cheeks, groping them with primal instincts before sneaking past their asses' slits, to finger their dripping cunts.

"Anh…" his fingers had barely snuck into their folds, that faint moans escaped their lips. Meanwhile, Yvonne multitasked on Konrad's body, stroking his chest while her nimble toes and feet pumped his erect lance.

Masterfully navigating the phoenix and demoness' cunts, Konrad unleashed pink flames that set their insides ablaze with the need to mate till their nether lips teemed with his profane spunk!

"Ahhh...ahhh...ohhh...yess ahhh!" Now, with every one of Konrad's finger thrust, Peerless and Asmodeus' moans soared from their throats, grating Regretless and Celestial Slaughter's ears with melodies that crushed their manhoods—or well, what remained of it.

Unwilling to collapse without a fight, Asmodeus lubed her hands with her own juice and gripped the base of Konrad's shaft. Following her new mother-in-law's lead, Peerless too grabbed Konrad's cock, piling her hand on Asmodeus', and as if driven by one mind, the two stroked up and down, pumping Konrad's cock even while he made a mess of their insides. Thus, in a licentious tandem, Asmodeus, Yvonne and Peerless jerked Konrad off, making the sensual scent of meshing bodies pervade the air and overwhelm you know who's nostrils.

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

As Konrad's pulsing cock suffered the relentless pumping of the three soaking ladies, and their cunts swallowed his fingers with insatiable greed, squelching sounds succeeded one another, with Konrad's throbbing meat-rod nearing release. Picking up the pace, he drove his fingers faster into their folds, throwing them onto cloud 9 through a rapid succession of orgasms!

"Ohhhhh!" Asmodeus and Peerless groaned in tandem, clenched their thighs, threw their heads back, and squirted on Konrad's hands.

Struck by a seizure, Regretless fell face first, and passed out—or well, almost. A man of great affection, Konrad couldn't let his beloved brother miss any of this.


A mere finger snap and Regretless was back and operational for more cucking lessons.

Ignoring the fallen Omniarch's anguish, Asmodeus and Peerless snuck toward Konrad's crotch—kneeling before his hefty sack of balls. In synch, Yvonne moved on top of Konrad's face, presenting her needy, unattended flower to his eager lips. Konrad's tongue lashed at Yvonne's cunt, pulling groans of ecstasy from her oh so kissable lips as she dropped on his crotch and, alongside the other two, brought his meat-rod to a climax.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

While Asmodeus and Peerless suckled Konrad's balls, Yvonne gulped his rod, taking it down her throat with all the skill he'd hammered into her across the centuries. Knowing he couldn't endure the blissful delight for much longer, Konrad accelerated his tongue lashes in Yvonne's cunny, striking all the sweet spots he knew so well with surgical precision.

"Mhhhm...mhhhm...mhhhm!" With his hands clutching his empress' pert butt, Konrad lashed at Yvonne's favorite spot, sending her in a groggy, orgasmic state and busting his nut in her throat at the same time. With her love's cum filling her throat, and her juices drenching his face, Yvonne fell into a half-dazed state and crawled toward the two new harem members.

Opening her mouth, she let Konrad's cum drop on Asmodeus and Peerless' faces, making them experience the sticky warmth of Konrad's seed. In synch, they flicked their tongues across their lips, getting a little taste of what their cunts would soon experience.

Using a Konrad-made Dual Cultivation Art, Yvonne blew a jet of pink mist into Konrad's balls, making them grow bigger still and stockpile an outrageous quantity of spunk.

The three then got into position, piling their bodies on top of one another and baring their asses at Konrad's debauched gaze. Not one to make ladies wait in vain, Konrad stood up and aimed his cock at Peerless, who lay sandwiched between Yvonne above and Asmodeus below.

The golden light that subdued so many gushed forth, marking the beginning of the Profane Prince's final great conquest!

Grabbing hold of Peerless' hips, Konrad drove his cock into her homely field, making Regretless' eyes bleed with anguish while the phoenix's membrane crumbled to welcome the fold's master.

"Ohhhhh!" A long squeal of delight escaped Peerless' lips, but before she could adapt to the pleasure surge, with short, brutal, breed-thirsty thrusts, Konrad stirred her insides—grinding against all manner of sensitive zones while throwing her mind into chaos through the light of his golden rod. Whenever his hips smacked her ass cheeks, her clit jolted, and her insides blazed as if bound to the heaven of lust demons.

Thus, for half an hour, Konrad rutted in Peerless' cunt, pulling out only to serve the two others the pounding they deserved, and as he alternated between the three, a lust-frenzy glazed their eyes, making them forget all but the pleasure of his profane rod.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The breeding's pace shot up, Konrad's hips blurred as they slammed into Peerless' butt cheeks, and with a low growl, he unloaded his massive liters of spunk down her fold.

As as he stared at this scene of extreme hedonism, Regretless could swear he saw the love of his life's belly distorted by the spunk's sheer volume.

His heartbeat fell into danger zone.

A man with a mission, Konrad didn't stop, moving on to Yvonne and Asmodeus, and filling their holes with the spunk they naturally deserved. Still not satisfied, he lifted the dazed Peerless from the ground and strode toward Regretless.

Beholding Peerless held mid-air, legs spread with cum drooling from her cunt, Regretless could feel his heart near an abnormal rupture.

"Don't," he wished to say, but no sound left his lips. Konrad smacked his cock down Peerless' gripping snatch, jack-hammering her at full force until her squirting juice splashed Regretless' face.

"Aaahh...ooohhh yess...yess...breed me...breed meee! Breeed me with unending children! Ohhhhh!" Tongue lolling out, she growled in her lust frenzy, and as Konrad released another jet of spunk down her snatch, Peerless unleashed a new rivulet of squirting juice on Regretless' drenched figure.

"Ugh...ugh...ugh!" His heart ruptured, and he died of a heart attack.

Thus ends the story of Regretless, for the next time he awoke, again risen from the dead, a man he would no longer be.

In the meantime, Konrad delivered the greatest cock-pounding of his profane life, indulging in excess and debauchery across days with no rest. Only when his weaker partners could no longer endure, did he stop, and bring the lot back to the future to carry on with episodes of the Profane Prince's Eternal Dominion.

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