Professional Body Double

epilogue (end)

Just when ZhouXiang is in deep sleep, his cell phone suddenly rang. From sleeping to being shockingly awake, he seemed to have been sleeping for a particularly long time. He drowsily opened his eyes and reached out to touch in the direction of the sound.

A warm and forceful hand grabbed his wrist, YanMingXiu’s gentle voice sounded near his ear, “Don’t pick up, just sleep.”

ZhouXiang yawned and put his head softly on YanMingXiu’s belly, “Been sleeping for so long my head hurts.”

“From last night to now…. about 16-17 hours.”

“No way, that long?” ZhouXiang swung his head, “I should get up now. Phone, give me the phone.”

YanMingXiu picked up ZhouXiang’s phone, glance at it and dropped the call, “It’s JiangYuan, don’t pick up. You said that you’ll take a vacation after all the promotional activities.”

With YanMingXiu essentially withdrawing from the entertainment industry and ZhouXiang’s career flourishing, JiangYuan also conveniently became ZhouXiang’s agent.

ZhouXiang heaved a sigh, “Even if the promotional activities are over, you also can’t torment me (with excessive sex). I’m so exhausted.”

YanMingXiu’s hand reached under the blanket and pinched his waist. Sounding a bit resentful, “You’ve been running around all over the country the last two months, I can’t even catch you. Now that I finally got the chance, shouldn’t you generously make it up to me?”

ZhouXiang rolled over and caressed his face and smiled, “Isn’t it all over? I have a long period to rest. Why are you in such a hurry?”

YanMingXiu put down the book in his hand and lowered his head to kiss him, “Let’s travel…”

ZhouXiang smiled forcefully, “No, I don’t want to go anywhere. Right now, I just want to stay home for a month or two and not go anywhere. Flying to three cities a day is horrendous.”

“Okay, will listen to you. We’ll just have a vacation at home. But we’ve agreed, you can’t pick up any other work within three months.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “Didn’t I already listen to you on this? You were the one that arranged the agent for me.”

“I did that because I was afraid you would get too tired. It wasn’t necessary at all. You only need to act the roles you want. You don’t have to work so hard for money.”

“I know. I’ll be selective with the scripts.” ZhouXiang wrapped his arms around YanMingXiu’s neck and whispered, “Haven’t made you a good meal in the long time, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“Xiang Ge, don’t change the topic.” YanMingXiu’s slender fingers raked through his hair, “Promise me that you’ll only do one film a year.”

ZhouXiang smiled forcefully, “But I really want to make more money, I don’t want to use yours.”

“What’s mine is yours.”

“That’s not right. If my mom finds out, she’ll get mad”

“Even if you only do one film a year, it’s enough for you to support the family, not to mention if you get too busy, how are you going to have time to take care of auntie and have time for me? You’re just thinking about supporting the family but not caring for the family.” YanMingXiu looked directly at ZhouXiang’s eyes as he tells him this very seriously.

Seeing his serious expression, ZhouXiang couldn’t help but laugh, “Okay, forget about it. I know exactly what you’re thinking. What you said makes sense. I also don’t want to work so hard. One film a year it is.”

YanMingXiu finally smiled with relief, “This morning, my mom sent someone to give us some prawns. It’s very fresh. How do you want to cook it?”

“What do you want to eat?”

“Do you know what day it is today?”

“What day is it?” ZhouXiang got a little anxious. He is particularly afraid of forgetting YanMingXiu’s birthday and the like because he (YanMingXiu) would definitely not let him off easily. He pondered over it and is pretty confident that YanMingXiu’s birthday is in the summer.

YanMingXiu responded, “Today is Winter Solstice (T/N)”

T/N: 冬至, Winter Solstice is one of the most important Chinese and East Asian festivals celebrated by the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans during the , on or around December 22. After this celebration, there will be days with longer daylight hours and therefore an increase in positive energy flowing in. Traditionally, it is also a time for families to get together. Traditions and customs for the day varies in different areas of China. One activity that occurs during these get-togethers (especially in southern China) is the making and eating of tangyuan (湯圓) or balls of glutinous rice, which symbolize reunion. In northern China, people typically eat dumplings.



“Oh, it’s already Winter Solstice so soon. Want to make dumplings?”

“Okay, let’s make dumplings.”

“Aiyah, we have to go home (referring to ChenYing’s place).”

“You forgot that auntie and aunt Wang went to Sichuan for vacation? Wait till she comes back, then we can go.”

“Been so busy that I forgot.”

ZhouXiang swung his arm and got up, “Slept for a day, my whole body has stiffened. You’ve just been sitting here reading your book?” ”

YanMingXiu softly muttered, “Keeping you warm.”

After ZhouXiang’s washed up, the two went downstairs to buy groceries.

Autumn had just started the day before yesterday so the weather is a bit cold. YanMingXiu didn’t wear a jacket so ZhouXiang stood close to him. The two of them walked very slowly, as if going out to buy groceries together is also a very enjoyable leisure pastime.

They bought a cabbage, as well as some other vegetables and meat. ZhouXiang is best at making dumplings with cabbage and shrimp stuffing. After the dumplings are out of the steaming pot, not one would leak. Just a bite into it, the aromatic juice will seep into the mouth. His dumplings are so delicious that even ChenYing’s dumplings can’t be compared to his.

As they were heading home after they had gotten all the ingredients, ZhouXiang suddenly asked, “Should we invite auntie to come over and eat with us?”

YanMingXiu asked astonishingly, “My mom?”


YanMingXiu is a bit hesitant, “Is that okay?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? Didn’t she send us the prawns? You’ve lived at my place for so long and she never came by. She definitely wants to see where her son lives. Besides, today is the Winter Solstice, it is reasonable.”

YanMingXiu said, “My mom may not come.”

“Just ask and see.”

YanMingXiu called and asked his mom. Unexpectedly, his mother really agreed to come over.

The two went home to make dumplings. An hour later, the doorbell rang.

YanMingXiu opened the door. Mother Yan curiously glanced inside the home.”

“Mom, come in.”

ZhouXiang poked his head out of the kitchen and smiled, “Auntie, you’re here.”

Mother Yan frowned slightly, “Don’t say that I’m complaining, why are you guys living in such a small place? I’m not saying that you have to live in a big extravagant house, but… it’s not like you don’t have the money.”

ZhouXiang lifted his hand that is full of flour and rubbed his forehead with his arm. He explained, “This place has special meaning for the both of us. In fact, we don’t live here all the time, sometimes we go to MingXiu’s home. It’s about half-half time.”

YanMingXiu also added, “Mom, as long as the home has enough space for us is good enough. Why do need such a big house? Let alone the transportation here is great.”

“Fine. After all, it’s your lives.” Mother Yan took off her coat and rolled up her sleeves, “Is it wrapped? I can help.”

“Don’t need to mom. Just have a sit. We can do it ourselves. The kitchen is small, can’t fit too many people.”

Mother Yan smiled, “Really, you also know it’s small… I’m going to take a look around, you go busy yourselves.”

After a little over ten minutes, the dumplings started cooking. The delicious aroma permeated the entire home; it is very temping.

While ZhouXiang was busy peeling the garlics, YanMingXiu continuously look at him from the side. Then one of his arms reached out to grasp his waist, putting his head on ZhouXiang’s shoulder, “Xiang Ge, I think my mom is very pleased with you.”

ZhouXiang quickly turned around and kissed him, “Yeah, I know. Your mom is an easily softhearted person.”

YanMingXiu clung to his neck with dissatisfaction, “Sooner or later, I’m going to take you home.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “I hope that there will be that day… aiyah, tell you to watch the steaming pot, the water is coming out!”

YanMingXiu quickly ran over to lift the lid. The boiling dumpling soup sprinkled on the floor that ZhouXiang had just wiped. YanMingXiu smiled embarrassedly, looking so adorable ZhouXiang couldn’t even get angry when seeing that face.

He smiled and complained, “Just having you watch over the pot and you can’t even do it.”

YanMingXiu pinched his waist, “I just need to be able to watch over you is enough.”

After a while, the dumplings were taken out of the pot. The steaming scrumptious plate of dumplings looked extremely enticing. The two put a few dishes of other foods and the plate of dumplings on the table. YanMingXiu called over to his mom, “Mom, come eat.”

Mother Yan came over and looked, “Wow, who made this? Definitely not my son.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “I made this today but MingXiu’s cooking skills are quite good. He used to cook for himself when he was going to school.”

“Really? How come I didn’t know that? Ahh, I know why. You’ll show your skills at ZhouXiang’s home, but at home, you won’t even lift a finger.” Mother Yan’s mouth twitched as she pointed to YanMingXiu, “Bias.”

YanMingXiu smiled, “I’ll cook for you in the future, okay? Mom, have a sit.”

When a boy grows up, it’s rare for him to be close to his mother. Most would feel awkward. YanMingXiu is even more so. Mother Yan hasn’t felt so close to her son for a long time. If one was to mention this, it should be ZhouXiang’s credit. She couldn’t help but look at ZhouXiang a few times and thought that this daughter-in-law, except for not being a woman, everything else about him is really good.

ZhouXiang revealed a gentle smile, “Auntie, eat while it’s hot. Today is the Winter Solstice. Eat more dumplings to warm the body.”

“Come, you guys eat too.”

The three people chatted while eating. Mother Yan became very excited, mentioning many things from YanMingXiu’s childhood. She repeatedly said that YanMingXiu was very cute when he was a child and many people liked him. The more she talked, the more excited she got. She even said that she’ll bring YanMingXiu’s childhood pictures when she comes next time.

ZhouXiang listened with great interest. From time to time, he also teased YanMingXiu. YanMingXiu looked at the two people happily chatting away, he immediately felt completely relaxed.

He has always been worried that ZhouXiang wouldn’t be able to endure the pressure from his parents but he is now convinced that ZhouXiang is more determined than he imagined. Although his father had always been unyielding, ZhouXiang’s coaxing his mother is really quite effective. Now when his mom buys him something, she would also buy it for ZhouXiang. No matter what, this is a huge improvement. He is not afraid of his parent’s opposition, he’s only afraid that ZhouXiang would feel grieved.

After the meal, Mother Yan grabbed ZhouXiang and asked him about his filming project. ZhouXiang told her of the many funny and interesting things that occurred during filming. In fact, she had always been very curious about these things but YanMingXiu never told her. Now that a person willingly chatted to her about these things, she is especially happy. ZhouXiang’s words are especially sweet-natured, with his gentle voice, it is very enjoyable to chat with him.

ZhouXiang chatted with Mother Yan till about 10pm before the driver came to pick her up.

After she left, ZhouXiang grabbed the apron intending on cleaning the kitchen. But unexpectedly, after a glance, all the bowls and pans had been washed. He didn’t know when YanMingXiu cleaned it.

YanMingXiu hugged him from behind, “You’ve been tired for a whole day, how could I let you clean.”

“How could this little work make me tired… but since you’ve already cleaned up, I do feel a little sleepy, let’s go to bed.”

“Go to sleep right now? It’s too early, right?” When YanMingXiu said that it was too early, his hand had already meandered into ZhouXiang’s pants and moving downward.

ZhouXiang immediately bent down and gripped YanMingXiu’s hand through his pants. His posture is a bit funny. Gnawing his teeth, “How could you not feel tired at all, how many times did we do it last night?”

YanMingXiu faintly smiled, “How can this kind of thing make me tired.” Then he began to tug at ZhouXiang’s pants.

ZhouXiang sighed, “It seems that the time I wasn’t home, you had been suppressed (YanMingXiu’s sexual urges) for too long.

“Bullshit. Didn’t you know how much I wanted to go find you? But you wouldn’t let me.”

“It’s just going to be troublesome if you go. Everyone knows you… mnnghh…” YanMingXiu immediately grabbed ZhouXiang’s cock, his agile fingers kneaded his cock atop the underwear…

“You don’t let me go. Then you have to let me have my fill from the last two months.”

“Go to the bed… floor is cold”

Fortunately, their home is small. They got to the room in just a few steps. YanMingXiu is obviously very eager. Upon entering the room, he immediately pressed ZhouXiang on the bed. It must have been hard for him to suppress himself the few hours that his mom was here.

His rough and impatient kisses very quickly landed on ZhouXiang. Both of their lips heatedly melded together. ZhouXiang opened his mouth and teased YanMingXiu’s tongue. YanMingXiu is obviously very aroused, his hardened lower body continuously grinded against ZhouXiang’s underwear, further igniting ZhouXiang lust.

ZhouXiang reached out and wantonly tore at YanMingXiu’s clothes. The two of them are like raging infernos, ignited with just a touch. Very soon they stripped each other completely out of their clothes.

YanMingXiu’s kisses lowered, going from ZhouXiang’s chin, to his chest, then his navel. ZhouXiang spread his legs and wrapped it around YanMingXiu’s waist; his five fingers chaotically threaded through his hair, his waist continuously arching, grinding against YanMingXiu’s lower body.

The places where their body blended are fervently hot. The flames of desires emanated from their eyes.

YanMingXiu panted and huskily gasped, “Xiang Ge, I want to go straight in.” He urgently wanted to feel ZhouXiang’s internal body heat, so much that he didn’t even want to bother with the foreplay that he usually enjoyed.

ZhouXiang softly responded, “Put …just put it in.”

Because the two just had a night of frenzied passion, ZhouXiang felt that his tightly enclosed tunnel is still soft. YanMingXiu used a little lubrication and started to probe at his entrance. Very soon, he was able to easily insert his two fingers side by side into the ZhouXiang’s warm cavity.

YanMingXiu smiled faintly, “It’s really not the same after fucking for a night, so easy to go in.”

ZhouXiang’s face is inflamed, “Talk some more and I’ll kick you.” After saying that, he had already extended his legs intending on kicking YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu immediately grabbed onto his thighs and forcefully spread it widely apart. He quickly pulled out his fingers and started to push his erected big baby into the warm tunnel. As he thrust, he teased, “If you have the energy to kick me, it just means that we haven’t done it enough.”

“Less bullshit…..” ZhouXiang clenched his teeth, his mouth drawing out hissing sounds. With the emptiness in his lower body being stuffed fully, this pleasurable feeling is tinged with a trace of pain. It’s hard to say which feeling is stronger, but he knew that this is what he wanted.

YanMingXiu gave a contented sigh, “So tight, so hot, Xiang Ge, it feels so good inside you.”

ZhouXiang’s face is burning. He is too lazy to respond. He could only arch his waist to further urge YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu was initially afraid that his movements were too strong for ZhouXiang to endure. But after getting such direct encouragement, his entire person is like a strong bow ready to strike. Holding onto ZhouXiang’s waist, he began to thrust rapidly and deeply into ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang’s small meat hole quickly expanded to an incredible size, completely engulfing YanMingXiu’s thick cock. The image of his cock gradually disappearing into his body is full of obscene and sinful taste.

YanMingXiu forcefully spread ZhouXiang’s butt cheeks and fiercely smacked his perked buttocks. Every time he entered, he seemed to have push ZhouXiang’s body to an even more intense level of orgasm, forcing him to contract his tight entrance, delusionally seeking more warmth. And each time he pulls out is like the spring tides, making his body feel indescribably empty. In between his thrusts, both people were pushed to the peak of their passion, following the joining of their bodies, they drifted in the sea of desires, and soon were drowned in the earth shattering intensive lust… then soon struggled for even more.

YanMingXiu rammed into ZhouXiang’s ass so hard that it made pa-pa sounds. That rhythmic, shameful sound is simply a great aphrodisiac forcing YanMingXiu to constantly adjust his speed so that ZhouXiang’s body could give him even better reaction.

“MingXiu… too fast… slow a bit… too fast…” ZhouXiang pulled his neck forward. He can hardly breathe from YanMingXiu’s forceful intensive thrusts.

“I can’t stop, Xiang Ge, I’m sure fucking you like this is still not enough in my life. I can’t stop… I love you, I love you too much.” YanMingXiu’s speed and intensity became more and more frightening making ZhouXiang gasped and panted continuously. The attack from each waves of passion is stronger and stronger. This kind of thrilling pleasure, like the bites from a million ants is almost killing him. He really can’t stand it…

“Enough, it’s really too… too fast… mnnh ah mnn… ah ah, MingXiu, too, too fast…”

YanMingXiu is extremely knowledgeable with ZhouXiang’s body, essentially aiming for that secret spot that would bring ZhouXiang to his climax with his every thrust. ZhouXiang couldn’t help but twist his body. At the moment of climax, his entire person suddenly tensed, forcefully contracting his meat hole, bringing extreme pleasure to YanMingXiu.

The moment when ZhouXiang came, YanMingXiu’s body trembled and also came inside ZhouXiang’s body. The two reached their climax at almost at the same time.

The entire space seems to have been ignited by their heat.

Even when YanMingXiu is so exhausted that he leaned on top of ZhouXiang, his tongue was still being mischievous as he licked the sweat from ZhouXiang’s neck.

It was a long time before ZhouXiang regained his senses from this dazed experience, his entire person feeling bewildered, “You…where did you get the energy from?”

YanMingXiu hugged his waist tightly. Even though he is very tired, his mental and physically satiation is enough to fill his entire world. He smiled lightly, “As long as it is with you, I’ll always have the energy.”

ZhouXiang caressed his hair, “Fuck, very sleepy… and tired, I can’t… have to sleep.”

“You’re not going to shower?”

“Don’t want to move.”

“I’ll help you shower, okay?”

“Ahhhh…” ZhouXiang muttered, “Forget it…”

YanMingXiu embraced him tightly and softly voiced, “You’re sweaty. You can catch a cold. Let me rest for a bit, I’ll help you wash, just sleep first.”

“Okay… don’t call me.”

“Don’t call you.”



“I should’ve sent some dumplings home with auntie today. Maybe your dad will eat it, it’s really good.”

“Yeah. If he doesn’t eat it, it’s his loss.”

“Aigh, how could I forget…”

ZhouXiang’s voice got softer and softer.

“It’s okay, there is still New Year’s.”

“Yeah. New year’s is fine too.”

YanMingXiu kissed his mouth gently, “Xiang Ge, I love you.”

“Ah…. I love you too.”

“Say it again.”


“I love you.”

“I also love you.”

YanMingXiu very contently tightened his arms around ZhouXiang. To be able to hold ZhouXiang like this is enough in his entire life. If happiness can completely make a person feel fulfilled, then his heart is happily brimming full without the slightest gap.

He’s very grateful to God for bringing ZhouXiang back to him.

The End


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