Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: That woman again!

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“Waaah! Mom!”

Pei Ge watched the little girl run to her mother who had just appeared. The woman checked the little girl for any injuries before hugging and crying with her.

Seeing the crying pair in front, Pei Ge was touched.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much!” The woman, whose eyes were red from crying, profusely expressed her gratitude at Pei Ge as she tightly held her child. “If not for you…” At that thought, the woman began thanking her again.

Pei Ge saw the woman’s current state and reassured her, “It’s okay. It’s what I should do.”

The mother-daughter pair reminded Pei Ge of her mother.

She still remembered how she had gone out crying in search of her father that year, not believing that he had passed on. Her emotions clouded her judgment and resulted in an accident.

When she woke up, her mother, much like this little girl’s mother right now, hugged her and cried, “Ge Ge, Mom only has you left….”

Mom… Thinking of the fight she just had with her mother, Pei Ge began to regret her words. Her mother loved her in this world the most.

“I’m sorry; are you all alright?”

The sight of a man coming out from the driver seat reminded Pei Ge of her being only ten centimeters away from the car’s hood. Glaring at the man in reprove, she scolded, “Are you blind?! There’s a child in front and you still drove so fast! Do you know that you almost killed someone?!”

Heyun was filled with much regret and he sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! It was all due to my carelessness; I will be more careful next time.”

“Next time?” Pei Ge crooned with a stare.

“No – no. I mean there won’t be a next time!” Heyun stammered, stunned by this feisty woman.

As he listened to the commotion outside, Ji Ziming found the woman’s back even more familiar, yet he could not figure out who she was.

Just then, his phone rang.

Casting this thought aside, Ji Ziming rolled the window up and answered the phone.

At this time, Pei Ge turned toward the window that was rolling up and found the blurry figure familiar.

“…I know,” Ji Ziming said calmly. However, when he glanced outside and found that his driver was still being scolded, his handsome forehead began to crease.

“Madam, I know my mistake; I promise I will never make the same mistake, okay?” Heyun begged, almost as though he was ready to kneel in desperation. He really had not met such a feisty woman before.

“He he he!” The little girl in her mother’s embrace began to giggle.

“Seeing that you’re really regretting this, I’ll let you off this time,” Pei Ge said when she saw him begging and decided not to be obstinate anymore.

Heyun was ecstatic to hear this and swiftly placed name cards in Pei Ge’s and the mother’s hands.

“This is my name card; if you are not feeling well, please feel free to call me.” Heyun finally had a chance to finish the task that his boss had given him.

Just as Heyun placed the name cards in their hands, his phone rang.

Seeing the caller name displayed on the phone screen, Heyun quickly answered it.

“Yes, CEO Ji. It’s fine now,” Heyun replied, his expression grim as he hung up the phone. Apologizing again to Pei Ge and the mother-daughter pair, he hurriedly returned to the car.

“What took you so long?” Ji Ziming asked coldly.

“The woman outside is slightly difficult to handle; her views are too conservative,” Heyun replied as he put on his seatbelt.

Thinking of the woman who had just given him a lecture on driving, Heyun wanted to laugh.

Too conservative? Ji Ziming glanced out the window as the car drove off, and with that one look, he was stunned!

That woman?!

Although the woman had changed her clothes and looked much more beautiful right now, he was still able to recognize her.

No wonder she was so familiar!

But… This lady is conservative? He he… What a joke! She plays with male hosts at bars!

Seeing the woman’s figure get further and further away, Ji Ziming felt a little disappointment inside and a part of him wanted to stop the car.

“CEO Ji?” Heyun asked with suspicion as he looked at Ji Ziming’s abnormal behavior through the rearview mirror.

“…Nothing.” Ji Ziming turned back to the front and straightened in his seat, no longer looking out the window for the woman that he surprisingly seemed to care for.

“They… are not hurt, are they?”

“No, the car didn’t hit them,” Heyun answered.

“Then, you’ve given them a name card?”


“Mhm,” Ji Ziming acknowledged and, thereafter, kept silent.

The usual silence restored back in the car.

Today was different, though. While the typical CEO Ji Ziming would usually catch forty winks or look through the company’s documents, he was actually in a daze the whole day.

Will she call or not? She should call, right?

Heyun stole a look at Ji Ziming through the rearview mirror and his facial expression was as per usual, without any expression on that handsome face, but in his eyes, it was obvious that he was thinking of something.

Boss seems weird today. It even seemed like his boss was the one who almost got hit in the head and not the passersby during his emergency brake.

Only after the car drove off did Pei Ge notice the name card in her hand.

“…” The corners of Pei Ge’s mouth twitched as she examined the black-colored card that only had a name and mobile number in it and silently chided, What kind of name card is this?!

“Miss, thank you so much for today.” The mother had finally calmed down, and after hearing Pei Ge lecture Heyun earlier, she warmed up to her.

“It’s almost 11; how about I treat you to lunch?” the girl’s mother asked with a laugh.

Pei Ge smiled as she shook her head. “It’s alright. I have something on in the afternoon.”

She was now in a hurry to head home.

Seeing that Pei Ge was not one to pretend, the woman nodded her head with a smile and said, “I’m Lin Wanli. You can call me Sister Wanli.”

“I’m Pei Ge,” Pei Ge also introduced herself, returning the smile.

After saying goodbye to the duo, Pei Ge did not bother to save money on transport and took a cab home.

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