Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1313 - Do you truly believe that the one you like is me?

Chapter 1313: Do you truly believe that the one you like is me?

“Plus, I despise your actions. You claim to like her, but in reality, you are her best friend’s boyfriend. No matter what the reason is, your actions are abhorring.”

“Despise me…”

A bitter smile appeared on Gu Zhengrong’s face as he watched the other man pull the woman he loved in his embrace.

If not for me being too persistent when it comes to her, it wouldn’t have been like this…

“I just want to tell you that whether you truly like me or not, I’ve never liked you. I merely treat you as my best friend’s boyfriend, and that’s it. We have no other relationship outside of that.” Pei Ge looked up at him before continuing with an icy-cold voice. “That’s why I hope that you will stop hurting Xiaoyu. She’s the one you should be cherishing.”

She looked at the man calmly, feeling helpless inside.

She had never expected things to end up this way.

She had also never expected her friendship with Tang Xiaoyu to have such a day.

This was truly too… ridiculous.

It was merely a man.

Just a man…

“I don’t like her. The person I like has always been—”

She interrupted. “Stop there. I think that we have nothing else to talk about anymore.”

She turned around, not wanting to look at his face as she only felt disgust for him.

A man could be weak and could be timid, but he should never be irresponsible.

Tang Xiaoyu was clearly already pregnant with his child, yet this man actually still had the nerve to say that he did not like her best friend.

It made her want to give him another slap in his mug.

“I understand…”

The man froze a little, then let out a bitter smile, and turned to leave.

He stopped himself just as he turned around, though.

“I’ve always had a clear conscience regarding Xiaoyu. No matter what you think, I’ve never felt that I’ve done anything wrong.”

Pei Ge was finally unable to bear it anymore when she heard that.

Balling up her fists, she glared at his tall stature coldly and spat loudly, “You have a clear conscience?! A clear conscience?! What a good clear conscience you have!

“How many years has my best friend dedicated to you? She loves you so much! For you, she did everything she could, yet you actually dared to say that you have a clear conscience regarding her?! She gave you her most precious youth!”

As she spoke, the sight of her best friend crying resurfaced in her mind. She looked so heartbroken and in despair.

“Saying that you have never liked her and have a clear conscience, and that’s it? Ha ha ha! You are truly too absurd!

“You self-righteously claimed that you don’t feel ashamed and have never done anything to be guilty about her, but in fact you’ve done her the most disservice! You did that to Tang Xiaoyu!”

Her voice got louder by the second, drawing the attention of the two kids playing with the cat.

“Do you feel that you are very kind? Do you think that the person you truly like is me? That’s truly too ludicrous!”

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