Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: A New Job

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“Alright, Miss Pei. Please wait for our notice.”

Wearing black business attire, Pei Ge stood up from the chair in the interview room. Her eyes that swept past the interviewers sitting across her were dimmed with disappointment.

Looks like there isn’t any hope again this time.

Everyone said that if one was a loser in love, the person would be a winner in life. Why was it that, although she was already this much of a loser in love, her career still did not have any signs of picking up?!

Starting the day she quit her job, Pei Ge had been posting her résumé everywhere without rest.

However, even now, not one company had contacted her.

“Please wait for our notice” had already turned into a euphemism for “You did not pass the interview”.

Dejected, Pei Ge dazedly strolled along the busy streets.

She originally thought that finding a job would be an easy task. Who knew that it was actually this hard?

“Sigh…” Pei Ge’s eyes were full of gloom.

What would she say to her mother when she got back home? That it was likely to be a failure this time as well?

She was the one who had confidently told her mother that jobs were easy to find, and that she would be able to find one fast.


Thinking of this, Pei Ge was so guilty that she did not dare go home right away.

Pei Ge sighed again as she continued to aimlessly stroll along the streets in her high heels. After walking for a while, she, who did not usually wear high heels, felt some pain in her feet.

Coincidentally, she had stopped right in front of a small café. Taking a look at her feet, she decided to take a small rest inside the establishment.

As she pushed open the retro-themed doors of the shop, the strong smell of coffee wafted into her nose. Walking along the sentimentally decorated hallway, she found a table near the windows and sat down. She then started thinking about her job-hunting as she enjoyed the music and sipped her coffee.

“Pei Ge?”

An upbeat female voice jolted Pei Ge out of her reverie about the trifles of her job-hunting.

Realizing that the person had called her name, Pei Ge raised her head to peer at the woman with light makeup and bun-up hair.

“You are?” She did not recognize the woman, so why would she know her name?

“You really are Pei Ge!” The woman excitedly sat across Pei Ge when she heard her respond. “Don’t you remember me? I am Liu Yue! We were classmates in middle school!”

Observing the excited manner in which the woman introduced herself, Pei Ge started recalling her middle-school days.

Perhaps it was because it was so long ago, but Pei Ge could really not recall the woman sitting in front of her.

“Pei Ge, could it be that you’ve forgotten about me? I used to sit at the last row in the class! Back in our second year of middle school, when my period leaked, you kindly told me about it and even lent me your clothes for cover!” the woman happily divulged.

Pei Ge finally remembered who the woman was after hearing this particular detail.

“You are that Liu Yue?” Flabbergasted, Pei Ge stared at the woman across her.

“Yes! You finally remembered me!” Seeing that Pei Ge had finally recalled who she was, the ends of her round eyes curled up in happiness.

“Oh, my gosh! You’ve become so pretty – totally different from how you looked in the past. No wonder I couldn’t recognize you!” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue with mixed emotions.

Who would have thought that that ugly and unkempt middle-school girl would transform into this fashionable and cute woman?

“Ha ha, really? I think that you’ve changed a lot, too! If not for your features still being the same as when we were young, I really wouldn’t recognize you!” Liu Yue smiled at Pei Ge’s praise.

Pei Ge was delighted to meet an old classmate that she had not seen for a long time. “Yes. I’ve become much uglier compared to when we were in middle school, right?”

“Not true! Other than you putting on a little weight, you look totally fine!” Liu Yue grinned.

Despite having not met for almost ten years, perhaps it was because Liu Yue was a social butterfly and Pei Ge was bored out of her mind, the two old classmates had much to chat about.

“Xiaoyue, today isn’t the weekend. Do you not have to go to work?” After chatting for a while, Pei Ge finally recalled that it was still the working hours.

“Oh, no! I’m so dead! In my happiness to see you, I actually forgot that my purpose for coming here is to buy coffee for our director!” Upon Pei Ge’s reminder, Liu Yue’s cheerful countenance turned somber.

Pei Ge almost spewed her coffee at that. This Liu Yue was too forgetful. She actually managed to forget such an important task!

After Liu Yue hastily ordered a few cups of coffee, instead of leaving the café, she returned to her seat.

Perplexed, Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue, who was holding many cups of coffee, and asked, “Xiaoyue, what is wrong? Didn’t we already exchange contact numbers? Is there any other problem?”

“I just thought of it. Don’t you have to go to work, too?” Liu Yue asked quickly as though she was in a rush.

“Oh, I just quit my job. I’m currently looking for another place to work.” Pei Ge smiled, shrugging her shoulders.

Liu Yue’s eyes widened in surprise. She then stared at Pei Ge with sparkling eyes. “Oh, I see!”

Pei Ge felt defeated by Liu Yue’s carefree attitude as though she had all the time in the world to continue chatting with her.

“Xiaoyue, I think you should hurry back to work. We can contact each other later if there is anything else up,” Pei Ge worriedly hurried Liu Yue, afraid that the latter would get a scolding.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yue jovially suggested to Pei Ge, “How about you come to our company? We are currently hiring!”

“Huh?” Pei Ge felt stunned by this unexpected twist in their conversation.

“An assistant just left our company’s Planning Department. They are currently looking for a new one! If you haven’t found a job yet, come to my company and let’s work together!” Liu Yue eagerly invited Pei Ge.

“Uhm!” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue, dumbstruck. She was only resting at a café and coincidentally met this old classmate of hers, but she actually found herself a job?

Indeed, the world was full of wonders!

“Sure! Thank you so much, Xiaoyue!” Pei Ge gratefully looked at Liu Yue. Although her job would still that of an assistant, at least she found herself a job! That was still a good start!

“That’s great! I will tell my director when I get back. You can come over tomorrow morning for an interview!” Liu Yue was elated at Pei Ge’s assent.

“Sure!” Pei Ge nodded her head, feeling excited. “What is the nature of your company, by the way? What do I have to take note of when I go for that interview?”

“Our company is called Chenguang Real Estate. You don’t have to worry about that too much! You’ll just be performing menial tasks as an assistant, so I’m sure you’ll get through that interview easily!”

Hearing that the company was in the real estate field and that the position was still an assistant who would perform menial tasks, Pei Ge suddenly felt as though she had gone through all that trouble of resigning for nothing. After all that drama, she was back to her old job, and all she did was change companies.

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