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Chapter 2009 - Strangers Without Any Relationship

Chapter 2009: Strangers Without Any Relationship

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Without waiting for her to make her next move, he pulled her into his embrace. His voice was charming and his eyes were filled with love. “Where are you going? Why don’t you come to my place?”

“If you don’t want to come here, where are you going?”

Ji Ziming’s voice was low as he narrowed his eyes at Pei Ge.

“Ge Ge, I want to tell you something.”


Before she could recover from the fact that he wanted her to stay and take a shower, her thoughts were led to another matter. She could not help but take a deep breath when she saw his expression.

“Ziming, are you going to tell me about my mom or the company?”

“Ge Ge, you really understand me. This is what I wanted to talk to you about. A few days ago, Mom told me that the hotel and the guest list that we decided on would be arranged. Now that I think about it, Old master Qu’s identity is indeed awkward. No matter what, he used to be a big shot in the capital. Now that he has become like this, I can’t say that it’s Old lady Qu’s fault.”

Pei Ge continued Ji Ziming’s words. “Of course, not all of this is Old lady Qu’s fault, but Old master Qu’s mistake does not mean that Mom and I can forgive him now. Ziming, don’t forget that I have a blood feud with Old lady Qu. No matter what kind of relationship Old master Qu has with me, it does not mean that I will forgive him in the end. Moreover, I have to prioritize Mom’s wedding. As for what Old master Qu wants to do, it is clear what he can do in the capital.”

Pei Ge’s voice was cold as she looked into Ji Ziming’s eyes. She was unwilling to help Old master Qu persuade him, but in her heart, Old master Qu’s position seemed to have become even more terrifying.

There was a trace of fear in the deepest part of her heart. She did not know where it came from, nor would she forgive this “stranger” who seemed to have nothing to do with this “blood feud”.

After she said that, she broke free from his embrace. She stood at the side and looked at his handsome features before continuing, “Ziming, if you think that I wronged Old master Qu regarding my father’s matter, then let me ask you, what should we do about Ji Miao’s death and Huang Zhian’s death?”

Thinking of Ji Miao, Pei Ge’s heart ached. She had already sent Ji Miao’s younger sister to the best hospital overseas and had the best control over her younger sister’s condition. Pei Ge had also contacted her main doctor a few times and found out that the girl’s condition was getting better. This allowed her to feel better as well.

The twin sisters looked so similar and their personalities were the same at the start. What she did not understand was why she felt that Ji Miao’s younger sister was Ji Miao. The way they spoke and the accessories they liked were the same made her curious.

“I didn’t defend Old master Qu. I just feel that…”

Ji Ziming looked at Pei Ge and a hint of frustration flashed across his eyes. Before he could say anything, he heard her muttering to herself, but this was clearly her extreme thoughts.

Ji Ziming stopped looking at Pei Ge and stood up from the sofa. Looking at the lights not far away, he continued, “Ge Ge, do you not know what position you hold in my heart? Also, if I treat you like this every day, won’t you feel a little sad?”

Ji Ziming did not look at Pei Ge, but his slender and straight figure slowly appeared in front of her in the evening light. When Pei Ge looked up, she could see the sorrow hidden in his back view.

“Ziming, I’m sorry, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like this.”

As Pei Ge looked at Ji Ziming’s back view, the pain in her heart finally hit her like a tidal wave.

The two stayed in the room and did not speak. In the end, Ji Ziming carried Pei Ge to the bathroom. The night sky quickly descended and the Qu family could not quiet down at all.

“Old master, it’s been a long time since Miss Qu Jingwan returned home. Do you want to ask her? After all, she’s a member of our family.”

The butler felt a little regretful when he thought of Qu Jingwan and her mother.

Old master Qu, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, had a frosty look on his face. When he recalled Ji Ziming and Pei Ge’s attitude toward him in the Ji family villa this afternoon, he could not help but feel disheartened.

“Why do you want to look for her? This pair of mother and daughter came here with Old lady Qu. Now, they’re just leaving with them. What’s there to pity? I never want to keep this pair of people. If you think it’s a pity, then go look for them. If you think…”

Before Old master Qu could finish speaking, his cold eyes reflected the sorrow of the night sky. The butler, who was standing beside Old master Qu, knelt in front of Old master Qu and quickly explained himself. “Old master, oh old master, how could I betray you? Old master, don’t be angry. I didn’t think through what I said earlier. Don’t be angry. It’s not worth it if you hurt yourself. I’m just a servant. If you really feel that it’s my fault, you have to say it. If I offend you again, I…”

“Get up. You’re already so old, why are you still kneeling?”

Old master Qu sighed and looked at the butler in front of him. The sorrow in his heart reached its peak again.

“Alright, then don’t be angry, Master. This is all my fault for not knowing how to speak.”

The butler stood up guiltily and looked into Old master Qu’s eyes. “Then, Old master, since you don’t want to call Miss Jingwan back and don’t want to look for Miss Pei Ge, what do you want to do? Our Qu family can’t just disperse like this. If you want to find Miss Pei Ge or Madam Zhang Manhua, I’ll help you find them. If you want to go…”

“Butler, there’s no need for you to stay here. Go down and rest. I’ll be fine alone.”

Old master Qu looked at the butler and the coldness in his voice was laced with sorrow.

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