Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20.1: Remember this, I’m Ji Ziming.

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Ji Ziming found that a particular person was making him feel frustrated recently.

The stranger whom he originally did not care for was now haunting him like a ghost, appearing everywhere in his surroundings.

Sometimes, he was not even sure if the woman was real or a product of his imagination.

What was worse was that he would think of the woman from time to time.

“You! What do you want?!” Pei Ge cried, shocked out of her senses.

As she looked at the man’s handsome features, she could not help but swallow her saliva.

This man seemed to be even more handsome than before, and despite wearing a mere simple, almost old-fashioned black suit, the man still exuded an intimidating aura that set him apart from the rest.

Staring coldly at her, Ji Ziming could perceive her wariness.

“What do I want to do?” he asked in a stone-cold voice, unhappy that she was looking at him defensively.

In this short period of time, this woman had made him very unhappy. Today, he was going to make her pay.

Ji Ziming’s thin lips curled up, causing the initially suffocating atmosphere to dissipate.

That smirk made Ji Ziming look more evil, though.

Pei Ge’s eyes widened in shock and hesitation.

“He he…” Ji Ziming chuckled at Pei Ge’s helplessness. Feeling more at ease, he leaned forward as though he would kiss her.

“Pervert!” Seeing his face getting closer and closer, Pei Ge cried out indignantly as she blushed profusely. She then angled her leg forward.

However, she was not so lucky this time.

The moment he saw what she was about to do, Ji Ziming pinned Pei Ge against the cold wall with his body.

Pei Ge fiercely struggled as she felt her chest constrict, yet the man’s embrace was tight and would not budge.

“Pervert! Let me go!” Pei Ge demanded, her eyes flaming with anger that seemed to make her exceptionally attractive.

Ji Ziming merely smirked as he watched the woman struggle in his embrace.

This made Pei Ge fume even more, and she struggled with even greater intensity.

“You idiotic pervert! Let me go!”

Not knowing whether it was the man loosening his grip or Pei Ge’s strength, but she managed to free her arms.

“Pervert! I will report you to your superior! Let me go!” Pei Ge threatened as she continued to struggle out of the man’s embrace.

“So noisy.” Ji Ziming’s icy appearance began to resurface with Pei Ge’s struggle and repeated name-calling.

Gripping her hand, he leaned in and kissed her.

“Oh!” Feeling the touch of his cold lips on hers, Pei Ge stared wide-eyed at Ji Ziming.

Ji Ziming completely ignored her reaction and turned his soft kiss into an intense one.

He kissed her lips fiercely, taking Pei Ge’s everything….

This hot and almost predatory kiss was too much stimulation for an inexperienced kisser like Pei Ge and her mind instantly went blank. Her body could not react to what was happening and she merely stood there motionlessly, accepting the man’s punishing kiss.

Seeing the woman’s face get redder, he figured that the lady must have forgotten to breathe again as she held her breath in and remained pliant to his kiss.

Although he did not want to, he still had to end the kiss.

“Whoo!” Pei Ge exhaled the moment Ji Ziming’s lips parted from hers.

“Stupid woman.” Looking at Pei Ge’s silly self, Ji Ziming laughed as he shook his head.

“You – you idiot!” Pei Ge pouted. Her eyes were round as she glared at Ji Ziming.

Unbeknown to her, she was even more attractive in this state.

Her watery eyes and shiny lips tempted Ji Ziming.

His fingers brushed across Pei Ge’s fair face, stopping at her lips.

This weird woman was not that beautiful, yet he felt an inexplicable attraction to her….

“Pervert! Let go of me!” Currently, Pei Ge was too angry and shocked to think about the man’s attractiveness.

Ji Ziming grabbed her chin, lifted her head and, unable to fight the temptation, leaned in for a peck on her red lips.

“Remember this, I’m Ji Ziming.”

The man’s voice was deep and nasal, which was rather sexy and different from his usual cold tone. His voice alone could mesmerize anyone.

Hearing his nasal voice, her ears warmed and she began to turn red.

“Woman, what is your name?”

The man’s eyes were like fire as he gazed intently at Pei Ge.

Almost hypnotized by the man’s voice, Pei Ge swallowed her saliva and desired to say her name.

“I—” Before she could say her name, a female voice interrupted her, killing the atmosphere.

“Ge Ge! Ge Ge, where are you?!” The voice that called out repeatedly pulled Pei Ge back to reality.

Seeing his handsome face so close to hers, Pei Ge bit on the man’s lips without hesitation and, in an instant, tasted iron in her mouth.

“Ah!” The man cried out in pain, staring at Pei Ge dangerously.

Pei Ge took this opportunity to escape from his embrace, shooting him a victorious look.

When she saw the man hold his mouth in pain, Pei Ge lifted her chin and said, “I have work to do, so I’m letting you off this time! You better not let me see you again! Otherwise, you’ll regret it!”

“You damn woman! Do you even know who I am?!” Ji Ziming fumed at Pei Ge’s words.

“He he… You are just a male host, so who are you trying to scare?!” Pei Ge mockingly said, “A body full of branded items, yet holding such a job – how embarrassing!”

“…” Ji Ziming almost blew his top; he had never met such an idiotic woman.

In what way did he look like a male host?! Such bright eyes yet so blind!

“Ge Ge, who are you with?”

“Nobody; let’s go.”

Liu Yue finally found Pei Ge, and before she could stop to see who the man behind Pei Ge was, she was rushed off by her.

Ji Ziming’s eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw Pei Ge leave without hesitation and a backward glance.

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