Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: New Pothole Hairstyle

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Bright sun rays illuminated the sky at the break of dawn. Pei Ge walked into the office in a relaxed mood.

However, the moment she stepped inside the office, Pei Ge realized that something was amiss.

Those in the office wore complicated expressions, and the atmosphere inside was not right.

Filled with questions, Pei Ge entered the office belonging to the Planning Department.

“Ge Ge, did you know? Our company has been acquired by someone!”

Pan Xinlei, who was occupying the office desk next to hers, dropped this bomb on Pei Ge, who had just sat down.

“Ah?! Acquired?!” Pei Ge stood up in shock. Although she had heard it from Liu Yue before, she had still fervently prayed that the company would not be acquired.

“Yeah! The new boss may be coming in here tomorrow to observe.” Pan Xinlei excitedly nodded her head and said mysteriously, “Apparently, the new boss is ranked fifth among the eligible bachelors and is more handsome than celebrities!”

Pei Ge raised her eyebrows at that as she thought to herself, Looks like my colleague’s gossiping skills are not as strong as Liu Yue’s.

“Hence, there is a lot of movement among the single ladies in the office.” Pan Xinlei grinned as she winked at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge finally understood why many ladies in the office were exceptionally excited today.

Actually, it was also because of the new boss that Pei Ge began to get busy.

The new boss would bring a specialized team to observe in the company tomorrow, so Pei Ge went from being a small assistant in just the Advertising Department to being a small assistant to all the departments in the Planning Department.

On her desk, the computer files began to pile up with work.

After a whole day of work, Pei Ge, who had yet to eat lunch, managed to finish most of her tasks before knocking off from work.

“Ge Ge, great work as usual. Let’s end the day here,” Sister Li said with a kind smile.

“Alright. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.” Pei Ge nodded her head with a smile as well, knowing that the top management would be having a meeting.

She packed her things and, before she stepped out of company, met up with a smiling Liu Yue at the main entrance.

“Why are you so happy? Did you win the lottery?” Pei Ge joked.

“He he. Happier than winning the lottery!” Liu Yue grinned broadly, hooking her arm into Pei Ge’s.

Pei Ge smiled good-naturedly even as she shook her head. What has the big boss ranking fifth among the eligible bachelors got to do with us?

Life was no fairy tale, so how could there be so many Cinderellas?

“Let’s go and get a new haircut!” Liu Yue said excitedly.

“…Is that really necessary?” The corners of Pei Ge’s mouth twitched. Why waste so much time and effort when they were just a bunch of nobodies that would never enter their big boss’s eyes?

“Of course, it’s necessary!” Liu Yue rolled her eyes at Pei Ge and seriously said, “A lot of the female employees have gone to do their hair already!”

Pei Ge found the whole situation absurd.

“If not for me wanting to bring you along, do you think I’d still be here? I would’ve long left with Xiaoli earlier.” Liu Yue pouted when she saw Pei Ge’s disinterest.

Pei Ge shook her head wryly and said with a shrug, “Actually, you can just ignore me.”

Leaving the office building, the both of them flagged down a cab and headed to a modern salon of Liu Yue’s recommendation.

On their way to the salon, Liu Yue provided Pei Ge with more information about the company’s new boss. Pei Ge was not really interested in their new boss, so she paid no attention to Liu Yue’s chatter.

After half an hour, they finally arrived at a modern-looking salon.

When Pei Ge alighted from the car, she was greeted by a flashy and beautiful architecture. This was when she realized that the place must be expensive.

“Xiaoyue, this is an expensive place, right?”

“It’s not bad. I did my hair here once, and it looked really good. So worth it!” At that, Liu Yue dragged Pei Ge into the salon.

Once she entered the salon, she immediately knew that a haircut here would cost an arm and a leg and made up her mind to not do her hair no matter what Liu Yue said.

However, reality had other plans.

She had no intention of doing her hair, but….

“How is it? Their skills are pretty good, right?”

As she looked in the mirror, Pei Ge was not sure if it was her vision that had a problem or Liu Yue’s.

The originally soft, shiny hair with some natural curls was cut off, pulled into straight, long hair, and dyed in light color.

If Pei Ge’s face were slimmer, the new haircut would look good on her – modern even.

Pei Ge’s face was a little fleshy, though, so this new hairstyle only made her look fatter. Thankfully, her skin was fair and it was not too ugly. Still, her previous hairstyle was more pleasant-looking.

“I still prefer my old hairstyle,” Pei Ge whispered when the hairdresser left.

It was indeed no good when it was cheap, and this good-looking shop was no exception!

Her heart ached at the thought. She really did not intend to do her hair at the start, but at the persuasion of the shop and Liu Yue as well as the ongoing promotion, she eventually relented.

In the end, it was a bad decision.

“Who says so?! You look great with this hairstyle; very western-like!” Liu Yue complimented with a smile.

Although Pei Ge was a little upset, it was too late for regrets now since the hair was already done.

Thus, with a heavy heart, Pei Ge returned home with her blond hair.

“Ah! Ge Ge, what happened to your hair?” Zhang Manhua anxiously asked, shocked by her daughter’s new hairstyle.

“Is it ugly?” Pei Ge asked, depressed.

“It’s – it’s alright. You look fine; just that I’m not used to it,” Zhang Manhua comforted when she saw how depressed her daughter looked.

Although her mother already assured her, Pei Ge still felt depressed.

Before she slept, Pei Ge took a look at herself in the mirror again.

The more she looked, the worse the hairstyle appeared. Pulling at her blond strands of hair, she said to herself, I’ll dye it back to its old color tomorrow.

With that thought in mind, Pei Ge felt a little better.

Pei Ge never imagined that, from tomorrow onward, she would come to love her new hairstyle, and the thought of dyeing it back would disappear altogether.

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