Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 1415. Next Mission / Clito and Violin

Chapter 1415. Next Mission / Clito and Violin

「 I see. Aneue was thinking such deep thoughts, I’m impressed 」

Kinuka bows to her sister while in the car on our way to the mansion.

Rei-chan’s driving, Nei, Luna, and Kurose Anju’s listening to their conversation in silence.

「 In that case, I have to think something about the middle school festival 」

Kinuka’s currently enrolled in the same middle school Minaho-neesan found for Mana, Arisu, Eri, and Rie.

They’re in a special class, that means that they can’t make contact with the normal students, but…

I see. Kinuka’s got a school festival too.

「 I will also take Arisu-sama into consideration 」

Arisu’s been attending the school for the young ladies since kindergarten as she’s the daughter of the Kurama house.

But now, she’s going to an ordinary school, isolated.

Even though they’re classmates, it’s hard for her to talk to Eri and Rie, who are daughters of Yakuza from Kansai.

Mana’s a former young lady so she can talk to her somehow, but…

「 However, Arisu-sama’s status is different than Misato-sama, so Kinuka and everyone can think of how you enjoy your school festival your way 」

Mitama told her sister.

Misato’s status is a prostitute cadet who carries the debt of her home, the Kurama house.

Arisu’s my sex slave.

Misato doesn’t have the same duties.

「 Yes, that’s right, you should talk it out with your other sisters and enjoy it your way 」

Nei said with a smile.

But still, it worries me a bit.

「 I’m going to your school festival too. That’s why give it a thought 」

For now, I give them that.

At the time they were sent to middle school, Kinuka and the girls thought that it would be a bad idea to interact with the other students.

But, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.

There should be a way to let them make contact with other students.

Such opportunities arise especially at events such as school festivals.

If that’s the case, we need to prepare a way to deal with the ordinary students for Kinuka, Arisu, Mana, and the twins.

「 Should we make Eri-chan and Rie-chan do a talk show just like at our school festival? Kinuka-chan can do a street performance, but Arisu-chan won’t have anything 」

Nei looks at me with a troubled face.

The twins and Kinuka already appeared on TV, and they’re famous, so they can show off to the students like that.

However, Arisu’s a young lady, she can’t go out in the public like that.

「 Mana-neesan can’t do it currently either 」

Luna mutters.

Luna read Mana’s thoughts with her Miko powers.

Mana’s afraid that people will know that she’s Shirasaka Maika, Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter.

Mana can’t convince herself that she’s a different person than Shirasaka Maika and will continue to struggle until her supermodel project is over.

「 We need to make some time to talk about it with everyone 」

The car arrived at the mansion so I couldn’t come up with an answer at that moment.


In front of the large iron gate of the mansion are the police and Kouzuki SS cars parked, staring at each other.

Rei-chan’s driving so we entered the mansion without problems.

Our car arrived up the usual hill in front of the entrance.

「 I’ll go back to school 」

Rei-chan tells me from the driver’s seat.

Megu and the girls are still taking turns in the shower while cleaning the bakery.

Kana-senpai also has to return home.

I wonder if Edie and Margo-san and the group are back yet.

「 Yeah, thanks, Rei-chan 」

I thanked her and got out of the car with Nei, Luna, Kurose Anju, Mitama, and Kinuka.

「 Welcome back Papa! 」

「 Welcome back! Otono-sama 」

Entering the front door, Agnes and Kurumi, who must’ve seen us coming through the cameras, greeted us while trotting.

Agnes, the blonde beauty.

Kurumi, the bodyguard of the combat young lady.

Both of them look tense.

「 What happened 」

I asked.

「 It’s a problem. Clito-chan 」

Clito? Oh, one of the thirteen assassins, Clito Lilith

She’s the Persian girl who’s reckless and defiant.

If I recall, her hair’s dark brown and her eyes are green.

「 Anne Roze and Ososo-san say that they’re going to kill Clito-san. 」


I’m surprised by Kurumi’s report.


I recall the data of the girl assassins.

Anne Roze Agermander is half-German and half-Central Asian She has brown skin and dark brown hair. She shows interest in watching us have sex, and she’s a combat type as she participated in the morning workout.

Ososo Oboko’s African, dark skin and milky blonde hair with pale blue eyes. She’s also joining the training, she’s not willing to give up her spear.

「 Dolly-san and Anna-san are stopping the two right now

「 We told them not to do anything by themselves until Papa returns

Dolly Ly and Anna Lu, the leader figures among the Girl assassins.

Dolly’s 16, while Anna’s 14. These sisters are mixed-race with Southeast Asia as their base.

「 Why did they say that? 」

I asked.

「 That’s… 」

「 Because Clito-san tried to steal the guest’s violin 」

Guest? Marika’s classmate Matsumoto Maki-san, and her sister, Miki-san.

Miki-san came here with the violin her late father bought for her.

「 Where is she now? 」

「 They’re in the dining room 」

「 Okay, I’m going there 」

I hurriedly went to the dining room.


「 Onii-sama 」

Ruriko comes to me as soon as I arrived.

Katsuko-nee has been with us in the school so Ruriko’s the acting housewife in the mansion.

「 You’re late, Kou 」

Mariko’s also here.

No, it seems most of the people in the mansion are gathered here.

Marika and Erica, our guests, Matsumoto siblings, and Igarashi Izumi-san forcibly followed Matsumoto Maki-san.

They all look worried.

Then, the thirteen girl assassins are also gathered.

In the middle is the culprit, Clito, sitting.

Anne Roze and Ososo have spears in front of them, they’re glaring at Clito.

Dolly and Anna’s holding the drill spear to stop them.

Although, Anya and Tsukiko are also here so they’re in a state where they’ll get stopped before they trigger any murderous act.

Even so, the sense of tension is filling the room.

Sakurako, Yoshiko-san, Shie-san, Arisu, and Koyomi-chan are watching from the kitchen with a worried faces.

「!!! 」

Dolly tells me something.

「 She says “Master, I’ve controlled the situation until your return” 」

Dolly speaks in French, and Ruriko translates it for me.

「 For now, explain what happened 」

I said.

「 You see, I was having a fun talk with Matsumoto-san and the group 」

Mariko replied.

「 Agnes-san, Ruriko-sama, and Sakurako were also here, and then that girl came over and then… 」

「 She tried to take the violin and then the two there grabbed her 」

Marika added.

Dolly and Anna were the ones who stopped Clito from grabbing the violin.

「 Then, the two of them brought that spear 」

Anne Roze and Ososo came into the room with a drill spear.

「!!!! 」

「!!!!! 」

This time, Anne Roze and Ososo speaks to me with a strong tone.

「 They’re pleading, saying that they’ll kill Clito so don’t kick them out 」

Anya translates.

「 They fear that because of Clito’s stupid actions, they’ll also get disposed of 」


I get that in a sense.

「 In their world, that’s how it usually is 」

Anya looks at the thirteen girl assassins.

That’s the common sense of the girl assassins kept by their female boss in Southeast Asia.

It’s a world where one person’s mistakes get everyone punished.

「 These girls here are expecting from you, from the future you’re giving them 」

Yesterday, I showed these thirteen mixed-race girls that there’s life apart from being an assassin.

We showed them various ways of living.

「 Anne Roze and Ososo are desperate. They genuinely don’t want to get abandoned for something like this 」

That’s why they’re trying to prove their loyalty to me by killing Clito, who attempted to steal.

「 Do something about it. They’re all waiting for your judgment 」

Anya smiled at me, then sat down.

The gazes of everyone in the room gathered on me.


「 First, Matsumoto-san. I mean Miki-san. Is the violin not damaged? 」

I asked the owner of the violin that got stolen.

「 Yes, I don’t see any problems. Everyone recovered it immediately 」

Miki-san hugs the violin case filled with her father’s memories and said.

「 Then, Miki-san. Do you seek retribution from her? Although, it can’t be anything as cruel as death 」

Miki-san looks at Clito in the chair.

「 She’s a foreigner, right? It seems that she can’t understand what we say, and I don’t particularly want anything. My violin is also safe 」

Miki-san said.

「 Thank you. I’m sorry, I’ll talk in her stead. I’m truly sorry 」

I bow my head to Miki-san.

Anya translates the conversation for the girl assassins.


I returned to the topic at hand.

Why did Clito try to steal Miki-san’s violin?

Was there any meaning to stealing specifically the violin?

「 …… 」

Clito looks up at my face.

She’s saying something.

Kyouko-san said that this girl was just tense.

Last night, she was the only one taking liberty making her “own tribal bread” during the baking class.

「 Ya-chan 」

I call Nei who’s next to me.

「 What is it Yo-chan? 」

「 Do we have a violin at the mansion? 」

This mansion was once a social club for the nobility.

Since the basement where Agnes stayed used to be an art room for them to do oil paintings and such, there must’ve been a room for music too.

I mean, in the past six months of living in this mansion.

I feel like I’ve seen some violin or something similar at least.

「 Of course, we do 」

Nei replied immediately.

「 Sorry to ask but bring it here asap, thanks 」

「 Roger! 」

Nei rushed out of the dining room.

Well then.

I walk towards Clito.

Clito’s gaze doesn’t go away.

「 Anya, translate 」


I’ll tell the whole girl assassins group, not just Clito.

The first one is to warn them to not do anything stupid like Clito again.

The other one is to prevent them from thinking that they’ll die or get disposed of so easily.

「 I’ll tell you all this, what Clito’s done today has hurt the pride of our family. She was rude to a guest who came to our home, that’s unforgivable 」

Anya translates what I say. Anne Roze and Ososo grip their drill spear tightly.

「 If ever Clito broke or damaged, even just slightly, Miki-san’s violin, I would’ve had to kill Clito just to apologize to Miki-san for the pride of the family 」

I said. Matsumoto Miki-san, Maki-san, and Igarashi Izumi’s surprised.

「 Don’t worry, Kou’s just saying it to scare them off 」

Mariko whispered to the three as a follow-up.

Anya’s not translating what Mariko said to the girl assassins.

That’s why they’re all looking at me with grave expressions as if it’s a life or death problem.

「 I asked Miki-san about Clito’s punishment. She forgave Clito. There was no harm done to the violin 」


「 But, that doesn’t mean that I’ll just let her crime pass. A crime is a crime, and Clito has to be punished 」

「 Uhm, what punishment? 」

Maki-san, the elder of the siblings, asks me.

「 Don’t worry, don’t worry 」

Mariko grabbed Maki-san’s shoulder and said.


「 Tsukiko 」

I looked at Tsukiko.

「 Yes, Kou-sama. I’m holding her off 」

Tsukiko read my thoughts and smiled.

「 Okay then 」

I squat down and carried Clito’s body who was sitting down

「?????!!!! 」

Clito usually could ward off my hand with her defensive instincts as a girl assassin, but Tsukiko’s Miko power has deprived her of her freedom.

I carried her as she can’t resist.

She’s quite light.

She almost has the same weight as Agnes.

「 Well then, I’ll show you all Clito’s punishment 」

I hold her waist with my left arm, then I use my right arm to roll up her skirt.

I lowered down her panty.

Exposing her ass.

「 ……????!!!! 」

The girl assassins and even our guests look surprised.

Of course, that includes Clito, whose ass is exposed.


「 Clito’s such a bad girl!! 」


I slapped Clito’s raw ass with all my strength

「 Kyauuuu!!! 」

Clito screams.

Tsukiko uses her power to amplify the sense of pain.

They’re trained as girl assassins, but they can’t help but scream

「 Bad girl!! 」


「 Kyauuuuu!! 」

「 Bad girl!!! 」


「 Hyauuuuu!!! 」

Again and again.

Slapping her ass without going easy.

Each slap makes Clito scream.

「 Kyauuuu!! 」

The remaining girl assassins watch me spank Clito.

Even these girls didn’t start out with the crazy criminal boss.

They also had a time when they lived with their parents or relatives before becoming orphans in Southeast Asia.

Some are taken in by an orphanage and raised by someone they can call a surrogate.

Now recall.

Recall the punishment of spanking for bad girls.

「 What a bad girl!! 」


「 Kyauuuuu!! 」

They have to start here.

This is for our family.

「 This is the last one 」

「 Bad girl!! 」


「 Kyauuuu!!! 」

After twenty hard spanks, I finished her punishment.

Clito’s ass is bright red.

I show her ass to the girl assassins.

「 Anyone who does bad things gets punished, but, there’s no death unless it’s irreversible 」

I said. Anya translates.

「 She nearly crossed the line, but Clito was lucky. Matsumoto Miki-san was kind, so she doesn’t have to die. Clito, me, and all of you don’t forget the gratitude that Matsumoto Miki-san forgave Clito. We owe her now 」

I speak clearly to them.

「 She doesn’t have to apologize with her death, she’ll continue to live. And, never commit a sin again, strive to become useful to our family 」

If they’re not dying, then they’re going to stay alive.

「 Clito, you… 」

I carried Clito and put her down on the floor.

I stare at her face.

Her eyes look at me.

「 If you have anything in your mind, then talk to me first. Don’t decide on your own. You’re forgiven this time, but there won’t be another 」

Then, Nei came back running holding a worn-out violin case.

「 It’s here! Violin! 」

Yes, well done

I took the case from Nei, and bring it to Clito

「 ……!!!? 」

Clito’s surprised.

「 You can play the violin, don’t you? 」

I can imagine why it came to this

「 What do you mean, Kou? 」

Mariko asks me.


「 Clito’s quite the frightened girl. That’s what Kyouko-san told me 」

I explained calmly.

「 I assume that Clito’s thinking that if she doesn’t show off as someone capable of something different than the other girl assassins, she can’t stay. She feels inferior to the other girls. That’s why she’s desperately trying to show off among the thirteen, thinking that she’s the only one about to get kicked out 」

That’s why she makes a different pastry than everyone.

Trying to show off her spear techniques during the morning training.

If that’s the case.

「 She took Miki-san’s violin without permission because she wanted to show off that she can play it. Those feelings made her take the violin in front of her 」

I opened the case and showed the violin inside.

「 Here, try playing 」

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