Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 941 If You Gain Something, You Will Lose Something in Return


"... There are 379 direct descendants who will participate in the activation of the ancestral temple in different batches. Once they inherit our ancestor's glory, they will volatilize their blood that shows they are Dao Chen's descendants, and your power will rise once more.

"Make haste and return!" The old voice echoed in the air, but the crowd did not hear it. Only Su Ming and Xu Hui could hear it properly due to the link they shared between their souls at that moment.


Su Ming's eyes focused. He had seen the change in True Morning Dao World as spoken by the voice from the Sacred Constellation Robe with his Malicious Eye previously and could tell what was happening. Su Ming did not know the details of the break between the Immortals and Morning Dao Sect, which was why he could find no clues from what he saw, and when he could not find the cause for it, he could not imagine the reason behind why the Immortals would fight against True Morning Dao Sect. However, since they started a @@

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