Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 2

[She’s like a fire, igniting my heart. – Tan ZiXi]

XunMi let out a cold laugh. On her birthday, her father won’t even accompany her down, instead forcing her to come down on her own. XunMi,XunMi how can you be so ignorant. It’s already been made so obvious. A truly approved heir on their coming of age day would have the family head accompany them down to the crowd. One, to tell the crowd this is a child that the family dotes on. Two, is to prove to the crowd that they are the future heir. After changing into high heels, the black of the heels matched with the red of her gown created a seductive effect. 18 years old. The best of times, how can she fail to live up to those expectations? Her pale skin peaked out of her fire red gown, while her black locks curled around her shoulders effortlessly.

She captured the crowd’s attention as soon as she appeared, with gasps and murmurs of appreciation and jealousy ringing through the room. In one second, the Qin family guest, in her snow white dress, became a background character. XunMi was very satisfied with this result. Her smile of satisfaction coupled with her natural air of exuberating confidence, made the crowd naturally see her fit to be heir. Her peach blossom eyes slightly narrowed, turned to face her father staring back at her amidst the crowd. She calmly walked down the stairs, with slow and steady steps, before stopping to stand in front of the Qin family head. XunMi has always had the “if you don’t want me to do something, then I’m definitely going to do it” attitude. Based on the book, she could tell that Qin family only raised this girl to become their future tool. The original soul’s mom had died due to childbirth, but the one who directly caused this was Qin Huaise’s mother. Qin HuaiSe’s mom had confronted the original Qin XunMi’s mother begging for her to allow her to be together with the Qin family head, even going as far as revealing her pregnancy. If not for that, her mother wouldn’t have been shocked into early labor and consequently losing her life。XunMi can sympathize with the original Qin XunMi’s tantrum at this banquet; after all, no one would be composed when facing the person responsible for their mother’s death.

“Father sure is biased, today is my birthday and you won’t even come upstairs to me. This won’t do, you must make it up to me.” XunMi’s lips pouted, as if to say ‘hurry up and come coax me’, causing many madams nearby to experience a rush from their maternal instinct, telling them to hurry and hug the poor girl better. Not expecting her to act like this, her father Qin Sheng was struck numb in confusion for a moment, causing her prepared lecture to be stuck at the back of his throat. XunMi was not planning on giving these two a chance to act out their drama, and instead quickly redirected her gaze to the girl in the white dress next to her father. Very innocently, she asked, “Father, who is this pretty girl? This is my first time seeing her here, this couldn’t be my future stepmother right?” I’m gonna disgust you guys to death as payback for the original Qin XunMi. ╭(╯^╰)╮

In the original plot, the original Qin XunMi had seen her father and happily ran over. Before she could even say one word to him, this slag of a father said “This is your biological little sister, Qin Huaise. You must take good care of her in the future” blahblahblah. These words caused the original Qin XunMi to explode on site. Meanwhile, the illegitimate daughter acted weak and pitiful, an overall excellent portrayal of a white lotus flower. {T/N: basically a girl that acts weak, nice, and sympathetic to gain pity and attention} watching her made the original Qin XunMi explode again, raising the tension to incandescent levels. But XunMi isn’t that stupid-she saw that poorly disguised gaze of bitter envy coming from that ‘great’ little sister of hers.

Qin Sheng’s face darkened, not knowing how to explain to XunMi. Standing on the side, Qin HuaiSe had her head down with her bangs covering up the resent in her eyes. When her face finally lifted, her emotions had been replaced with a pitiful expression, as if someone had bullied her. But before she could do anything, XunMi opened her mouth again: “This young lady, Its not like I’m bullying you, so why do you have such a long face? If I said anything just now to offend you, I do apologize.” On XunMi’s was obvious disdain, even stepping back a few steps to create distance between them. If someone else had done this, they would be the object of public criticism. However, since it was Eldest Young Miss in this matter, people can only sympathize. Because everyone knew about the situation 18 years ago. A mistress pretending to be pitiful hopes to promote her standing, causing the wife to prematurely go into labor and die from blood loss. Even now, people still talk about it. Its understandable why Eldest Miss Qin would detest those that fake pitifulness. She’s even publicly stated that she hates people that fake pitifulness-whether they have reason or not to be pitiful. If people don’t like this about her, then don’t socialize with her. Even talking like this could easily attract hatred, most people still like this kind of honesty. When you like something, you like something. When you hate, you hate. At least she’s not two faced.

Thus, everyone’s first response to her words was not to blame her, but to see what kind of person would dare play for pity in front of Eldest Miss Qin. Qin Sheng realized that the air had suddenly changed. Afterall, today was the chance to both celebrate his eldest’s coming of age as well as announce that Qin family has a second daughter named Qin HuaiSe.

Qin HuaiSe froze, not understanding everyone’s reaction. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry big sister. It’s all my fault, I shouldnt have come today. I shouldn’t have believed father when he said you’ve forgiven me. Sister, I’m sorry. I’ll leave right now.” Over the tears, Qin HuaiSe had mastered the white lotus flower way of talking. With a sympathetic gaze, watery eyes that seemed to be barely holding back tears, the little fragile girl in the white dressed really looked like a white flower floating directionlessly in the wind. This method is always effectively at evoking a man’s protective senses. Look! Some are getting antsy already. But the women had a different reaction to the same words, immediately causing their gaze to turn scornful. So this is the mistress’ daughter! Staying true to the saying like mother, like daughter!

Most powerful rich families have some kind of mistress and illegitimate children involved in their history so it’s not surprising that these madams bear a hatred for illegitimate children, even if they themselves have not experienced it.

XunMi had frozen in her spot, beautiful eyes wide in disbelief following the figuring that turned to head to the door but was stopped by Qin Sheng. Her voice shook as she stated, “Father , can you please tell me who this young lady is? Why is she calling me sister, I don’t remember my wonderful mother giving birth to a second child.” She tried hard to hide the panic in her eyes but her tone gave her away. Those watery peach blossom eyes looked up in hope, causing numerous hearts to break in the process. A certain man just stepping into the room was met with this scene, where that little person’s eyes were filled to the brim with hurt but her back still stood straight and proud.

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