Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 302 - Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (End)

Chapter 302: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (End)

Nian WenHao pulled XunMi over, and although his mouth was complaining, his face was full of smiles.

The group of people continued to converse, and XunMi took her loyal dog and left.

Although Du Shu didn’t say a word from beginning to end, no one could ignore the expression on her face.

Well true, her biological daughter was driven mad, it would be a wonder if she could like her.

Even if she had been biased towards XunMi before, but she was just a frail woman, and still a mother.[1]

XunMi could understand Du Shu’s choices and method of handling things. In fact, she also had no reason to complain, as she was already heart-broken.

“Wife, you still have me. Even if the whole world abandons you, I will still want you.” Ziju BaiLin promised XunMi earnestly as he led her by the hand.

The peach blossom eyes behind the pair of lenses were so bright that one couldn’t find the slightest bit of insincerity or hypocrisy.

XunMi thought, she’d traveled to all kinds of places, and would still be drawn into these eyes, but there was always only her own reflection inside.

No matter where you are, as long as you need me, I’ll be the first to come to your side.

“Husband, let’s go travel the world.”

Wherever they went, the entire land of China would be imprinted with traces of their past, and their existence will not be affected by the years.

“Okay.” Ziju BaiLin bowed his head and printed a kiss on XunMi’s forehead, cherishing and precious.

The two smiled at each other and walked hand in hand down the street.

She never regretted returning the Female Lead to Du Shu, and she also never regretted that she did not stop her husband from throwing her into the military barracks.

It was just that an accident occurred too quickly. The Female Lead was too fragile.

At that time, the Female Lead who had a high fever refused treatment. When she awoke and happened to meet Shi HuaYi, she was completely stimulated and then went insane.

Compared with the crazy Female Lead, Shi HuaYi who didn’t know anything was more depressed. He didn’t do anything, yet he was burdened with such a big pot.

However, it was also fair to be implicated by XunMi, as the inner qualities were really lacking.[2]

It was precisely then that Du Shu came to see her. How could she not see the haggardness and hesitation in her mother’s body, and even a trace of fear.

Yes, fear. She did not know whether it was towards her or towards others. At that moment, she knew that her mother was no longer her mother.

She begged her to release Nian Xue’er, and XunMi agreed.

She took it as returning the favor of raising the original owner. As to their kindness, she would protect the Nian family for the rest of her life.

But she did not expect that when she saw the insane Female Lead, Du Shu would get stirred up, jump up, slap her, and scold her.

After enjoying Du Shu’s maternal love for so long, how could she not be reluctant to give it up?

She wanted to explain, but the other party gave her no chance at all.[3]

If not for Ziju BaiLin coming over quickly, she thought Du Shu likely would not have left so easily.

That day she shut herself up in her room all night, not wanting to think about whether or not she had done something wrong.

She was not an indecisive person, but just saddened by the loss of that once unreserved maternal love.

Fortunately, there was not much time for her to think about these things, as her husband went to battle.

She and Luo Ran did their best to prepare the first batch of military supplies.

Because she did not trust others to deliver them, she personally escorted them despite objections.

On the train, she encountered an ambush, and after reaching the battlefield safely, she was also treated to veiled criticisms by those people.

They felt that as a woman, she should stay behind and not come to the front lines. Depending on her identity as the Marshal’s woman, wasn’t this just looking for trouble for them?

She encountered more difficulties, and she was able to ignore them one after the other because that person was here.

For two years, during the Chinese New Year, she went to the Nian home by herself.

The first few times she did not even enter the door. Her brother and sister loved her dearly, and every time they drew her away.

How she felt at that time, oh, her only family affection would be lost.

She told herself that she didn’t really need family love, she just needed her husband.

In the end, her heart was reluctant.

Later, she received a letter from Nian BingRong. It was a very simple letter.


For Lunar New Year’s Eve this year, Dad wants to see you. Will you come back?

Nian BingRong

There was something in her eyes that couldn’t be controlled and wanted to flow down.

She put away the letter, prepared a gift for New Year’s Eve, and went to the Nian residence.

This time she entered the door, but it was a pity that she didn’t see Du Shu all night. Her sister kept pulling her over to talk, and her brother also kept teasing her.

It seemed like they wanted to direct her mind elsewhere, so she wouldn’t think about those unhappy things.

She was very moved and followed their intentions.

When she left the next day, she saw Du Shu and shouted out to her mother.

Du Shu immediately turned her head. Her rejection was obvious.

She hastily bid her farewells to the other members of the Nian family and quickly left.

She sighed in relief as stepped out the main entrance. She was already satisfied anyway, so be it.

Afterwards, she would only go home on special days. This time she just wanted to say goodbye to them.

* * * *

The day of Nian WenHao’s marriage soon arrived, and the phrase “ten miles of red clothing” was really accurate.[4]

Kris’s family was very generous, and the Nian family was equally so. In addition, XunMi and Ziju BaiLin gave no less than ten trunks of precious treasures.

In front were ten vintage cars[5] leading the way, and behind was Nian WenHao riding a large horse and carrying his new bride.

It wasn’t a traditional wedding ceremony, nor a foreign one. It was because these two were unwilling to be restricted, else how could they happy?

XunMi and Ziju BaiLin didn’t join the relatives’ side. Today was a happy occasion for the Nian family. She didn’t want Du Shu to stop smiling because of her.

Anyway, this might be the last time she saw them, as she didn’t know when she’d return.

The wedding was very successful, and there was a lot of joy during this period. XunMi did not wait for the banquet to end before leaving.

As she secretly slipped away with Ziju BaiLin, it was very lively inside, and she suddenly saw Du Shu’s face showing a rarely seen smile.

“Wife, look, it’s dark now. The road is not good, what if you fall?”

The key point was that there was a little guy inside his wife’s belly that needed protecting.

XunMi smiled and opened up her arms, “Then, Husband, you carry me.”

Ziju BaiLin’s eyes lit up, he crouched down, and he did not forget to pat himself on the back: “Wife get on quick, I’m very stable, o. I will absolutely make Wife and our son feel very safe, hei hei.”

Looking at the man giggling in the dim light, XunMi only thought it was the most beautiful scene in her life.

She hopped up onto the man’s back and looped her arms around his neck, purposely grabbing tightly and spoke threateningly, but there was a smile in her voice. “You must brace yourself. If you dare drop me, I will strangle you. You hear me?”

“As you say, Madam Wife.” Ziju BaiLin stood up and spoke loudly. “Let’s go, we’re going home!”

The two figures walked slowly into the night, their shadows cast onto the ground, overlapping each other and elongating.

What is happiness? Nothing more than having you, having me, and a little baby. This life is enough.

Translator’s Notes

[1] Also, presumably, someone with a moral compass who believes the punishment should not exceed the crime?

[2] What was this sentence trying to say? Sorry, I gave up.

[3] No, please, I’d like to hear this explanation.

[4] Meaning the bridal train stretches ten (Chinese) miles.

[5] Of course, in this time period, they are not vintage, but brand new.

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