Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 2713: Most Imperturbable Actor

Chapter 2713: Most Imperturbable Actor

Ning Shu thought about it, over and over again. She needed to find a solution. However, she couldn’t come up with anything foolproof.

Cheng Fei was the most imperturbable actor that Ning Shu had ever met. He wouldn’t be overjoyed when he succeeded, and he also didn’t show any signs of panic or anger when he failed.

He was also very careful with his words. He had a keen sense of when things would be detrimental for him.

Ning Shu looked at the wound on her arm. She had shed so much blood just to send Cheng Fei to jail temporarily.

Ning Shu mobilized the spiritual energy in her dantian to her wound and slowly healed it.

This body was not hers, but Ai Yun’s. She’d only injured herself because she was desperate. Under the care of spiritual energy, the wound should leave no scar behind.

The wound itched, a little. It should already be starting to heal.

Ning Shu sat on a chair in the square, watching as people came and went. Next to her was a person who was using an iPad.

She suddenly remembered that she hadn’t checked Cheng Fei’s computer and other communication devices yet.

If Cheng Fei really did something, there must be traces left, right?

Ning Shu realized that she’d never really seen him use a computer.

Surveilling her must’ve required a computer. His computer must be in his clinic, but Ning Shu didn’t have the key to his clinic. Before she went to the clinic, Ning Shu went to find a locksmith.

She had to pry the doors to that clinic open.

Cheng Fei’s clinic wasn’t a small one. However, because of the recent events, the clinic had yet to reopen.

The locksmith pried open the door and allowed Ning Shu to walk into the clinic

There was a distinct smell of disinfectant in the clinic. The clinic was clean and looked very tidy.

Ning Shu found Cheng Fei’s office and saw a computer on the desk.

Ning Shu went over and sat on the chair. She turned on the computer, but was quickly barred by the password Cheng Fei set.

What was the password? Only the devil would know what the password was.

Ning Shu tried to enter several passwords, including special dates and Cheng Fei’s birthday, but the display said that the passwords were wrong. Ning Shu tried Ai Yun’s birthday, but it still said that she’d entered the wrong password.

That was really strange. What kind of password would Cheng Fei have set?

Ning Shu entered the date of their wedding anniversary, but it was still the wrong password.

Ning Shu was too lazy to try any more passwords, so she took out her laptop from her bag and started to connect it to the computer.

Fine, then. She’d just break into the computer.

Ning Shu’s fingers flew rapidly over the keyboard keys, then finally logged into Cheng Fei’s computer.

Ning Shu clicked on the files on the computer. Most of them were information about the medicine purchased by the clinic, and there was also some information on the patients.

Cheng Fei organized everything very well.

His working skills truly were top-notch.

Ning Shu then clicked on the Videos library folder. There were videos of their home, all of them with Ai Yun in it. All of Ai Yun’s activities—her eating, drinking, and messing, were recorded and watched by Cheng Fei.

Cheng Fei knew everything she did.

She couldn’t imagine her picking her own nose while someone watched. That must feel so weird.

Ning Shu browsed Cheng Fei’s computer and transferred all these videos to her laptop.

These videos might be useful one day.

Ning Shu’s main objective wasn’t to find these videos; she wanted to know if Cheng Fei had hacked into someone else’s computer.

There were still some things about Li Chen that didn’t make sense.

Ning Shu searched for a long time but only found that Cheng Fei’s computer was really clean. Even the cache in his browser had been cleaned.

Cheng Fei must’ve cleaned it up.

Cheng Fei sure was skilled at covering up his traces.

She kept at it for a while but still found nothing.

Ning Shu leaned back and slammed the mouse. What the hell?

Was Cheng Fei ascending or something?

There must be skeletons in his closet, though. Why else would he clean up so thoroughly?

Li Chen’s incident might have something to do with Cheng Fei. Cheng Fei might’ve been the one who instigated Li Qiang to kidnap Mother Ai.

However, there was no evidence to prove it.

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