Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 892 - Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 24)

Chapter 892: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 24)

“I’ll give you one last change, do you want to confess the mastermind to the old master or do you want me to shut you in a room to experience the effects of the Mint Illusion Orchid?” Luo Qing Chen suddenly grabbed her by the collar, “I already said that I’m not patient, so if you are honest, I’ll give you a way out.”

“Qing’er, what’s going on?” Luo Jin Yan looked at her nervously as her heart kept beating fast.

This was her first time feeling her little sister was strong. Every word gave one the feeling that they were suffocating.

She almost…..didn’t recognize her……

“Big sister, you don’t have to worry about these tricks.” Luo Qing Chen looked at Qian Ye An, “Take care of my big sister.”

“Second miss…..What mastermind, what illusion orchid…..Ning…..Ning’er doesn’t understand.” Ning’er’s lips were trembling like she couldn’t take Luo Qing Chen’s aura. She kept shaking her head as her eyes filled with terror.

“Good!” Her clear eyes were a bit bloodshot and she had an ice cold smile as she said, “Since you don’t walk the path of heaven, then you shall fall into hell.”

As soon as her voice fell, she dragged her to Luo Zhao Xin’s room.

On the way, Ning’er kept shouting the same words.

“Second miss, Ning’er doesn’t understand, Ning’er is being wronged!”

“Second miss, you can’t do this to Ning’er! Although Ning’er is a maid, she is still a person……”

“Ah, save me, save me!”


She dragged Ning’er while not forgetting to talk to her system!

System, I need a weapon, also give me the skill for the weapon!

[Nine Section Moon Whip! That is the best weapon for the host!] The system didn’t mind watching everything happen.

Do you give the skill for using it?



Although the system was greedy, she had to look handsome while fighting!

[Ding, 3000 exchange points has been taken. Successfully exchanged for Nine Section Moon Whip (Can be used forever).]

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken. Successfully exchanged for Nine Section Moon Whip skills (Can only be used in this world).]

She decided to properly use this whip, that way she didn’t need to exchange for the skills next time.

“Peng.” Luo Qing Chen stood at Luo Zhao Xin’s door and threw Ning’er to the ground.

The door was directly slammed open after that.

The first one to come out was Luo Shu with an ugly look, it seemed like he was spending the night with her aunt again.

“What are you doing this late!” Luo Shu crossed his hands. This was his daughter, so there was a bit of worry in his voice, “You just came back, why aren’t you resting?”

“I have no time to rest.” Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes and looked at Luo Zhao Xin who came out, “Do you know her?”

Luo Zhao Xin was quite confident, but her face turned pale when she saw Ning’er.

“I…..I don’t know her……” She bit her lip and said, “Big sister, you’re disturbing dad and mom’s rest like this.”

“It seems like you won’t cry until you see a coffin.” Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes. She waved her Nine Section Moon Whip and grabbed her by the neck, pulling her in front of her.

“Audacious! Let go of her now!” Luo Shu was very angry as he roared out in rage.

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