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Chapter 894 - Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 26)

Chapter 894: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 26)

“Ah!” Liang Mei Xue saw the blood coming out of Luo Zhao Xin’s wrist and cried out in shock, “You….You’re killing people to silence them, you have to pay with your life!”

Liang Mei Xue never thought that Luo Qing Chen would do such a terrifying thing so decisively. Her eyes from the beginning were like a demon, looking down on these ants from above.

“What? You’re allowed to hurt my big sister and I’m not allowed to hurt your daughter?” She said with a disdainful snort, “I hate trouble the most, you should know clearly what you did. With the rate of bleeding, your daughter won’t be able to be saved in half an incense time. I have time to wait, but your daughter doesn’t.”

She said this and she didn’t forget to step on Luo Zhao Xin. She twitched and her eyes had unconsciously closed.

The blood was flowing quickly, but Luo Qing Chen’s expression was as calm like she was looking at a stranger.

“Just what are you doing! If you don’t say anything, I can’t save Xin’er’s life!” Luo Shu turned and grabbed Liang Mei Xue’s shoulder, “Just speak, what is this Illusion Mint Leaf? What did you take from her?”

Luo Shu was a smart person. Luo Qing Chen did something like this and her tone was this firm, so there must be a reason.

Right now Liang Mei Xue still planned on hiding things, which made her think that this woman’s mind was deep.

Liang Mei Xue tightly bit her lips and watched as the blood flowed from Luo Zhao Xin’s wrist. Her heart like stone finally turned soft.

She took a deep breath and said, “Xiao Fang, take out the Illusion Mint Leaves from under my pillow!”

Liang Mei Xue knew that as long as she admitted the Illusion Mint Leaves were in her room, she would lose.

She never thought that after plotting for so long, she would still lose.

Liang Mei Xue was better than anyone at playing tricks. Ning’er was only a scapegoat for her, she could take the blame even if these tricks were revealed.

Since Ning’er’s parents were in her hands, she had no choice but to listen to her.

But she never thought that Luo Qing Chen would directly attack her. This terrifying method made her instantly come to a lose.

A person like a demon came forward step by step, not giving her any chance to breathe and grabbing her vitals.

She didn’t have any path of retreat, no other choice!

An hour later, Liang Mei Xue was kneeling in the hall with a pale face. Luo Zhao Xin had already fainted from blood loss and a doctor was saving her.

Luo Shu looked at Luo Qing Chen with a dark glow in his deep eyes. His daughter really was different.

This difference made him afraid. Remembering her every action from before, he felt his hairs stand on end.

“Master, I lost my mind and did this, but this is unrelated to Xin’er! Xin’er is innocent!” Liang Mei Xue cried while not forgetting to blame someone, “Luo Qing Chen can’t do this to Xin’er! If something happens to Xin’er, I…..I definitely won’t let her off.”

“Liang Mei Xue, I don’t need you to let me off.” She paused before saying with a cold laugh, “Because…..I never planned on letting you off.”

“Alright! Stop arguing! What has this family become!” Luo Shu’s eyes turned cold, “The Illusion Mint Leaf and orchids coming together is very poisonous, Yan’er has already inhaled it for half a month. You…..Take out the antidote and I’ll take care of this matter as a family matter.”

“Master……Master……” Liang Mei Xue cried out, “Master…..I don’t have the antidote!”

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