Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: President gege, Please Love Me Again (17)


Translated by lazysenpai

The System thought for a moment. “You can still try it. The worst you can be is both of you clinging on each other, crying and complaining that you are afraid of thunder.”

It would not dare to look straight at the scene though.

Bai Weiwei immediately gave up on her plan and changed her psyche to be as pure and innocent as before.

“Gege?” Bai Weiwei bent her body and looked at Han Zhengyu foolishly. “Gege, what is wrong with you?”

Han Zhengyu did not notice her presence at all instead he withdrew himself furthermore inside the closet. He gritted his teeth and tightened his muscle to the point he felt pain all over his body.

A thunderstorm night reminded him of his thunder-like nightmare.

As long as there was a thunderstorm at night, he would come back to his nightmare when he was ten years old.

That year, he went out with his father for a drive and they ended up being involved in a car accident because of the thunderstorm.

Since the accident happened in a remote place, no one found them.

In order to protect him, his father held him tightly in his arm and while he bore the weight of the car on top of his back.

His father’s blood kept dropping onto his body.

Han Zhengyu always believed human’s blood was cold because when his father was bleeding, his body was freezing cold.

The next day when they were discovered, his father was still on top of him and he didn’t know that he had long passed away.

Since then, every time there was a thunderstorm at night, he would be trapped in his nightmare, just like that night.

Bai Weiwei called him a few times and realized he had been caught up in his world and would simply ignore others. She pondered for a while before decided to stretch out her hand and touched his face.

Han Zhengyu quickly shivered and looked like as if he just suffered a terrible attack. He reached out and slapped away her hand.

Bai Weiwei whined, “Gege, that hurts.” She did not hesitate to throw her crutches in her hand and she stood unsteadily in front of Han Zhengyu.

She covered Han Zhengyu’s pale complexion in her embrace.

Another thunder grumbled. Bai Weiwei hurriedly placed her hand on top of Han Zhengyu’s ears and covered it tightly.

“Gege is not afraid.” Bai Weiwei looked at him seriously. “Gege, this is not scary.”

Han Zhengyu was perplexed. There were still thunders outside the window but the sound of the

rain had been shut away.

He could still hear the thunder but all of his attention was on the soft and warm hands belonged to Bai Weiwei. She resolutely held out her hands to muffle the sound.

As if covering his ears would not let him hear the thunder and he would no longer be afraid of it.

Obviously, he could still hear the thunder and he still felt the despair in the darkness but somehow, he no longer felt scared.

He didn’t feel cold anymore.

Because in comparison, Bai Weiwei was warmer and softer and when she held him tightly in her bosom, there was no bloody cold feeling anymore.

What was this feeling? He felt like he was pricked by thorns again and again till he felt numb and he wanted to get up and flee.

This feeling almost made he felt choked.

Bai Weiwei looked at him unknowingly. “This is not scary because gege cannot hear it.”

Han Zhengyu blinked to dry the moisture in his eyes. She was obviously the woman he hated but at this moment, she was also his only warmth.

Bai Weiwei pretended to let it be but she was aware how vulnerable Han Zhengyu at this moment so she didn’t dare to relax at all.

The sound of thunders gradually weakened till Han Zhengyu said, “Enough, I don’t need this.”

Bai Weiwei acted like she didn’t hear him, simply continue to cover his ears. Han Zhengyu’s heart was in turmoil and eventually, as if he was afraid of something, he reached out and grabbed her hands and pulled it away from covering his ears.

Translator’s Corner:

Han Zhengyu is falling, I repeat, Han Zhengyu is falling! All squads get ready for a ride full of turmoil!

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