Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (23)

“I just learned about Aunt, so I came back specially because I was worried about you…”

Li Qingqing showed a sorrowful expression, she reached out to grab Han Zhengyu’s shoulder, She was just about to say something more when Han Zhengyu asked coldly, “did you push Weiwei down?”

Li Qingqing had a trace of fear flash in her eyes. Did Han Zhengyu see it? But she still maintained her calm persona, “How is that possible, just now…”

Han Zhengyu reached out and yanked her hand off, then looked at Li Qingqing square in the eye, “Do you know there are monitors in here?”

Li Qingqing’s face changed, she didn’t know.

Han Zhengyu noticed the change in Li Qingqing’s expression, and the disappointment filled him.

【The favorability for Li Qingqing was reduced by 10, the remaining favorability is now 5.】

Bai Weiwei looked up ignorantly, she glanced at Han Zhengyu then glanced at Li Qingqing, and with some fear she asked, “Gege, are you not happy?”

Han Zhengyu discovered that his coldness had scared Bai Weiwei, he turned back to a warm tone, “No, I will take you to play after I deal with some adult business.”

Bai Weiwei looked sad, “Are we going to elysium?”

Han Zhengyu’s face turned black and he said, “No, Even if you want to go, the person who is going is not you.” Han Zhengyu turned back to look at Li Qingqing, and then stared at the baggage she brought. He let the servant come over and without him having to say anything, “Please leave Miss Li. We do not welcome such a guest here.”

Li Qingqing’s face turned white, “Zhengyu, I did not push her down.”

Han Zhengyu sneered, “What about your guilty expression? Or do you want to stay with me to watch the monitoring footage right now?”

Li Qingqing retreated, if she knows that there was monitoring, she would have rather fallen off the stairs herself then to push Bai Weiwei.

She glanced at Bai Weiwei and then said to Han Zhengyu as if she was wronged, “I know that you are angry, and if I explained now you would not believe me. So I will go first, but you can not forget, Aunt was killing her.”

After that, Li Qingqing turned left proudly.

Bai Weiwei simply wanted to applaud. This woman was a typical type of sore loser. Even if they were unlucky, they would make sure to pull others to die with them.

Han Zhengyu did not eat this well. “Throw the luggage out too.”

Li Qingqing was so stunned she almost stumbled over herself.

Han Zhengyu doing this really left no face for others.

After Li Qingqing was sent away, Han Zhengyu’s expression was very dignified but could also be called gloomy.

“There was no monitor at all. If she dared to stay and watch the surveillance video, then I would have still believed her.” Han Zhengyu whispered to himself.

Then he looked up at Bai Weiwei, and while barely revealing any feelings in the his depth of his eyes, he said, “I am someone who hates it when others lie to me.”

Bai Weiwei squatted. She suddenly reached out to hug Han Zhengyu, giving him a big smile, “Weiwei won’t ever lie to gege.”

Han Zhengyu looked into her crystal clear eyes, and the spoke gently, “Did you fall on your own just now?”

Bai Weiwei shook her head, “Auntie said that she would send me to elysium, then she dragged me to the stairs and push me down.”

Everything she said was the truth, and there was no need to deceive Han Zhengyu anyway.

Han Zhengyu gritted his teeth, his eyes flashed loathing, all aimed at Li Qingqing.

Bai Weiwei knew that Li Qingqing could not walk into Han Zhengyu’s heart. Even if she had a place in there in the past, she definitely does not have one now.

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