Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: President gege, Please Love Me Again (1)


Translated by lazysenpai

When she woke up, she was lying on a white bed.

Is this hospital?

Did she stay alive somehow?

Bai Weiwei quickly sat up but the pain in her leg forced her to fall back again.

Didn’t she has a heart disease? How come her leg was in pain? Did Bai Yaoyao do something to her?

“Please be prepared, Host. You have just entered another world and the target male lead is about to show up.”

Bai Weiwei frowned. “Are you the System?”

“Yes. My name is Lingling Si and I will accompany the Host to any world. As long as the Host obtained enough affection points, you are able to exchange it with your wish.”

“It sounds very much like a fantasy. What is affection points? How do I get it?” Bai Weiwei thought everything was strange but it didn’t matter how strange the situation was as long as she could stay alive.

“By completing the mission, the mission’s details are available in the library system, if you completed the mission in the specified time, you will receive affection points.”

“What is the mission’s details this time?” Bai Weiwei immediately asked.

Before she entered the comatose, she heard her body could only hold on for three days and it was in the vegetative state.”

She could not do anything for three days but in order to get revenge on Bai Yaoyao, she needed to complete the mission.

“The mission is to obtain Han Zhengyu’s love. Target: Han Zhengyu. Completion Progress: Zero. Please receive the original body’s memory.”

When Bai Weiwei heard Lingling Si, her mind suddenly went blank and a lot of information poured into her brain.

It felt like her head was about to split so she held her head and shivered.

This was more painful than having a heart attack.

When Bai Weiwei saw the memories, her body stiffened,

Because it was impossible to obtain Han Zhengyu’s affection.

The body name was Weiwei and her surname was Bai.

As for why the name was the same as her, Bai Weiwei was too lazy to ask.

Since she was speechless by her memories.

This Bai Weiwei married Han Zhengyu when he was a poor boy because she liked him.

Han Zhengyu was very good-looking and he was a self-employed entrepreneur. He was aloof but he was very responsible.

Bai Weiwei liked him very much and had been chasing him madly.

However, Han Zhengyu did not like this headstrong Young Miss Bai Weiwei and refused her directly.

Bai Weiwei did not give up and she kept chasing him even after he started a business.

However, Han Zhengyu liked another girl named Li Qingqing.

She was afraid that Han Zhengyu would marry Li Qingqing so Bai Weiwei asked her father to threaten Han Zhengyu. If he did not marry Bai Weiwei, they would make his small company went bankrupt.

Since Han Zhengyu urgently needed money to treat his mother, he was forced to agree.

Even so, Han Zhengyu did not like Bai Weiwei and never touched her.

Bai Weiwei misunderstood Han Zhengyu was having an affair so she drove Li Qingqing away and almost killed her.

This incident made Han Zhengyu felt furious against her and immediately left their house, living apart from her.

After one year living apart, Bai Weiwei definitely still did not repent. She went to Han Zhengyu’s hometown and invited the seriously ill mother-in-law to live together with her.

She thought, as long as her mother-in-law was there, Han Zhengyu would return to their house.

Never did she expected, she would be in a car accident because the rain was too heavy.

Her mother-in-law died on the spot.

While she broke her leg and was lying in the hospital.

This was the end of her memories.

After receiving the memories, Bai Weiwei yelled at how stupid was that Bai Weiwei.

Why was she so stupid?

Could you not live without a man?

Also, how would she complete this mission?

Translator’s Corner:

Lingling Si meant Zero Zero Four. Would you like to have System’s name stay as Lingling Si or change it to Zero Zero Four or 004?

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