Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (3)

Han Zhengyu’s handsome face turned dark as he ruthlessly reached out to push her. With his strength, Bai Weiwei’s frail body was forcefully knocked against the cart filled with materials used for medical treatment.

The deafening sound reverberated as the things from the cart came crashing down on her body. The moment she crashed, Bai Weiwei sucked in a mouthful of cold air due to the pain from her leg with the new one coming from her waist.

But even if she’s treated like this, Bai Weiwei persistently held on to Han Zhengyu.

She clearly knows that if she doesn’t succeed in this mission, then she won’t be able to return back.

Han Zhengyu originally wanted to kick her away but when he saw Bai Weiwei’s face looking helpless like a little child along with her pure and limpid eyes, he stopped.

The needles from the cart covered her wrist with scratches that blood began to flow out, making it a ghastly sight to look at.

Han Zhengyu finally felt something amiss. He knew that Bai Weiwei who was pampered and spoiled since childhood as a young miss is incapable of tolerating even a tiny bit of an injury. What could possibly happen that could make her look as if she doesn’t understand what pain is?

“Do you know who I am?” Han Zhengyu asked with a dark face.

Bai Weiwei didn’t understand, but firmly replied, “Of course I know, you’re my gege.”

Han Zhengyu abruptly shook Bai Weiwei’s hands off him and suddenly shouted: “Doctor!”

Outside the door, the doctor and nurses at this moment hastily came trembling in fear. Afterwards, they began to inspect her again and again.

“ It seems that… Miss Bai experienced an excessive brain damage which caused a part of her brain to amass blood pressure that it affected her cranial nerves. Afterwards……”

The doctor spoke a bunch of medical terms that Han Zhengyu finally lost patience and said: “Get to the main point.”

The doctor immediately did as he said, “She has amnesia, not only that because she lost too many memories, it deteriorated her mentality to the age of 5. How much her mentality deteriorated, we still need to check.”

“Amnesia?” Han Zhengyu turned around as he coldly looked at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei leaned on the bed while tightly gripping the hem of Han Zhengyu’s clothes, her face looking miserable as she cries quietly.

Raising her head, she opened her mouth with tearful eyes, while asking in a soft voice, “Gege, doesn’t like Weiwei?”

Han Zhengyu felt an oncoming headache, is this woman really Bai Weiwei?

She’s basically like a five or six years old child.

Han Zhengyu’s face turned cold as he said, “Let go.”

This woman killed his mother.

System:【Male god’s favorable impression, negative twenty-five. Male god’s hatred towards Host is like the sudden spring breeze, thousands of pear trees bloom.】1

His hatred increased by five just because she cried once?

However, thinking of Han Zhengyu’s mother that she killed, in his eyes, just seeing her breath is already a mistake.

Therefore, she cried as she stood up and burst into tears.

Thinking of her current mission that she might not be able to achieve, she wondered if she will really be killed by the hands of her younger sister. Dying silently like that, the more she thought of it the more distressed she felt.

The more distressed she felt the more she cried.

Her cry sounds as if heaven will fall and the earth will split2 earned everyone’s pity.

Bai Weiwei stubbornly held onto Han Zhengyu, “If gege doesn’t want me, Weiwei doesn’t wanna live anymore!”

Is this the Bai Weiwei whose IQ deteriorated?

Han Zhengyu’s face turned from dark to white, to green, finally settling to the color of red.

“Roll! I’m going to divorce you.”

The doctor timely spoke at this time, “Mr. Han, as she currently has the mentality of a kid, you will have to be responsible for her. So divorcing her is simply impossible.”

This world already set a rule that once you marry you cannot abandon one’s own mentally ill partner after marriage.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to divorce, or else Han Zhengyu will certainly get rid of her.

Since Bai Weiwei’s leg injury was only minor, she no longer needed to be hospitalized. Therefore, she followed after Han Zhengyu to return home.


1. [ I give up trying to understand what this meant. Sorry. Original text: “男主好感值,负二十五。男主对你的恨,如同忽如一夜春风来,千树万树梨花开。”]↩

2. [Tiān bēng dì liè: rocked by a major disaster. It just basically means that BWW’s crying sound so terrible that everyone felt bad ]↩

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