Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (6)

By the time Bai Weiwei heard the sound of Han Zhengyu coming back, her strength was already gone. Due to extreme hunger, she couldn’t even sit up.

She laid on top of the bed, thinking that Han Zhengyu would ask about her situation.

Contrary to her expectation, Han Zhengyu didn’t ask about her. Instead, he impatiently said to the servant: “I want to take a bath, tell someone to prepare the water.”

As soon as he finished saying his order, he directly passed by her room with no plan of coming in.

She has been patiently waiting for two days, enduring until she was reduced to become skin and bones.1 How can she possibly let Han Zhengyu get away with this while she suffers alone?

Bai Weiwei struggled to sit up, but she knew that she had insufficient time to get towards the door. Looking beside her bed, she ruthlessly pushed the lamp she saw on top of the table.

The lamp broke.

She let out a mournful sound.

Outside the door, the sound of Han Zhengyu’s footstep suddenly stopped.

Bai Weiwei feared that the sound wasn’t enough. She reached out with great effort and pushed the porcelain decorations on top of the table.

However, she forgot that her body was very weak and had no strength. Even though she didn’t injure her hand, but her whole body ended up falling towards the floor.

System:【Host, after you disfigured your face the Male god will hate you even more. 】

Bai Weiwei: “Shut up, you d*mn system that rejoice in other people’s misfortune.”

However, the system is right. If she’s disfigured then she’ll have even less chance.

When a man sweetly say that appearance doesn’t matter, it’s guaranteed that they’re hypocrites.

If you don’t have a good face, who cares about your inner beauty?

Bai Weiwei felt that this was a matter of life or death. In the end, she turned her face up and placed her arm down as the fragments of the lamp pricked her skin.

She immediately let out a miserable shriek.

First breaking a leg and now injuring her hand.

She merely thought of pricking her arms with the fragments, but she didn’t think that getting pricked would be this painful.

At long last, someone opened the door; though somewhat maliciously.

Han Zhengyu stood by the door with a dark face and yelled: “Bai Weiwei, are you still not done? You… ”

He suddenly turned silent, shocked by the tragic scene before him.

Bai Weiwei’s whole body lay on top of thin glass fragments, her blood covering the floor.

Her pale face looked very thin with chapped lips, while her two eyes lacking spirit.

Looking as if she’s at death’s door.2

Han Zhengyu had never seen her cut such a sorry figure. Looking so miserable and pitiful.

Bai Weiwei looked at him, her eyes reflecting his figure even though she was extremely hurt.

But, her act wasn’t finished yet, or else she would be wasting all her effort.

She looked at Han Zhengyu; her originally blank eyes immediately restored its own luster.

The pale face that lacked spirit finally had a faint flush on it, as if to show her excitement.


Bai Weiwei’s eyes were covered with a layer of mist, with her mouth slightly flat. She reached out her hand, her eyes never leaving his figure.

It’s as if Han Zhengyu became her only savior.

Han Zhengyu frowned, frankly speaking, his hatred towards Bai Weiwei was very deep. However, her appearance right now exceeded his imagination.

Bai Weiwei feared that Han Zhengyu would run away. She already suffered a lot from this torture. At once, her body fell down on Han Zhengyu’s bosom with both hands firmly holding him. Afterwards, she wept and said: “Hungry, gege, I’m hungry. I’m so hungry.”

The way her voice sounds as she shed tears sounded so mournful that a person would feel bad.

Han Zhengyu’s whole body turned stiff from head to toe as he reached out his hand intending to push her. However, the hand that was supposed to push her was instead placed on her shoulders. Thus, sensing right away that her shoulder has become thinner.

How did she lose so much weight?

In the end, for how long was she starved?

Bai Weiwei lowered her head, her expression looking somewhat sinister. Although her mouth was yelling hungry, in her mind she was ridiculing and madly cursing Han Zhengyu.

Even if you hate me for killing your mother, you cannot be this ruthless ok?

She’s an idiot and was starved for two days straight. Han Zhengyu, this guy doesn’t have the least bit of conscience.


[1.] to be very thin↩

[2.] Someone close to dying or is gravely ill or injured. ↩

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