Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: One Strong Punch

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Li Yundong climbed up to the second floor under all kinds of gazes . Upon arriving on the second floor, various shouting sounds could be heard, probably originating from the shout required during practice .

Taekwondo and karate were similar on this point . They paid particular attention to gaining the upper hand through a show of strength . They particularly like to release intense shouts that give off a feeling of great force, serving to intimidate their opponents .

Li Yundong followed the sound to find the Taekwondo Society on the right side of the second floor .

The moment he entered, he saw a taekwondo logo wearing a white dobok performing a high side kick hung by the doorway . A round faced beauty came forward to welcome him . She spoke very cordially, “Greetings fellow classmate, you are…”

As she spoke she suddenly covered her mouth and let out a startled exclamation, “Ah! You’re Li Yundong?”

Li Yundong glanced at her flabbergasted, “You recognize me?”

The round faced girl smiled and said, “Who at Tiannan University doesn’t recognize you these days? You’re the confession emperor who turned around and suddenly transformed into parkour emperor . ”

This girl was very good at acting familiar on her own . She prodded Li Yundong with her elbow and said with a smile, “Hey, give me your signature, alright?”

Li Yundong laughed out involuntarily, “Me? What signature could I go? No way . Aren’t you making fun of me?”

The round faced beauty replied without accepting excuses, “Right now, your videos are stickied to the highlights section of the student forum . In the future, you’ll definitely be popular . That day, I saw you jump up to the fourth floor from the first floor carrying a beauty in your arms . That’s practically more awesome than Jackie Chan . I was dumbstruck from watching . I only regret that I didn’t record it!”

Li Yundong’s eye corners twitched . Internally, he thought, “Grassssss . Really? Stickied highlight your mother! These idle to the point of butt-hurt fellow are sure senseless enough!’

This girl pestered Li Yundong for a good while . Seeing he was determined not to give his signature, the girl could only retrieve an application form from the reception desk and pass it to Li Yundong . “Then you’re here to sign up for the Taekwondo Society, right? How about you fill out a form first?”

With those words, she turned her gaze to Su Chan . Her eyes contained both astonishment and jealousy . She secretly mumbled to herself, ‘She is actually that pretty . No wonder Li Yundong is so fierce when holding her . ’

The round faced girl looked toward Su Chan and her attitude was clearly less genial compared to before . She said, “Beauty, do you want to sign up too?”

Su Chan up until now was still unclear on what the heck was taekwondo . She looked toward Li Yundong as if she were consulting his opinion .

Li Yundong thought for a bit and said, “You can follow me to take a look . If you also want to learn then it’s not too late to apply . ”


When Li Yundong was filling in the application form, the round faced girl’s eyes spun and then she took out another application form . She said, “Please fill out this one as well, we keep records in duplicate . ”

When Li Yundong handed over the completed forms, he saw the round faced girl smile proudly . “See? Didn’t I end up getting the signature I wanted?”

“This is your first signature right? Ha, when you’re popular in the future, I’ll be rich!” the round faced girl laughed merrily, “I am your number one fan yo . ”*

Li Yundong watched as she merrily waved the form in her hand . It did indeed have his signature on it . Li Yundong shook his head and laughed in spite of himself . He cupped his hands in salute and said, “As you wish . You’re really quite something! You have convinced me . ”**

The round faced beauty smiled and said, “Do you want to directly pay the two hundred in application fee, or do you want to check it out first and learn with the society for a month before deciding?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Is there a difference between the two?”

The round faced beauty said, “The first choice lets you directly become a member . You can participate in the society’s activities at any time . If your results are good, the society will recommend you to participate in various competition . As for the second choice, you can practice with us for a month . During this period, we won’t ask for any fees, but you have to rent a dobok for youself . If you find that you aren’t interested after a month, you can freely leave the society . ”

Li Yundong nodded his head . In his head, he thought that he was not lacking this money anyway, thus he took out two hundred kuai from his pocket . “In that case, I’ll just pay first . ”

After handing over the money, the round faced beauty guided Li Yundong from the front desk to the main hall with a smile . She told a male student who wore a dobok with a red belt around his waist, “This is our newly joined member, Li Yundong . ”

The male student was tall with a well-built physique . However, his face was full of pimples, similar to a deep fried ball of dough .

When he saw Li Yundong enter, his gaze just happened to fall on Su Chan first . His eye became full of shock and astonishment . When the round faced beauty repeated herself twice in a row, he finally regained his wits . He glanced at Li Yundong with an enormous amount of jealousy and hostility .

“You’re the new junior?” the pimpled man released a puff of air from his nose . He stood in front of LI Yundong, arrogantly sizing him up . His eyes full of provocation and contempt .

Li Yundong inwardly frowned . He was very dissatisfied with this kind of gaze and tone of voice . However, for the sake of learning fighting technique, he would endure . “Yes, I am . Senior, please look after me . ”

The pimpled man swept his gaze over Li Yundong and said, “Follow me . ”

He brought Li Yundong and Su Chan to a corner of the main hall . There were various kinds of equipment here . Most were exercise equipment but there was also some testing equipment .

The pimpled man’s eyes were always fixed on Su Chan . Only when Su Chan rolled her eyes at him in an exaggerated manner did he greedily withdraw his gaze . Looking toward Li Yundong, he declared full of hostility and flaunting, “This machine is for testing your strength . I will hit it first to demonstrate how it’s done . ”

At this time, there were quite a few girls in the main hall either drinking water by the drinking fountain or buying drinks from the refrigerated vending machine . They all looked in Li Yundong’s direction with faces full of disdain .

They were all clear that new members of the society did not need this kind of test . However, this pimpled man as it happens wanted to show off to the girl beside Li Yundong, so he brought him over to the strength testing machine in order to flaunting his superiority .

And the most unreasonable part was that many of the other guys in the main hall also rushed over . Each and everyone of them eager to have a try, wanting to show off in front of the little fox .

This kind of childish action made many of the female students dissatisfied . What made them even more dissatisfied was that these guys used to be particularly attentive to them and now these guys practically treated them like air!

‘If this can be tolerated, then what can’t be tolerated?’

Therefore, these girls chose to watch with indifference from the side . Internally, they cursed incessantly, “Little vixen, troublesome fox, fox spirit!”

The pimpled man stretched his neck then kneaded his wrist . He stood in bow step stand*** and took a deep breath . A heavy fist strike hit the receiving panel for strength testing .

After a series of beeping sounds, screen of the testing machine showed a number: 289 lb .

The surroundings immediately became noisy and sounds indicating admiration could be heard .

“Screw . He’s really strong . Bro Zeng’s fist strength increased again!”

“That’s right . Last time it was only 256 lb!”

“This is almost 140 kg of force in a single punch! Scary . Too scary . If you get hit by that, you’ll definitely die!”

The surrounding male students all started discussing .

The pimpled man turned toward Li Yundong immensely proud of himself and said, “Come, it’s your turn to try Of course, don’t compare with me . My results are only possible with a lot of training . If you can hit 200 bl with a single punch then that’s already not bad . ”

Li Yundong was heavily dissatisfied inside . He really wished he could punch this guy in the face . With so many people watching, he could not refuse to use the testing machine . Like so, he had been sort of put on the spot .

In particular, the fact that the eyes of all the male students reflected their low evaluation of his ability and their disregard made Li Yundong feel dissatisfied to the extreme .

Even the sympathetic female audience on the side did not seem optimistic about his performance .

Only Su Chan stood on the side and incited Li Yundong by saying, “Beat him down, Yundong . You can win against him for sure . ”

When he heard Su Chan’s words, Li Yundong’s heart felt warm . In the end, it was classmate Su Chan who was supportive when it counts .

Li Yundong also imitated the pimpled man by stretching his neck, kneading his wrists, and taking a bow step stance . He inhaled deeply and then holding that breath, he heavily struck out with his fist .

As Li Yundong swung his fist, he suddenly felt a warmth flow from his abdomen and charge upwards . The same kind of feel where his entire body was filled with strength appeared once more just like when he was doing parkour .

This warmth was boiling like a flooding river . It rapidly moved from Li Yundong’s body to his arm, his wrist, and finally to his fist!

With a huge bang sound, the screen of the strength testing machine abruptly showed a new number: 513 lb .

“Sss…” The surrounding guys immediately sucked in a breath of cold air . Their eyeballs almost fell out of their eye sockets because their eyes were opened really wide . “513 bl . Even Tyson only punches 498 bl! How is this possible?”

The surrounding girls all cried out in surprise and they also said, “That’s impossible right? Did the machine break?”

The pimpled man sucked in a breath of cold air . His eyes were opened extremely wide . He said, “The machine must have malfunctioned! How is this possible!”

Not only the pimpled man, even Li Yundong looked at the number shown on the machine at a loss . He looked at his fist once more . He himself did not believe he could hit such as high number .

Only the little fox stood only the side as if this were the right and proper result . Internally, she was laughing at the crowd . ‘A bunch of backward fellows who back experience . Yundong’s body has been remodel led by the Gold Pill . Even though the Gold Pill still hasn’t revealed its true strength, but a single punch from Yundong should have already surpassed every normal person in this world .

‘Hmph . Hmph . The Human Origin Gold Pill is known as the earthbound immortal pill . How could its results not be spectacular?’

The little fox was immensely proud of herself, as if she were the one in the spotlight just now .

The pimpled man stared at Li Yundong with a pair of dead fish eyes for a while, sizing up his figure repeatedly . Then he shook his head viciously . Turning around toward the round faced girl, he said, “Feng Na, please make a note . The strength testing machine is broken . Get someone to fix it tomorrow . ”

Feng Na made an affirmative sound . Disdain flashed in her eyes . She openly said to Li Yundong, “As your number one fan, I support you . It’s definitely not that machine that broke!”

Li Yundong smiled at her .

The face of pimpled man on the side sank just like that, “Feng Na, what are you saying?”

Feng Na glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and said, “When it’s you, there’s no problem with the results . When it’s someone else, there has to be a problem . What kind of situation is that? Don’t you know that he’s the fierce guy who did parkour carrying a person yesterday?”

Once she finished speaking, the surrounding students immediately broke into sounds of admiration and surprise, leading to spirited discussion .

“Screw! He’s the parkour bro? You can’t tell by looking!”

“That’s right . This bro has foolish chubby face . You really can’t tell!”

“Someone like him can parkour? Then even I become an action celebrity!”

“I say, you bunch of losers . Just because you’re useless, don’t assume that other people are useless like you . If you have the ability, you can go try out sprinting while carrying a living person . ”

Opposite genders attract . Girls will always take the side of the more attractive guy and help him out .

“That’s right . Didn’t you learn the phrase ‘not to judge a book by its cover’ when you were young?”

Li Yundong listened to them argue nonstop . He felt very awkward inside . This kind of thing should bring a secret sense of satisfaction, but why did his whole body feel uneasy instead?

The pimpled man’s complexion grew progressively worse . He grabbed Li Yundong’s shoulder and pressed down . “You go try it again . I don’t believe that your result just now is anything but a malfunction . ”

Li Yundong was very annoyed . In one motion, he slapped the man’s hand off his shoulder and said in anger, “I am here to learn taekwondo . I am not here to hit the machine!”

Li Yundong consumed the human origin Old Pill . Since then the essense, qi and blood in his body had flourished . When he glared with his eyes, his gaze was like lightning . His originally chubby face in turn possessed a loftiness that could not be ignored . This made the eyes of some of the girls in the surrounding light up as they secretly nodded to themselves . ‘This fellow really does have some manliness . The fact that the little vixen likes him isn’t without reason . ’

Upon receiving Li Yundong’s glare, the pimpled man subconsciously took a step back . However, he quickly became enraged instead . He resentfully glanced at Li Yundong and heavily snorted from his nose . “Let’s go then . Follow me to the dojo . ”

While he led the way, he was secretly sneering inside, ‘In a bit, we’ll see how I devastate you . ’

At this time, Li Yundong already had some thoughts of leaving . However, thinking of the two hundred kuai fee he already paid, he chose to endure and follow the pimpled man into the dojo .


* To be honest, there’s a bunch of funny, ya, yo, en, ge ge, shishi, keke, etc . sound effects that are simply left out to make the entire work more westernized . I felt this girl had character and this yo sound effect was similar to the yo sound in English so I left it in . If this were a japanese translation, all the sound effects would remain as they were, so it’s not too out of line .

**Technically, it’s closer to I admire you than you’ve convinced me… but I admire you in English is a bit like flirting and this is more of a manly/sibling/comrade your accomplishments have earned my admiration type thing . But “Your actions have earned my admiration” is too formal, so we’ve compromised .

*** As far as I can tell, bow step stance is similar to the pose made during calf stretches . It is also known as the bow and arrow stance, used in eastern martial arts .

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