Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Close Yet Far

The pitiful Director Qian was kicked in the important bits by Su Chan . Luckily, SU Chan did not use much strength in this kick, otherwise Director Qian’s balls would really have to explode .

Li Yundong watched as Director Qian lay on the ground like a bug struggling and wiggling . Sweat broke out all over his body . The students who were on the side fell into a hubbub, causing all the nearby teachers to come over . Those teacher upon seeing the situation, were immediately gobsmacked .

‘What student would dare to hit a teacher? How could this be allow?’

Li Yundong knew that he was on the very edge of expulsion . He was hit by a sudden inspiration . Putting on a solemn face and a stern posture, he said to Su Chan, “Are you insane? How could you hit a teacher?”

Su Chan’s face showed a stunned expression . She felt wronged inside . ‘You’re the one who told me to kick . ’ Her lips protruded into a pout . She just about to start whining when she saw Li Yundong use all his strength to signal to her with his eyes .

Su Chan was not stupid . She somewhat understood inside . Thus with big puffed up cheeks, she remained quiet .

Li Yundong saw that the girl finally stopped spouting shocking statements . He finally breathed out in relief . Kneeling down, he said to the director, “Director Qian, I believe this is a misunderstanding . What do you think?”

Director Qian was full of resentment in his heart . How could he know that the girl would suddenly turn on him and execute such a fierce attack . Unfortunately, he was unwilling to spread this event around . If Su Chan decided to publicize everything he said earlier, the people around here were not stupid, everyone would understand what he wanted to do .

‘In that case, how can I keep staying at this school?’

So Director Qian bit down . His eyes were bulging outward as they glared at Li Yundong, full of bitter resentment . After a long while, he managed to squeeze out from his cheeks, “Mis-misunderstanding . This is a misunderstanding . ”

Li Yundong secretly released a breath he had been holding . Turning his head, he said to Su Chan, “Su Chan, why haven’t you apologized?”

Su Chan pulled a mischievous face at Li Yundong and Director Qian . Without apologizing, she turn around and ran away .

Li Yundong froze in surprise . He was anxious inside, but he could only apologetically smile at Director Qian and say, “Director Qian, how about I escort you to the hospital for a check up?”

Director Qian gnashed his teeth and said, “No need… ge-get lost!”


The last word was forcibly pushed out from between his teeth . Li Yundong acted as if he received amnesty upon hearing this and hurriedly escaped by fleeing ignominiously .

He sprinted all the way and managed to catch up with Su Chan outside of the school . He reached out to catch the girl’s hand . However, the girl shook him off . She turned around and angrily said, “Why do you want me to apologize to him? Clearly it was him that was in the wrong!”

Li Yundong sighed and said, “That’s right . Of course it’s that old pervert that’s in the wrong . He dared to dig my wall corner . I wish I could castrate that old man . ”

With Su Chan’s childlike temperament, anger turned to happiness . She said, “Good idea! But if you really think that then why do you want me to apologize?”

Li Yundong reached out and pinched at Su Chan’s cheeks in exasperation . “I don’t know what to do with you . If I get expelled, then I won’t have any money! Where would I go to get money? In order to feed a hungry cat*1 like you, do you think it’s easy?”

Su Chan shouted out in surprised . She reached out a smacked away the hand Li Yundong used to pinch her cheeks . She replied very seriously, “So long as you have arms and legs . What can’t you do? If you really have no money, then in the worst case we can go beg for good together!”

Li Yundong started laughing loudly . Internally he was deeply moved . ‘These years, what beautiful girl did not worship money? Wearing gold and silver was the norm, an entire wardrobe consisting of famous brands is an absolute necessity . A large house and a sports car, if you didn’t have these, each and every one of them would race to bid adieu .

‘Where would you an spectacular beauty like Su Chan who could seriously say to someone as useless as me, if you have no money, then we can go beg for food together?’

Li Yundong’s heart was very badly moved . He reached out once more to pinch at the girl’s cheeks . “You talk as if I’m already broke! But at that time if we really need to beg for food, then I’ll be a male beggar and you’ll be a female beggar . We’ll be a pair of beggars who begs their way through Jianghu . *2”

Su Chan giggled . She twisted her body and dodged Li Yundong’s evil clutches . Even as she laughed, she spoke in a displeased tone, “Shameless . Who is a pair of beggars with you? I’ve only heard of a pair of thieves . I’ve never heard of a pair of beggars! Be ashamed! You really have no prospects!”

Li Yundong pretended to be mad and said, “Very well! You even dare to mock me! Excellent . Let me show you my moves . Observe, my milk snatching dragon claw!”

Su Chan saw Li Yundong with a deranged face in addition to bared teeth and brandished claws, so she shrieked, turned around, and ran . As she ran, she left behind a trail of laughter like the ringing of silver bells .

Li Yundong exerted himself and chased from behind . The two youths chased and ran, frolicking all the way . The sound of their play caused all those they passed by to glance at them without exception .

For this moment, Su Chan forgot her intention to drain this man dry . Li Yundong also forgot the threat of expulsion hanging above his head . They enjoyed themselves without a care .

The beginning of summer, the month of May, sunlight streamed like spring water . Amongst the mottled shade from trees on the road, there were two lively figures . A figure was able to stun the entire world . A figure was able to soothe the passage of years .

The two played and fought . They bought some food at a nearby supermarket and finally returned home .

Li Yundong carried a bag of ingredients . He took off his shoes and said to Su Chan, “You take a rest . I’ll go cook food . ”

Su Chan nodded . She listlessly sat on the living room carpet . Her bright and witty eyes spun around in her eye sockets .

After a while, clanking sound could be heard in the kitchen indicating food was being made . Su Chan could not help but think about the delicious food Li Yundong made for her last time . Not only did her saliva overflow, her heart was full of expectation, but there was also a bit of guilt . ‘I eat his food, live in his place, wear his clothes, and in the end, will drain him dry . It seems a bit like I haven’t done right by this fellow?’

Su Chan thought for a bit . ‘Let’s check in on him . ’

She stood up and tip toed to the kitchen . She saw Li Yundong in an apron cutting meat .

Su Chan laughed up her sleeve as she moved behind Li Yundong . Just as she prepared to give him a fright, she heard a loud shout from Li Yundong who had just suddenly turned around while brandished his knife . Su Chan was the one given a fright instead . Her heart jumped up to her throat .

Su Chan screamed from fight, and reflexively punched out, solidly landing a blow on Li Yundong’s belly .

Li Yundong had the Gold Pill protecting his body . This punch from Su Chan was more like a tickle . He laughed so hard he held his stomach and rocked back and forth .

Su Chan knew that she had been had by Li Yundong . She hit him once in annoyance and said, “How did you know that I was behind you?”

Li Yundong suppressed his laughter and said, “Don’t you know that your body has a nice scent? When you stood behind me, I could smell already smell it . ”

Fox spirits innately possess an alluring unique fragrance . Everyone beside them would smell it vivdly but they themselves would not be able to smell it at all .

Su Chan blinked her eyes . She raised her arm and sniffed at it . With a puzzled face, she said, “I can’t smell anything . ”

Li Yundong was immensely proud of himself as he said, “I am born in the year of the old! He he . Just now, you wanted to scare me but failed, right?”

Su Chan had a indignant expression as she stubbornly said, “Who wants to scare you? This one was simply looking at you work . I wanted to show appreciation . Who knew you would so cruelly respond to my good intentions! I’m going to ignore you . Me angry . ”

Once she finished speaking, Su Chan held her hands behind her back and walked away looking back three times for every step . The expression on her face practically wrote out, ‘Hurry up and ask me to stay . ’

Li Yundong thought it was a funny scene . He forcibly resisted the urge to open his mouth and turned around to continue cutting the meat .

Su Chan walked to the doorway only to find Li Yundong had not asked her to stay behind . She was both angry and annoyed . With bared fangs, she pulled a mischievous face at Li Yundong’s back .

However, even though she bared her teeth and brandished her claws for a good while, Li Yundong kept his back to her and could not see . Su Chan started to lose interest . She mumbled to herself that she wanted to leave, but at the same time, she filled with unwillingness . Her eyes spun once and suddenly she released a mournful scream as if she were stabbed, “Ahhh!”

Li Yundong thought something had happened to Su Chan . He was so shaken up that his entire body shivered . The trajectory of his knife bent and he cut his own fingers . However, he did not feel a thing . He simply launched himself toward Su Chan . Staring at Su Chan with widened eyes, he checked on her body from top to bottom . “Are you okay?”

Su Chan was immensely proud of herself as she laughed and said, “I finally scared you…”

Before she finished speaking, she discovered Li Yundong’s still bleeding finger . Widening her eyes, she shrieked, “Ah! You’re bleeding!”

Li Yundong only now noticed that his finger was bleeding . He put his bleeding finger into his mouth and sucked a couple times . His other hand lovingly rubbed at Su Chan’s head . He smiled and said, “It’s nothing . I thought something happened to you . You scared me . ”

Su Chan had a very apologetic expression on her face . She caught Li Yundong’s wounded finger; pouting her bright red lips, blew on it .

Li Yundong looked upon the beauty in front of him . He felt her black hair pooled like a waterfall, her red lips were like cherries, her teeth were white like pearls, and her breath fragrant like orchids . Truly, every part of her was perfect . His heart shook and he subconsciously lowered his head intending to kiss Su Chan’s delicate ruby lips .

Su Chan noticed Li Yundong drawing near . She did not understand what that meant . She lifted her head . As a result, both their heads ended up heavily crashing against each other . Both of them exclaimed ‘ouch’ at the same time and both of them crouched down on the ground .

Li Yundong held his chin with his heart beating wildly . He did not dare to look at Su Chan . Su Chan held her forehead . At this time, she already understand that a moment ago that man wanted to kiss her . She also could not help but feel her heart beat like a drum . Her expression was a little unnatural .

Li Yundong stood up . He forced himself to be calm and drily coughed once . “I’ll cook . You wait in the living room for me . If you’re bored, you can watch some TV . ”

With those words, not even glancing at Su Chan, he quick went to the living room and turned on the plasma screen TV on the television wall .

Su Chan lowered her head and followed behind Li Yundong’s back . Her hands gasped at her clothes . Her head was held very low .

The atmosphere between the two remained awkward . Li Yundong scratched at his hair and said, “I’ll go cook . ” After saying these words, he left the living room as if escaping .

Su Chan knelt on the carpet . She peeked at Li Yundong as he left the living room . Only then did she feel like letting out a sigh of relief, as if she could not breathe when that man was in front of her .

Su Chan could not help but smile bitterly . ‘This is bad . As expected, he really did start propositioning me . But in his current condition, if he succeed, the only result will be death by exhaustion*3 . Not only would that waste the Human Origin Gold Pill, it would also cost a life . What would I do?’

The little fox felt jittery inside . She tweaked at her ears and scratched at her cheeks for a while . Thinking this and that for a while, she still could not come up with a solution . In the end, she could only say to herself, ‘I can’t let him go on like this . A little distance must be kept between us . ’


*1 big eater

*2 This is a movie reference to Bonnie and Clyde, which turns into ‘pair of thieves’ in Chinese, which parallels ‘pair of beggars .

*3 Exhaustion as in excessive ejaculation .

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