Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Consequences of Offending a Beauty

After watching Xie Fei and his men leave, Li Yundong turned around to find Zhou Yu, who had come to make trouble for him earlier, standing there in a daze . Li Yundong sneered and said, “Did you want to have a duel with me? How about we have a go right now?”

Having observed Li Yundong’s ability, Zhou Yu felt uncertain of his chances of victory . He put on a bold face and said, “You just finished a fight . Even if I win, it would have been due to an unfair advantage . ”

Li Yundong was so angry that he started laughing, “Are you an old granny?”

He turned to face Su Chan and said, “Let’s go . Your mother . Today was a day of meeting crazies . ”

Su Chan made an affirmative sound . She was just about to follow Li Yundong and leave, when they heard someone shout in a loud voice, “Li Yundong, wait up!”

Li Yundong looked back only to find Feng Nuo running toward him . His head felt like it would explode the moment he saw the girl . “I say, grand aunt, what is it that you want now?”

Although Feng Nuo just saw Li Yundong demonstrate incredible martial prowess, she was not afraid of him . She grabbed Li Yundong by the arm and shouted as if she had caught a thief, “You dared to say that you did not know taekwondo! You were lying to me before!”

Li Yundong was immediately at a loss for words . He said with a bitter smile, “If I tell you that I just learned taekwondo yesterday . Will you believe me?”

Feng Nuo replied, “If I tell you that I don’t believe you . Will you believe me?”

Li Yundong begged with his waist bowed and his hands clasped before him, “I say, can you please let me off?”

Feng Nuo also begged with her waist bowed and her hands clasped before her, “I say, you should just perform an act of kindness . In honor of my position as your number one fan, please agree to help!”

Li Yundong did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Then I henceforth declare you an idol . I am your number one fan, so please stop hounding me from now on!”

Feng Nuo could not help but get mad . “Li Yundong, no matter how you look at it . Zhao Yujian was injured by you . You need to take responsibility and you have a duty to resolve this matter! Unless you are no longer a member of this university, otherwise, I won’t stop coming after you!”

Li Yundong raised his head and made a self-deprecating joke, “In the near future, I really won’t be a member of this university anymore!”

Feng Nuo was shocked, “What do you mean? You’re going to transfer schools?”

Li Yundong chuckled and said as if he were smashing an already cracked jar*1, “Somebody wants to expel me!”

Feng Nuo angrily said, “Who? At this time, what brainless idiot wants to do that? If they want to expel you, they should wait until after the exchange!”

Feng Nuo had just finished speaking, when she heard Cheng Cheng cough twice dryly from the side . Only then did Feng Nuo realize her slip of the tongue . She could only laugh dryly a couple times toward Li Yundong who had a numb expression on his face . “Who is it that wants to expel you? I have some influence in the student union . I can help you plea for leniency!”


Li Yundong looked around at the ever growing crowd around them, he lowered his voice and said, “Director Qian . ”

Feng Nuo made an oh sound and her face was full of realization . “I understand . I will help you plea for leniency! However, you have to first promise, if I manage to help you through this, you have to help me out and be the replacement!”

Li Yundong thought for a bit . This transaction looked rather worthwhile . He sighed and said, “But I really don’t know taekwondo! What can I perform? It’s not like I can perform body plank boulder break, right?”*2

Zhou Yu who was on the side was waiting for a chance to speak up . He ridiculed, “You only know how to put on this kind of unconventional performance!”

Li Yundong was indignant; his eyebrows immediately furrowed . “You’re conventional? Come over here and spar with me!”

Feng Nuo angrily bellowed at Zhou Yu, “Get lost for me . There’s no need for your input here!”

Zhou Yu was forced back a step by Feng Nuo’s bellow . He resentfully said, “It is only due to you that I am not teaching this punk a lesson . ”

Li Yundong fixed his eyes on Zhou Yu . He viciously thought inside, ‘You’ll see how I cut you down to size when I get the chance . ’

Feng Nuo said to Li Yundong, “Hey, do you agree or not? Be more resolute . Give me a straight answer!”

Li Yundong had been pestered till he was somewhat annoyance, “Okay already . If you can help me solve that issue, I’ll agree!”

As he spoke, he pulled on Su Chan and turned to leave .

Feng Nuo was so happy that the tips of her eyebrows rose in joy . She further asked, “Then what program will you be performing? Brick break? Plank kick? Or something else?”

Li Yundong did not even look back . He impatiently waved his hand and said, “It’s up to you . You choose!”

Feng Nuo saw that Li Yundong had left . She proudly turned to Cheng Cheng and snapped her fingers . “It’s settled . Like I said, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished once I get involved . ”

Cheng Cheng was not as cheerful . She repeatedly signaled at Feng Nuo using her eyes . Feng Nuo followed her gaze and looked around . She only saw the students in the surrounding gaze at her strangely .

Cheng Cheng sighed . “You’re finished . Tonight, the thread about you pursuing Li Yundong in reverse will be the hottest item on the school forums . Even if you try to explain, it won’t work out . ”

Feng Nuo was rendered speechless . She flew into a rage out of humiliation and said, “This is all that bastard’s fault! Hateful . I’m so mad!”

Afterward, she said to Cheng Cheng, “That’s right . Do you have the program registration form on you?”

Cheng Cheng dug through her handbag and replied, “It’s here . What about it?”

Feng Nuo gnashed her teeth and said, “Register Li Yundong on the form!”

Cheng Cheng paused . “What if you can’t solve the issue on Director Qian’s side?”

Feng Nuo snorted coldly and said, “If I get involved, are there still any issue that can’t be solved? Write it down . Write it down now, then submit the form to the school!”

Cheng Cheng made an affirmative sound, “What should I put down as his program?”

Feng Nuo snorted . “Didn’t you hear what he said?”

Cheng Cheng was completely lost . “Did he say anything before?”

“Body plank boulder break!” Feng Nuo said with a laugh, her face full of bad intentions . “Isn’t that what he personally said?”

Cheng Cheng was dumbstruck . She stupidly said, “Che-chest plank boulder break? What era is this? We’re still going to perform that?”

Feng Nuo glared at her, “Are you going to write or not?”

Cheng Cheng had no other choice so she could only write it down . She imagined the scene of Li Yundong performing chest plank boulder break during the exchange between two universities of different nations, and she couldn’t help but shudder .

How could Li Yundong know that he had been plotted against by Feng Nuo . He had brought Su Chan along and returned home . After a long while, his roused anger finally calmed down bit by bit .

The little fox Su Chan had followed quietly by his side the entire way . Her gaze had been fixed on Li Yundong’s face, observing his emotions . She had been afraid that she would say something else wrong and anger him once more .

Quite some time later, Su Chan saw that despite his still displeased expression, all the anger in Li Yundong’s eyes had already dispersed . Only then did she speak up, “Yundong, don’t be mad anymore . ”

Li Yundong gave her a glance . He snorted . He thought to himself, ‘If it weren’t for this girl always saying and doing strange things, how could there be so much trouble?’

Su Chan found that Li Yundong was not talking . She used her hand to shake Li Yundong’s arm . She spoke coquettishly, “Aiya . Don’t be angry! At worst, this one will never speak again, all right?”

Li Yundong peeked at her out of the corner of his eyes and thought, ‘How could I bear allowing you to do that?’

Su Chan saw that Li Yundong still was not talking . She puffed up her cheeks and her eyes spun around . She thought of something and tested it out by asking, “Then, if I kiss you once, you can’t be angry anymore, okay?”

These words forced Li Yundong’s sky-high anger to transform into calmly flowing water, dissipating in an instant . His heart was moved, but he was too embarrassed to immediately accept . He could only make an ambiguous affirmative sound .

Su Chan planted a kiss on Li Yundong’s face . Her movement was lightning fast and her kiss was like a dragonfly gently touching water . The sensation of those soft lips making contact with his cheek almost made Li Yundong’s bones go soft .

After her kiss, Su Chan held Li Yundong’s hand and said, “You’re still ignoring me, mmm? What are you thinking about?”

Li Yundong’s face was no longer taut . He ran his hand along where Su Chan kissed his cheek . With a feeling of helplessness, he said, “I am wondering, what street would be better for earning money once we’re forced to become beggars?”

Su Chan burst out in laughter . She held her belly and laughed so loudly that she collapse on the carpet . “You really have no prospects . Why would you think about this kind of thing?”

Li Yundong snorted and said, “A prodigal girl like you, how could you understand the difficulties of everyday life? Come over here, let’s do some accounting . Look, the TV broke, so we have buy a new one and that alone is five or six thousand, right? The hanging light needed to be replaced, that’s also a couple hundred, right? Before, due to the fight, that was a couple hundred in medical fees . Just these comes to almost seven thousand, right? As for Zhao Yujian, even though he was the one who started the incident, but I estimate that there’s a 80 or 90% chance that I’ll have to pay the medical fees . I don’t know how much that will be…”

He was calculating the debt, when he glimpsed Su Chan looking at him anxiously . Her face was full of worries . Her large watery eyes shining in a way that was moving and pitiable enough to melt Li Yundong in his entirety .

Su Chan spoke in a trembling voice, “You wouldn’t turn your back on me, right?”

Her voice was mournful, pitiable, and sweet, enough to move even a man made of iron .

When Li Yundong saw Su Chan, his heart was filled with regret . ‘Did I go insane? With a foolish girl like this, what kind of accounting could I do? A girl like this should be doted on and loved . If I calculate this kind of debt with her, what kind of man am I?

‘Shouldn’t a man protect against wind and rain, blocking out all the bitterness and difficulties, so that only the sweetness and happiness of life is left for his beloved?’

Upon thinking this, Li Yundong could not help but feel endlessly gallant on the inside . He reached out and squeezed Su Chan’s delicate yet upright nose . “Foolish girl, how could I turn my back on you!”

Su Chan made an ‘eya’ sound and moved to avoid Li Yundong’s hand . She asked, “Then, is it because you don’t have money?”

Li Yundong decided never to mention money issues to Su Chan again . He chuckled and said, “How could that be? I still have quite a bit of money . You don’t need to worry!”

Since childhood, his mother and father had given him quite a bit of money . He also did not have a habit of spending money extravagently, so all that money had been saved up . At this time, he had somewhere around a hundred thousand yuan . Even if the amount needed to pay the debt he just calculated was taken out, there would still be enough to make ends meet .

As for Su Chan, she was original a little demon that did not eat the food of common mortals . How could she know the difficulty of earning money in the secular world . Upon hearing what Li Yundong said, she ended up believing him and stopped worrying, breaking out into a smile . “You’re evil . Always trying to scare me!”

Li Yundong saw her smiling like a flower . He felt warmth in his heart, as if he would know no fear even when the sky falls down . He pretended to put on a displeased face and said, “Then from now on, will you do as you’re told?

Su Chan nodded like a chicken pecking at rice . “Chan-er will definitely do as she’s told . ”

When Li Yundong saw her obedient manner, he suddenly had a idea . He dryly coughed once and proceeded to speak most seriously, “Very good . Now, kiss me once and I will believe you!”

Su Chan giggled and said, “Wasn’t there already a kiss?”

Li Yundong could not help but lick his lips and laugh . “Then, one more kiss!”

Su Chan jumped up and ran into the bedroom laughing . With a bang, the door shut . “No! Absolutely not!”

Li Yundong chased to the doorway only to be shut out . Disappointed, he drooped his head and looked at the living room carpet . Then he looked at the tightly shut door of the bedroom . He could not help but give a bitter smile . “Is it possible that from now on, I’m destined to be an entrance hall officer?*3”

The little fox Su Chan leaned against the door . She thought about what Li Yundong said before and could not help but feel disconcerted . ‘Aiya, this again . It can’t go on like this! But everytime I want to put on a mean face and open up some distance between us, I can’t make myself mean . ’

Su Chan’s heart was perturbed for a while . She felt a growing annoyance . She grabbed her hair and crouched down, muttering to herself, “What should I do now . Hateful!”

How could Su Chan know that yin and yang attracted each other as per the nature of all things . She herself was a fox that had become a demon, and foxes were of supreme yin under heaven . Whereas Li Yundong consumed the Human Origin Gold Pill and thus could be considered supreme yang under heaven .

Even if a normal man and a normal woman lived together, familiarity would breed fondness, let alone the two of them who were supreme yin and supreme yang . By how many times did the mutual attraction between them exceed the norm?

Su Chan crouched on the ground, having stared blankly for a while . Suddenly, she heard Li Yundong call her name from the other side of the door .

Su Chan started in fright . She stood up in an instant and replied completely flustered, “What is it?”

Li Yundong stood by the doorway and asked with a stutter, “Today, that fellow, he… didn’t manage to hurt you, did he?”

Su Chan snorted, “Just them? I can face off against a hundred without any problem . You don’t need to worry!”

Li Yundong remained silent for a while, then he said, “Su Chan, next time, don’t do these dangerous things yourself, understand? If something happens, you have me . ”

Su Chan reflexively wanted to refute . However, without knowing why, her words were swallowed back down after reaching her mouth . She faintly felt a warmth in her heart . “Yeah, I got it . ”

Li Yundong responded, “En . Then, I’m going to sleep for a while . There’s still class in the afternoon . ”

Su Chan leaned on the door and listened to Li Yundong’s footsteps grow distant . She could not help but think of Li Yundong’s reaction to herself being held hostage, that enraged expression and his upright hair .

The little fox’s perturbed heart slowly melted . The smile on her face slowly became warm . A pair of large bright eyes flashed with an mysterious light . Even the little fox herself could not explain clearly the feeling she currently felt .

However, this kind of feeling: it was sweet; it was warm; it made a person’s inner heart throb .


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