Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Qi Deviation

Li Yundong’s glare was like a punch on Liu Chuan’s chest, making his chest ache dully . Liu Chuan was shocked inside . He looked at Li Yundong in disbelief .

He turned around . The gloomy feeling stuck at his chest would not disperse . He gritted his teeth and took out all the money in his wallet and waved it in front of the male student who sat behind Zhou Qin . “I want to buy your seat . You willing or not?”

This male student took a look at the brightly colored bills, which probably amounted to several thousand . This is the so-called money can move people’s heart . *1 He hurriedly grabbed the bills and said to Liu Chuan with a fawning face, “Boss, from now on, I’ll follow you!”

Liu Chuan remained indifferent . He shook his hand at the student, indicating he should quickly go away . Liu Chuan waited until the student left, then he swaggered his way into the seat with clever and refined look in his eyes, as he accomplished something extraordinary .

He did not notice that Zhou Qin and Ding Nan, who sat one row forward, swept their gazes over him and deeply hidden in their eyes was a sense of ridicule and disdain .

Ding Nan secretly muttered in disappointment, ‘In the past, I still felt this young master Liu Chuan had both money and a sunny personality . His disposition was passable too, making him a decent candidate as a boyfriend . Now if I look again, his entire person really reeks of nouveau riche . Not only is his disposition bad, he happens to be stupid enough to make one’s hackles raise . On the other hand, today the normally low-key Li Yundong is making himself worthy of reevaluation . ’

Ding Nan used her elbow to nudge Zhou Qin . She experimentally said in a low voice, “Ai, young master Liu really has a lot of money! Should we add or subtract points from his score?”

Zhou Qin smiled, declining to comment . She indifferently cast a glance at Ding Nan—that meaningful gaze seemed like it had seen through every thought hidden in Ding Nan’s head .

Ding Nan smiled, embarrassed . “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Zhou Qin said, “It’s nothing . Get ready for class . The teacher is coming . ”

At this time, Liu Chuan, who was behind them, leaning closer as if trying to make a good impression . He said with a smile on his face, “Qin Qin, Three days from now, there’s going to be a party at my place, how about you and Nan Nan come together?”

Zhou Qin turned around . Her posture and gaze seemed to give the impression of a thousand miles of distance and displeasure . “Do we know each other that well?”

These words choked up Liu Chuan to the point his complexion started to turn purple . He forcibly smiled and said, “Qin Qin… don’t be like this . Whatever the case, we’re friend!”

Zhou Qin’s gaze became colder and more displeased . She signaled Ding Nan out of the corner of her eye . Ding Nan immediately understand; with a sneer, she took over and sad, “I say Mr . Liu, our Zhou Qin rejected your invitation in such an obvious manner and you still can’t tell . Do you really need it said in a more offensive manner before you’re satisfied? Ai, as a person, one needs to give face to one’s self, don’t go seeking out self-debasement!”


Li Yundong on the side heard and secretly thought to himself, ‘Ding Nan, this girl is really pretty, but her mouth bring her calamity sooner or later . She’s too harsh! However, for the purpose of abusing this retard Liu Chuan, it is quite satisfying!”

Zhou Qin did not wait for Ding Nan to finish before she turned her head back around, leaving Liu Chuan with an freezing cold impression of the back of her head .

Liu Chuan tightened his fists . His fingernails almost stabbed into his flesh . The smile on his face was extremely ugly, but he not willing to be rejected like this . He could only try again in a roundabout way through Ding Nan instead . “Nan Nan, then will you go?”

Ding Nan glanced at Liu Chuan . She smiled and said, “Zhou Qin isn’t going, why would I go?”

The corners Liu Chuan’s eyes twitched . He suppressed his temper and laughed along and said, “This time, I invited several famous celebrities, including Jiang Liren, Shen Yu, Cheng Weidong, and the person who sings rock and roll really well Dongfang You . If you guys don’t go, it’ll be a real loss . ”

When Ding Nan heard, she was secretly speechless . She was actually a little tempted . She turned around and looked at Liu Chuan in astonishment . “Not bad . Those are all tier one celebrities . ”

After saying that, she gave Zhou Qin a glance and asked quietly, “Are you going?”

Zhou Qin’s red lips slightly parted, spitting out two words, “Not going . ”

Ding Nan helplessly shrugged her shoulders at Liu Chuan . “It’s no use! You can have fun with those celebrities by yourself . ”

Liu Chuan was exploding with anger inside . His complexion abruptly worsened . He looked at Zhou Qin and Ding Nan’s backs with enough resentment to gnash his teeth and cursing at them continuously to vent, ‘Lousy bitch, why are you pretending to be pure! Sooner or later, I’ll strip you naked and let’s see how pure you’ll manage to be then!”

Just as Liu Chuan was venting inside, he felt someone’s gaze evaluating him up . He turned around only to see Su Chan sizing him up .

Liu Chuan lustfully stared at Su Chan’s face . Internally, he exclaimed in astonishment . ‘A girl this pretty? How come I never saw her before?’

He was just about to pose in what he thought was the coolest manner and smile while striking up a conversation with Su Chan, when he suddenly heard Su Chan speak, “Your glabella is black . There are deep circles around your eyes . Your philtrum is narrow and shallow . You have engrossed excessively in female company, right?”

The smile on Liu Chuan’s face froze . He was so angry, his entire body trembled . A series of soft laughter from the surroundings make him even more angry .

Li Yundong endured his urge to laugh and gave Su Chan a pull . “Don’t talk . If you have nothing to do then go to sleep!”

The rage in Liu Chuan’s eyes grew stronger . His gaze became more bitter as he savagely glared at Li Yundong’s back . He thought while gnashing his teeth, ‘A bastard like you dares to be so rampant . I’ll put you in your place sooner or later .

In a blink of eye, he thought of a plan . The corners of his lips revealed a sinister smile . He snorted twice and fell back into his seat, finally choosing not to strike up conversation with anyone else .

This class was about social psychology . While the teacher lectured well, the little fox became drowsy from listening instead . She simply collapsed into her seat, hid her head and fell asleep without a care .

On the other side, Zhou Qin who was listening to class, suddenly stood up . With her waist bent, she passed by Li Yundong’s side, heading toward the washroom .

The little fox drowsily allowed Zhou Qin past . Her entire body curled up onto her seat and continued sleeping soundly .

On the other side, Li Yundong listened to the lecture and also ended up feeling stuffy and bred . He turned his head to look at the little fox who was soundly asleep beside him, gentle breathing sounds came from her nose, and her ears softly twitch, making her seem exceedingly cute .

He laughed involuntarily . Unwittingly, he recalled the qi circulation method the little fox taught him earlier . He found it novel and interesting . Closing his eyes, he started circulating his qi .

However, he did not know, this kind of qi circulation was extreme dangerous . If you are not careful, it is easy to experience qi deviation . Last time, the little fox was watching over him, thus he could successfully finish his qi circulation . If at this time, someone by his side startled him, he would immediately experience an unthinkable calamity .

The little fox Su Chan just happened to be sleeping at this time . Li Yundong did not know the frightening dangers involved . So he started cultivating in ignorance .

Just when his qi reached the Shanzhong acupoint in his chest, Zhou Qin suddenly returned . She wanted to pass by from Li Yundong’s side, thus she softly said to him, “Li Yundong, please let me through . ”

However, Li Yundong was currently circulating a microcosmic orbit . How could he hear what she was saying . Naturally, he did not move .

Zhou Qin knit her brows . She was unwilling to forcibly squeeze by Li Yundong’s side . So she could only reach out and pat his shoulder .

This pat almost caused a fatal disaster .

Li Yundong’s entire body shook . The qi in his chest unexpectedly scattered and surged throughout his body like a wild horse that had shaken off its reins .

In cultivation, this was the dreaded qi deviation . In a mild case, there might be paralysis or insanity, and in a severe case, death .

Li Yundong’s entire body shook . The qi in his body frantically surged . His all his meridians bulged . His entire body seemed like it would explode .

Zhou Qin discovered his abnormality . She could not help but get closer and once again pat Li Yundong’s shoulder . “Are you okay?”

With this pat, Li Yundong abruptly raised his head . His eyelids parted to reveal a pair of incomparable bloody red eyes where every blood vessel had burst, like a demon, terrifying in appearance . *2

Zhou Qin was so scared, her legs went limp . She tripped and ended up sitting on the floor in front of Li Yundong .

Despite experiencing qi deviation, Li Yundong still had not lost all his senses . He barely managed to control the explosive qi inside his body, and painfully said to Zhou Qin in a low voice, “Hurry up and get out of the way . ”

Zhou Qin did not understand what happened to Li Yundong in order for him to become like this . She was somewhat scared silly . She could only sit on the ground blankly scaring at Li Yundong, unable to react .

Li Yundong was close to losing control . He cried out in a hoarse and pained voice, “Hurry up and get out of the way . Get lost!”

Zhou Qin finally reacted . She hastily got out of the way .

Li Yundong stood up . He currently felt like he was a burning fire ball . He only wanted to find a faucet to rinse himself in water . However, Liu Chuan who saw this situation .

Liu Chuan felt this was a really good chance to play ‘hero saving the maiden’ . He hurriedly stood up . His hand smacked toward Li Yundong’s head . He cursed, “Bastard, how could you be so rude to a beauty . Where are your manners?”

This smack just happened to hit the Baihui acupoint at the back of Li Yundong’s head . The all the qi in Li Yundong’s body seemed to receive guidance and charged toward his head in a frantic tide .

Li Yundong could no longer maintain control . He let out a fierce roar like a wild animal . His entire face became purplish red . His veins bulged, as if they could explode at any time .

Most frightening of all, his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth were all slowly leaking blood!

The first sign of qi deviation is disorderly qi . Next would be blood leaking from the seven apertures . *3 And finally the qi of the entire would would wreck havok until the Gaohuang acupoint . That would mean the person is finished, completely beyond saving, even if a universal gold immortal descended, it would still be impossible .

When Liu Chuan saw Li Yundong’s terrifying appearance, he took a step back in fright . However, he felt he should not back away . ‘It was not as if this fellow would dare to kill me, right?’

Liu Chuan stuck out his chest and sneered, “What are you being fierce for? Come at me if you dare!”

The ominous glint in Li Yundong’s eyes became brighter . Right now He wanted to find the most unpleasant person to vent on . He did not have the ability to consider the consequences at all .

At this time, the teacher and students were all staring at Li Yundong in ineffable shock . The teacher forgot about lecturing, the calk in his hand fell to the ground with a clatter .

They watched as Li Yundong pounced toward Liu Chuan like a tiger, forcibly lifting him up with with one hand .

Then Li Yundong jumped past three rows in a single leap from the back while carrying a living person . In one go, he lifted Liu Chuan against the wall, while his other formed a fist . With a nasty grin on his face, he punched toward Liu Chuan .

If this blow landed, Liu Chuan would become meat paste in an instant .

Fortunately, the little fox Su Chan abruptly woke up and cried out in alarm, “Stop!”


*1 The full idiom is a comparison . Wine can redden people’s faces, Money and silk can move people’s hearts . There used to be a story behind it and it didn’t mean what it means now . But as the world became more modern, this is basically… plutocracy .

*2 Western demon . 魔鬼 . This is a DnD devil or a Supernatural Demon or a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Demon from Hell . Basically a western demon . Whereas a 魔 cultivator would be a devil cultivator, who cultivates evil techniques .

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