Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 2 - The Abandoned Wife Who Was Kicked Out

Chapter 2: The Abandoned Wife Who Was Kicked Out

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The man abode by the ancient saying to “devote yourself to the one who has saved your life” and found the county magistrate and married An Jiuyue.

However, right after they tied the knot, the man received an imperial edict and went to war before he could even lift her red veil. The new bride was left behind.

She received news of her husband’s death on frontline some time later, and his family immediately chased her out of the house.


An Jiuyue let out a deep breath and looked at the two children next to her bed.


It was even more infuriating to talk about them!

The Host, who had been kicked out of her in-laws’ house, wandered outside the house for a long time. She thought about her situation and her anger grew. She felt that she had suffered a huge loss and couldn’t drop the matter simply.

She found an opportunity to sneak into her in-laws’ house through the back door. Even if she didn’t take her in-laws’ belongings, she should at least retrieve her dowry.

However, before she could enter, she saw a servant sneaking out with two large bamboo baskets. The Host thought that the servant had stolen something valuable from the house and had wanted to find a place to hide them.

Like a bird preying on the mantis stalking a cicada, the Host

She secretly followed the servant, intending to seize the baskets after the servant hid them.

She followed the servant to a mountain and watched the servant leave the bamboo baskets behind. However, when she walked over to take a look…

Good heavens, there was a pair of young boys sleeping soundly!

In fact, she knew the two boys. They were the twin boys that her short-lived husband came into possession of mysteriously!

The Host muttered to herself, “If my mother-in-law can abandon her grandsons, then she can abandon her daughter-in-law. I think it would be impossible for me to return and take anything from the house.”

It was also impossible for her to marry someone else because she had become an abandoned wife.

Hence, she gritted her teeth and carried the two babies away. She decided to raise them as her own sons and have them look after her when she grew old.

The Host pawned her clothes for a few dozen taels of silver. She then made her way back to her parents’ home, begging for money on the streets and sleeping in the wilderness along the way.

She wanted to seek refuge with her father but was unexpectedly chased out by him when she returned home. She was not allowed to stay with her family because she was a daughter who had already been married off.

Alright. Since she couldn’t stay with her family, they could at least give her a few taels of silver, right?

But she was not even given a copper coin, let alone a tael of silver. Her father even sent word that she could go wherever she liked with her two illegitimate children. In any case, he wouldn’t care about this daughter of his.

Fortunately, she met a hunter on her way. The hunter was in his sixties and had no children. He was all alone and had little.

The old hunter took her in as his goddaughter and acknowledged the two boys as his god-grandchildren.

He registered her and the two boys in his household at the village at the foot of the mountain. From then on, she was no longer the daughter of a county magistrate. She was merely a woman who had lost her mother and husband and sought refuge with the old hunter.

Two months ago, the old hunter was injured by a fierce tiger when he was out hunting. Although he managed to escape, his injuries were too severe and he passed away a few days later.

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